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Ammo Switcher
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Jul 12 @ 7:35pm
Oct 6 @ 9:24pm
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Ammo Switcher

Just a small, quality of life mod that allow players to cycle through ammo types without having to open their inventory.

Simply double tap the Reload key to cycle through.

Mod ID: 1439559887

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Anthax Oct 21 @ 10:25am 
Work with ckf ?
DreadBot Oct 8 @ 12:49pm 
Harrytorta Oct 6 @ 11:13pm 
Ahhhh can't edit comments, what was changed in this last update? Any changelog?
Harrytorta Oct 6 @ 11:12pm 
Anything I can do to make this work with a controller or my mouse bind? Thx for any response in advance.
crawler Oct 1 @ 10:31am 
the idea for this is nice but its bad that wildcard not do overtake this as standart
Burgesssssss  [author] Sep 27 @ 7:53pm 
I've reviewed all the BPs and I still don't see how it's happening, and I've yet to encounter it myself.

Modded ammo works fine, as my arrows from Immersive Taming switch no problems. The mod doesn't check for exact item classes, but instead searches all items in the player's inventory, and compares and checks to see if it's compatible with the currently equipped weapon.

Off the top of my head (and seems unlikely), it could be that some mods may add hidden items to the player's inventory, so when Ammo Switcher checks for ammo types, it'll still see these as able to be switched to.

I'll perhaps add these checks and see if the problem still persists.
Darth Relas Sep 18 @ 5:59pm 

Sadly it is still not working. Some other people have mentioned it so I want to be clear, I've never actually had some of these ammunition types in my inventory. For example, it cycles through flame arrows even though I haven't made any yet. A quick thought, is your mod supposed to work with ammunition added by other mods? I've actually added a mod since that video that adds more ammunition types and now it cycles through them, as well, even though I haven't made any of those arrows yet.
Burgesssssss  [author] Sep 17 @ 5:30pm 
@Darth Relas: I think I might have found the issue. Appears the ammo list was only clearing in full when there were no valid ammo types to switch to. So if you no longer had flame arrows, but did have at least one other ammo type to switch, it may not have cleared flame arrows from the list.

I *think* I've fixed it. Give it a go now.
Darth Relas Sep 17 @ 4:48pm 
Are you still looking for vids? I've been doing a singleplayer Let's Play of Ark and it occured at the beginning of one of my episodes. It literally occurs in the first minute so you don't have to watch for very long. To paint a picture with words, I'm about to shoot one of those annoying seagulls and start trying to switch between ammo types on my crossbow. If you look in the bottom right, you can see different types of ammo being selected but since I don't have them in my inventory my character doesn't actually make a move to change the crossbow ammo until I cycle all the way around to the correct ammo type. Here is the vid:
The Gaming Latias Sep 9 @ 5:35pm