Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Game Mode: Classic, Deathmatch
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Aug 17 @ 6:54am
Sep 5 @ 6:57am
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Rumours say that there is an experimental super weapon hidden in a vault on the island.
No one knows for sure what the weapon is, but it's believed to be a prototype nuclear missile.
A group of 6 counter-terrorists (SAS) have been stationed on the island to prevent hostile forces
from acquiring the weapon.
And a group of 3 heavily armed terrorists are trying to wipe out the counter terrorists, and retrieve the weapon from the vault.
Recommended playing on Casual not Competitive.

The terrorists have lost contact with their informant on the island, and suspect the counter terrorists
know that they are planning to attack the island, and steal the weapon.
They decide to attack before the counter terrorists can call for reinforcements, even if they don't
know how to open the vault yet.

The counter terrorists, knowing an attack is imminent, go to retrieve their weapons.
I mean, they would have done that, if Lester hadn't lost the keys for the weapons crates!
Now they need to use explosive charges (with a regulation minimum fuse time of 2 minutes) to open the crates.

It will probably be alright, its 3 terrorist versus 6 counter terrorist, they cant be that heavily armed... Right?
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Robert@CXS | Sep 21 @ 9:35am 
Looks dope!
NuclearNacho Sep 11 @ 6:03pm 
just would like to note that when noclipping out to the boat and ladder thing out in the water and if you un-noclip onto the ladder / water around the boat, the game crashes :( but great map! very visually pleasing and very nice addition with the weapon crates.
helmet Sep 9 @ 4:55pm 
Wow that looks amazing.
simple guy Sep 8 @ 6:26pm 
ohh boi this is so great
Fesiug Sep 8 @ 3:41pm 
omg i forgot to answer! i think that the pistol crates should open a minute sooner, so that cts have something to defend themselves with
i was being shot by your bots yesterday
Fesiug Sep 7 @ 6:26pm 
idea: pistol crates open sooner, for
sorry getting shot
HealClick Sep 5 @ 3:24am 
Legendary map! But gamemodes are not enought :/
General.heggats Sep 1 @ 1:58pm 
actually the map is good
the T's just have better weapons
Tom the cat the engineer Sep 1 @ 11:47am 
came here from 3kliksphillip's video
General.heggats Sep 1 @ 12:50am 
i like this map really much
the only thing that is "bad" is that the T's can get weapons, meanwhile the CT's can't
still, it's a really good map and looks good