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[SYR] Set Up Camp
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Aug 7, 2018 @ 10:51pm
Sep 6, 2020 @ 11:00pm
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[SYR] Set Up Camp

Set up camp, once again!

For all your caravan managing needs, you can now set up camp anywhere. This let's you travel to hunt, forage and mine without having to 'settle' every time.

  • Map size range - how large camp maps will be
  • Leaving timer - when you are forced to leave, set to zero to disable
  • Abandoned camp duration - how long the abandoned camp will block the tile after leaving, set to zero to disable
  • Enable resource - spawns camp maps with resources
  • Enable permanent camps - allows camps to remain on the map when empty
  • Enable caravan/normal events - allows these events to happen on the camp map
It is advisable to use the default settings. Turning off the leaving timer and/or the abandoned camp duration will make this mod vastly more overpowered. You can turn on events if you intend to use camps for longer whiles.

Note that the leaving timer setting will affect existing camps in special ways:
  • Increasing the leaving timer will add time to existing camps
  • Decreasing the leaving timer will not affect existing camps
  • Setting the leaving timer to zero will remove the timer from existing camps
  • Setting the leaving timer from zero to non-zero will add a timer to existing camps

Note: Permanent camps allows camps to keep existing if all pawns leave. It does not overwrite the leaving timer, to do that you need to set the leaving timer to zero.

Should be safe to add to existing games, if you do not have active caravans!

A note about ghost pawns:
If you leave a camp empty, while you have 'permanent camps' on, there will be an empty square in the colonist bar. This seems to be a vanilla feature, not a bug, as the same happens with settlements.

Originally by Nandonalt
Re-written by me


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immortal Feb 23 @ 8:11pm 
finally my tribal nomad playthrough
Not Thanatoast Feb 12 @ 3:57pm 
@Hiroyan495 I also have issues with saving when looking at camps, it takes normally 5 seconds or so for a save to finish but when looking at camps it takes around 1 to 5 minutes. So not a crash, but really annoying. Also I don't even play with many large mods so I can't really imagine any of them causing problems.
Jelu Feb 11 @ 7:57am 
Would you ever consider look in to mods settings ? There's options for everything you want.
ᏠᏋᏕᏂᎥᏒᏋ Jan 24 @ 5:29am 
Would you ever consider adding a way to disable the wait between setting up camp at the same space/reentering camps? Would love to be able to go back and forth to pick up the stuff I was forced to leave behind, considering it's the whole reason I sent anyone to begin with..
Battlefleet Covfefe Jan 20 @ 6:49pm 
Force exit and remove caravan count down? The leave countdown doesn't seem to work at all.
Mentat76 Jan 19 @ 12:55am 
Are these camps are procedurally generated ?
Dec lipse Jan 14 @ 5:28pm 
Hi, your mod confilcts with Go Explore, when they are both installed i cannot send my caravan.

- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1814100216
d r e a m c v l t Jan 12 @ 5:27am 
Any idea what might cause some (never all) of your pawns to become invisible upon setting up camp? Doesn't happen every time and I can still give them orders but usually it shows a static image of them somewhere and I just have to follow their lines around and hope for the best lol.. Guessing it's a load order thing or smth but any thoughts?
Hiroyan495 Jan 11 @ 4:15am 
Word to the wise: never could replicate the issue Aegis J Hyena had. Probably a mod incompatability they had.
Sutorx Jan 10 @ 10:37am 
Is there any trick to this, it's not popping up for me when I click my current caravan on the map?