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ENDLESS™ Space 2

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Enhanced Space 2 - Community bug fix and balance mod
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Aug 5, 2018 @ 5:14pm
Mar 26 @ 6:45am
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Enhanced Space 2 - Community bug fix and balance mod

This mod's goal is to rework most aspects of the game to bring a lot more polish and a more even playing field for newer and advanced players alike. It also attempts to make the game more flavourful.

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Features implemented:
-A lot of new content (System improvements, hero skills, ship modules, etc).
-Space and Ground Battle system rework and rebalance.
-FIDSI, resource generation and economy rebalance.
-Faction rebalance.
-Redone Tech Tree.
-Behemoths rework.
-Terraformation and Planet tree reworked.
-Politics and Governments reworked.
-Hero system reworked and expanded skill trees.

Special thanks to Groo for the german translation and play6ner for the russian translation and Cyrob.
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Oct 14 @ 4:05pm
question about Terraformation
Sep 16 @ 11:42am
Brainwashing first minor faction costs more than 3000 influence points
< >
Riekopo Nov 26 @ 6:24pm 
I guess this doesn't work with the ESG mod? Are the bugfixes at least incorporated into that mod?
Tklama Oct 19 @ 3:20am 
So I just did a session on Endless difficulty, normal speed as UE:

- Unfortuantely it seems like the Craver AI is still the only one that shows even a semblance of ability to keep pace with the player. They do start building carriers relatively early on, and can trade sort-of evenly against the player who doesnt have carriers yet. Even they, however, completely unravel once the player gets access to carriers. The AI does build more ships and builds them faster, but their stats are subpar, in spite of them surely having a significant technological edge. The score is 1300 for me and 2200 for them.

- All the other AI factions are complete pushovers even on Endless.
Tklama Oct 19 @ 3:19am 
- Are the significantly overblown industry costs of white modules intentional? Comparing them to their strategic resource equivalent they cost 250 percent more industry to produce. In the vanilla game, they cost about 10 percent more. I feel like it makes them basically unviable.

- There is some missing GUI element related to a hero skill: https://imgur.com/a/D6qqTYI

Otherwise I liked the mod, shame about the AI still being shit.
thibaulthc Oct 14 @ 4:09pm 
it was the Vaulters who had sovereignty (or whatever it's spelled) , the option to assimilate was tooltiping something like "you have to be the suzerain to do that"
`'Kuma  [author] Oct 14 @ 1:44pm 
If they brainwashed them (vodyanis only) you can't, no, otherwise it should be doable.
thibaulthc Oct 13 @ 8:04pm 
started another game with this mode only, same bug persists
BUT after another "check files integrity", it now wors like a charm !

one question I couldn't find info about: once another AI has the best relation with a minor faction, impossible to assimilate them ? (considering I don't have the "hacking" DLC and I passed the 100 mark so I can't praise them anymore)
thibaulthc Oct 13 @ 2:24am 
oh, my bad then; sorry
and thanks for your answers!
I'll try again without Endless Moons
`'Kuma  [author] Oct 12 @ 1:26pm 
Mod is incompatible with endless moon.
thibaulthc Oct 12 @ 7:45am 
@Kuma I only use this mod and Endless Moons 2.8.9
Playing on Impossible, Slow Pace.

I'm now on another game with ESG 1.5 and Endless Moons, and no problem of this kind so far.
It's a pity because I really like some of the changes you created :(
`'Kuma  [author] Oct 12 @ 1:41am 
@thibaulthc > I'm guessing you have either an old mod that's outdated and/or a mod compatibility issue.

@KaiOnyx > It's fixable, albeit a lot of work so fairly low priority.