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[SYR] Set Up Camp
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Aug 7, 2018 @ 10:51pm
Oct 22, 2022 @ 1:46pm
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[SYR] Set Up Camp

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Set up camp, once again!

For all your caravan managing needs, you can now set up camp anywhere. This let's you travel to hunt, forage and mine without having to 'settle' every time.

  • Map size range - how large camp maps will be
  • Leaving timer - when you are forced to leave, set to zero to disable
  • Abandoned camp duration - how long the abandoned camp will block the tile after leaving, set to zero to disable
  • Enable resource - spawns camp maps with resources
  • Enable permanent camps - allows camps to remain on the map when empty
  • Enable caravan/normal events - allows these events to happen on the camp map
It is advisable to use the default settings. Turning off the leaving timer and/or the abandoned camp duration will make this mod vastly more overpowered. You can turn on events if you intend to use camps for longer whiles.

Adjusting the leaving timer setting will affect existing camps in special ways:
  • Increasing the leaving timer will add time to existing camps
  • Decreasing the leaving timer will not affect existing camps
  • Setting the leaving timer to zero will remove the timer from existing camps
  • Setting the leaving timer from zero to non-zero will add a timer to existing camps

Note: Permanent camps allows camps to keep existing if all pawns leave. It does not overwrite the leaving timer, to do that you need to set the leaving timer to zero.

  • Adding: Safe (if no active caravans)
  • Removing: Not safe

  • None

A note about ghost pawns:
If you leave a camp empty, while you have 'permanent camps' on, there will be an empty square in the colonist bar. This seems to be a vanilla feature, not a bug, as the same happens with settlements.

If you enjoy my mods consider dropping me a dime:

Originally by Nandonalt
Re-written by me
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Does this work for version 1.4?
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CAPNxCHAR Sep 16 @ 12:01pm 
I setup a camp but I'm unable to go back to that tile and visit it. The "setup camp" button is grayed out due to already having a map there but I don't any other options. I cant visit old camps?
Tumor Aug 21 @ 7:32am 
I would *love* for this mod and Almost There to be compatible.
Derko Aug 6 @ 7:58am 
just an advice with the mod... don't try to put waste packs in a camp and leave it alone or abandon it... Rimworld will spam error messages when you abandon it or when a wastepack dissolve.
Salfordshire Aug 5 @ 11:21am 
found it. It was a mod called "almost there"..... remove it and the menu to set up the camp appeared.
Salfordshire Aug 5 @ 9:46am 
is there any known classes with other mods? I have this enabled but dont have the menu to set up the camp. its just not showing.
jacrispy360 Jul 24 @ 4:39pm 
Yeah I've also got an issue where pawns dont move at all. Really annoying
BAPBHΛΩ Jul 17 @ 4:17pm 
Works perfectly with my 1.4, thank you! Also, love the new map icon, but that might be another icon mod's texture lol
maulkye Jul 15 @ 4:24pm 
Anyone have a problem where "Generating camp site..." never finishes? I get no errors (even in dev mode), no logs, no crashes, just sits on that screen forever. Happens about 1 out of 20 camps.
Vide Noir Jul 11 @ 12:14pm 
same issue @OhNoItsRainbow
Turbotowns Jul 2 @ 6:52pm 
If we set up camp on a polluted tile, could we clean up the pollution, and it track on the world map?