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Sukritact's Vercingetorix (Gaul)
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Jul 25, 2018 @ 2:47am
Jun 9 @ 2:04pm
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Sukritact's Vercingetorix (Gaul)

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In 58 BC, Julius Caesar’s year as consul had come to an end, and he was appointed proconsul of Cisalpine Gaul, a place whose history is a much-debated topic among historians both modern and ancient; a place which some argue did not exist until Caesar’s arrival. Gallic tribes have been in the region referred to as Gaul for as long as historians have recorded the history of the area, and even before.

Revered in France as its first national hero, Vercingetorix managed to unite several sovereign Celtic tribes to do battle against the aggressive Romans. Vercingetorix was an Arverni, one of the many Celtic tribes who ruled over what is today modern France.


Unique Ability: Torcs and Carnyxes - Cities founded on mineable resources provide that resource's yield modifier to adjacent tiles. When adjacent to mineable resources, Encampments provide +2 Production, +1 Housing, and Commercial Hubs provide +2 Gold, +1 Amenity.

Unique Unit: Oathsworn - Gallic unique Classical Era unit that replaces the Swordsman. +5 Combat Strength in Hills and Woods. When an Oathsworn is killed in combat, all friendly adjacent land combat units heal for 40 HP.

Unique Improvement: Dunon - Unlocks the Builder ability to construct a Dunon, unique to Gaul. +1 Food, +1 Housing. +1 Production if built on a Hill. Occupying unit receives +4 Defense Strength, and automatically gains 2 turns of fortification. The Dunon must be built on a Camp or Pasture resource and provides that resource's yield modifier to adjacent tiles. One per City. Tiles with Dunons cannot be swapped.



Leader Ability: Gallic Confederation - Your units receive +1 Combat Strength for each type of City-State you are Suzerain of. Receive a free Envoy whenever you recruit a Great General. When an Encampment or Dūnon is built, receive Ancient Walls in that City.

Agenda: King Over Warriors - Likes civilizations with strong armies, but only if they don't own any captured cities.


Credits and thanks to Rıaın for Vercingetorix's audio! He did an incredible job, not only with the voice acting work, but with reconstructing the Gaulish for this project.

Please support me on Patreon![] It ensures I can keep making, civ, alt. leader, natural wonders, UI mods, you name it! No matter if you're donating 1 dollar a month or 5 or more, it all adds up and is immensely appreciated!

This mod requires Rise and Fall
This mod support YNAMP TSL
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Levas/Alis Jul 2 @ 3:38pm 
Freaking cool leader rework ! Keep up amazing job Suk <3
Cuso Jun 27 @ 2:56am 
Hi! It seems that when using this civ, scotland loses it's unique architecture.
stevenschwope Jun 17 @ 5:45pm 
Woaaahhhhh, the animated leader changed! Not sure which I prefer, but both look good!
Kingmaker Jun 16 @ 6:47pm 
@Sukritact: Not sure if this has been reported yet, but giving the Scotland unique "castle" palace art to Vercingetorix seems to have disabled it for Scotland. They're stuck with the default European palace art as long as the mod is enabled.
Rootimus Jun 16 @ 3:08am 
@Kagoule - The fact that you've identified one of the causes of the crash (not the only one; it happens without the Gaul mod installed) might be helpful to Firaxis if you post in the thread I linked in my previous comment.

For me, it usually happens when I restart a game following a crappy start location.
Kagoule Jun 16 @ 1:34am 
@Rootimus I know Civ has been crashing since the latest expansion, I even found a solution for this issue that works for me.
This crash occurs 100% of the time when I search this specific "Dunon" word, it does not crash with other words. This consequently sounds like very related to this mod to me.
I suspect the accent on the "u" of "dūnon" to be responsible (Firaxis programmers always had issues with non american/english langages ...
Rootimus Jun 14 @ 3:21am 
@Kagoule - that's not related to this mod. Civ has been crashing with that error a lot since the latest expansion.

Dennis Shirk is looking for crash logs when it happens on Civ Fanatics [], assuming you're ok turning over information that's encoded so you have no idea what (if any) personally identifying information you're sending them.
Kagoule Jun 13 @ 12:49pm 
I have a crash when I search for "Dunon" in the civilopaedia :

Unhandled Exception
Error reading address 0x88

Call Stack
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
??? ! ??? ???, line 0
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??? ! ??? ???, line 0

Great mod otherwise !
SEACOW Jun 13 @ 9:54am 
I tried out the revamp and Gaul is still very strong and interesting to play! I actually like the new version even better because the free envoys and combat strength from Suzerain still makes him primarly a Domination civ but has alot more flexibility for other victory types as well. Now it kinda feels like playing Hungary; primarily Domination with some flexibility mixed in.
Max Jun 12 @ 6:41pm 
His agenda may be broken. I have captured a couple of enemy cities including one capital (and this happened after I met him, although I don't know if Vercingetorix had met my victim before I wiped them out), but I'm still getting a positive boost on friendship from king over warriors.