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Paradise Coast (Unfinished)
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Jul 18, 2018 @ 3:08pm
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Paradise Coast (Unfinished)

Paradise Coast was my first park that I created back when Planet Coaster was released in 2016 but I never got the chance to complete it. Coming back to the game now, it’s apparent that a lot of the custom scenery I created and tricks I had to use to work around the ride collision limitations at the time are now redundant – (which is a good thing for the game, not so much for my park though!).

It’s for that reason I’m retiring the park and uploading to the Workshop if anyone is curious to have a look around the tropical theme park and beach resort that was; Paradise Coast.

This park does not use any paid DLC content.

Park features:
A large hotel with pool area (non functional)
Gentle Jungle Area
- Jungle Gym: Children’s Adventure Playground (non functional)
- Lagoon Bug: Junior Coaster
- Jungle Jazz: Hyperspin

Extreme Indonesia Area
- Krakatoa: Wooden coaster themed around a volcanic eruption with fake lava
- Journey to the Core of Krakatoa: River Rapids with ‘dark ride’ section inside the park’s volcano
- Twin Kris: Insanity
- Jakarta Jinx: Psychola

Libertalia (Unfinished Pirate Haven themed area)
- Log Flume with a huge 42ft drop that was due to drop down a waterfall
- 2 Dueling Iron Fury (RMC Hybrid) Coasters – weaving over the Log Flume ride (timings still needed some tweaking and it was a bit ridiculous tbh!)
- Chair-o-Plane in the central square
- Overpower – a thrill flat ride that was going to be in a drunken pirate tavern

A video tour of the finished parts of the park is available on my Youtube channel here: