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Technology Ascendant
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Technology Ascendant

Dynamic Research
Have you ever felt technology across the galaxy was too equal? No one rising to the top in a certain field, but lagging behind in others? Do you miss institutions from EU4? I know I do.

This adds twelve breakthrough technologies, one for each specialization (particles, materials, biology, etc) that dramatically increase research speed in that field, along with other unique empire bonuses. They are incredibly rare, likely to originally spawn in a single empire across the course of the game.

New Mechanics
Breakthroughs have a unique spread system, and depending on your relationship with your neighbors you are more or less likely to learn their secrets over time. The goal is that different parts of the galaxy may end up specializing in entirely different fields, with one empire far ahead in biology and society while in an opposite corner another empire is on the cutting edge in physics.

Each breakthrough is more likely to spawn under different ethics and traditions, with bonuses for specific ascension perks, and scientist skills, making it nearly impossible to spawn all of the breakthroughs yourself, and hopefully spreading different technology boosts across the galaxy. However, having a neighbor who has a breakthrough will do far more for you than stacking all the perfect modifiers to spawn the technology yourself. Once a breakthrough appears, it will begin to spread. All neighboring empires will have dramatically increased chances of drawing that tech and friendly empires will get double the spread bonus. The Enigmatic Engineering perk however will block breakthrough spread.

Over time, your empire will specialize depending on the technologies you choose. This happens because every breakthrough that you take in Engineering will slightly decrease your chances of drawing a breakthrough in the other fields Society and Physics, or visa versa. Hive and Machine empires ignore this specialization rule to balance out the fact that they do not have any ethics that can boost spawn chance of a specific breakthrough, and that they are less likely to have friendly neighbors to share tech with. Hives and Machines will generally have a slightly lower chance of spawning breakthroughs at the start of the game, but should catch up as other empires begin to acquire specialization maluses.

Once an empire gets 3 breakthroughs, they will not be able to spawn any more themselves, they have become set in their ways and lost their innovative edge. The only way to get the remaing breakthroughs is to have them spread from neighbor empires, or take the technological ascendancy ascension perk.

The game will monitor your relationship with your neighbors, and if opinion falls below zero you will get a popup to inform you that the chance of breakthrough spread has fallen, and again if you can boost relations back to positive. You should also recieve pop ups every time a known empire aquires a breakthrough, and you can see in the tooltip what is needed to boost spread chance. There is also mapmode added that shows the number of breakthroughs each empire has.

Since the mod works by boosting research speed, you will complete the tech tree faster than in a usual game. To balance this, I usually play with the game start slider for tech/tradition cost at 1.25x or 1.5x.

Other Features
New repeatable technologies with a stacking weight mechanic, like breakthroughs. The more levels of an individual repeatable you take, the less likely you are to draw it again, forcing you to spread out your research. There is a stand alone version below. New Research Philosophy Policy. Steer your planetary research labs towards a particular field, hoping to get the breakthrough you want sooner, or perhaps, balancing out your research once you've made a few. Research policy is also a stand alone mod.

Few vanilla files were harmed in the making of this mod, so it is in theory compatible with nearly everything. Overwrites vanilla repeatable techs, but only for weighting (00_soc_repeatable, 00_phys_repeatable, and 00_eng_repeatable) Overwrites situation_log.gui (just makes the window larger so breakthroughs will fit. Compatible with UI mods, but load this last if you get overlapping text)

Since spread modifiers are tied heavily to ethics, leader traits, traditions, and ascension perks, any mod that adds those may change the balance of this mod. It will still work seamlessly, but breakthrough spread will likely be slower since empires and scientists will have modded traits that do not boost tech spread.

Mods which add research alternatives can cause you to get more breakthroughs than you otherwise would. Since you cant draw the same research twice in a row, you need twice the number of valid tech options as research alternatives. This mod can generally support up to 7 alternatives with 14 repeatables in every category, at 8 or more alternatives, you may get breakthroughs because there are no other tech options. Bug or feature, take your pick.

Ecology Mod now has built in compatability with a repeatable tech to add waste workers to clean up after all of this mods repeatable jobs.

NSC Patch adds living ship sections for new ship classes. Thanks relytor!

The mod can be installed mid-save, the new technologies will simply be added to the tech pool. If you would like to translate let me know and I will link and credit you below.

If you miss tiles terribly here is a Legacy 2.1.* Version

For more details and feedback:
Paradox Forum Discussion[]

German translation by Khazahm
French translation by Vilcoyote
Russian translation by «(PeGaS)» and greenpinkredfire
Chinese translation by 兽耳娘是好文明

Images adapted from:

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@kaelis the red triangle doesnt crash the game. Disable your mods and go through a couple at a time to see which ones are incompatible with your current version of the game. Also be sure that they are loaded in proper order.
kaelis Jul 7 @ 2:50pm 
Unfortunately for me anytime I start a game with an incompatible mod loaded it crashes the game. So I can't use your mod until the little red triangle disappears.
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I think it should be fine in 2.7. I should version update at some point, just havent really had a chance
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So lad, does this work with 2.7 yet? Also great work lad
kaelis Jun 29 @ 1:02pm 
Will you be updating to v2.7 sometime soon?
kirshnak Jun 16 @ 4:26am 
Ran this mod without any other mods and indeed works fine.
starchitec  [author] Jun 15 @ 6:34pm 
Thanks, added a link above
starchitec  [author] Jun 14 @ 9:09pm 
It should be fine if its just adding new levels. This mod also adds additional repeatable technologies just to fill out the tech tree as well, but having too many techs is not a problem you can really have in Stellaris
tmaekler Jun 14 @ 12:48pm 
There is a mod: Additional Vanilla Components, which basically let's you continue to research more leves of vanilla technologies until the repeatables come upon the scene. If I understand your description correctly, this shouldn't affect your mod and the breakthrough behavior, right?