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The Cheat Commander - Definitive Edition
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Game Mode: Story
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Aug 31, 2018 @ 5:59pm
Aug 31, 2018 @ 6:51pm
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The Cheat Commander - Definitive Edition

Wanting to try out a new build you’re not sure will work without putting 15 hours into it? Looking to speed through the game quickly to gather info for wiki documentation? Simply like to cheat and have everything at your disposal? The Cheat Commander allows simple and fast character levelling, equipment generation, skillbook acquisition, gold and more, at any stage in the main campaign!

This mod is made to be easily enabled and disabled at any point during the campaign. Want to level up to 30 and deck yourself out in epic gear while still on the boat to Fort Joy? No problem. Anything you add to or modify on your characters will remain even after disabling the mod!

What can the Cheat Commander do exactly?

- Add small or large amounts of gold
- Add character experience
- Set your character to a specific level
- Generate full sets of legendary gear for your current character level
- Spawn items such as lockpicks, runes, purging wands or even swornbreakers
- Create every skillbook for any skill type (including combination books)
- Add extra attribute and talent points beyond your current level
- Add character tags, including hero and villain

How do I use the Cheat Commander?

The Cheat Commander takes the form of a well-dressed elf who will help you cheat when spoken to.

In the ship to Fort Joy at the beginning of the game, he stands in the lower decks immediately after walking out from the starting room. Once arriving at Fort Joy, he stands next to the very first waypoint you discover on the shore. After you get the Lady Vengeance, he stays onboard for the rest of the game, near the waypoint entry location of each act. When you make it to Arx, if you don’t have access to the Lady Vengeance anymore, he stands near the waypoint in the pilgrim camp outside of the city. Otherwise, he will remain on the Lady Vengeance inside the halls.

Can I summon the Cheat Commander anywhere?

With the new addition of the Cheat Book, which is granted when starting a new game or loading an existing game with the mod enabled, you can use the book to summon a Cheat Commander anywhere you’d like!

Activating in an Existing Save Game?

While there should be no issues using this mod with a pre-existing save, the very first load screen when activating a mod in an existing save game can take a bit longer than usual, depending on your hardware and how far into the game you are in your save.

This is something that happens with all story mods, as the game has to reload a lot of information to merge the mod into your savegame. If you get through this long first load time, and then save the game, future loads go back to normal, so don’t worry about it happening every time!

Help! I can’t find the Cheat Commander!

First of all, make sure you’ve enabled the mod in the mod list in the main menu. If it’s enabled, make sure you’re looking in the right place! Each location is described in the above section “How do I use the Cheat Commander”. If you still cannot find the NPC, it’s possible your save game has lost him! This is a problem affecting a couple of users that I have so far been unable to figure out why he no longer wants to appear.

However! With the new addition of the Cheat Book, you should be able to summon the Cheat Commander anywhere, even if he has decided to stop showing up at his normal spawn locations!

Help! The mod isn’t even showing up in my mod list!

If the mod isn't showing up in the list, it's something outside of my control, because that means that the mod isn't even in the game. Basically steam either hasn't downloaded it, or the game itself hasn't copied the mod out of the download folder.

If you're up for some manual looking into it, check the '..\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition\Mods' folder to see if the pak file is there. Given these comments here and on other mods, a few people seem to have issues in the Definitive Edition of the game with Steam not copying mods to the Documents folder. If the pak isn't there, you can search the '..\SteamApps\workshop\content\435150' folder for *.pak files and copy the recent ones there manually.

If that doesn't help, you can try deleting the modsettings.lsx file in your profile folder. The game should then recreate it the next time it is started, from the mods in the My Documents folder.

Thank you!

I hope you enjoy the mod, thanks for checking it out! I’d like to add more options over time, but real life has become very busy for me over the last couple of years, so I don’t get a lot of time for modding anymore. However, I always try to make sure it still works on the latest version of the game, and hopefully get some time to add extra features every so often!

The mod is also available on Nexus Mods:
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fneaor Apr 19 @ 1:02am 
Can it spawn the "withered heart" from Zaleshkar? My group is past fort joy and our sebile killed him. Aaaand we forgot what we did to the heart, but apparently sebile did not eat it, soooo
Bear Sheriff Apr 18 @ 12:16pm 
So this didn't work for me on workshop. Even tho i was subscribed steam never downloaded the required files. I then went to Mod Nexus and got the files, put them in myself and it worked. It seems like many people are having this issue.
Lê Ngọc Tường Vy Mar 28 @ 4:21am 
to use this mod, you need install '' Script Extender '', hope this will help
TheeWolfuu Mar 24 @ 12:55pm 
can you make so you can cheat uniques
OmegaSai Mar 13 @ 7:24am 
Mod does NOT work. Ive tried subbing and unsubbing multiple times. Yes its loaded in the mod menu. It just does not work
Jyeon Feb 23 @ 3:40am 
for some reason when i play this mod, there is no cheat book in my character's inventory. and 3 other random characters which i did not make partying with my character.. how do i fix this problem? i resuscribed this for 3~4times but still same issue
Splintr1322 Jan 23 @ 4:37pm 
can we use this to get the armor sets like the devourer armor?
Kitt Jan 22 @ 7:39am 
new to modding divinity os2de, will removing the mod from my playthrough break my save?
Taiga Jan 20 @ 7:45pm 
Please add the option to add the UNDEAD tags please ! I'd love to play as an undead as main character, but very much dislike their looks
Zock Zeleon Jan 10 @ 7:45pm 
does this work for set items?