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Lords of Calradia
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Lords of Calradia

Thanks to ♥♥♥ lo6fa for the logo art!
Thanks to the Crusaders Way to Expiation team for their OSP stuff, its truly great.
Thanks to LUCAS for his weapons pack
Thanks to Narf for his plate
Thanks to Full invasion team for some of the stuff they've recently released as OSP!
Thanks to Diplomacy 4.3 Team for making their mod OSP
Thanks to Dedal for his tavern animations.

Lords of Calradia.


Population system of men and horses. Lords and the player both draw from the population of their fiefs. When Lords do not have fiefs they have to rely on peasants and mercenaries just like the player at first.

When recruiting volunteers from villages the player only has access to peasant class troops, in order to get better quality troops the player needs to own a fief.

The player can use settlers to build a refugee, from the refugee the player can recruit village guards and use loot to upgrade the equipment of peasants or village guards.

The player can recruit troops from Lords that have a positive relation with the player. You need to talk to them while they are in their castle/town.

The player can recruit mercenary armies to follow them into battle.

Villages now have more NPCs to interact with. There are some side missions etc.. You can also loan money to poor villages/towns by talking to the prominent townsman to see if they need a loan.

Town and castle NPCs are a work in progress.

I've added court dialogue with Lords which allows a little more interaction with AI Lords.

You can have up to three children with your wife, that can eventually join your party as companions.

I've changed the battle AI and combat AI slightly to make soldiers more competent at blocking depending on their level.

Extended bandit dialogue, you can recruit bandits or bribe them to go back to their original fief.

Many more fief upgrades.
Barracks: allows you to customize a bodyguard troop.
Bathhouse: Increases population of the fief at a faster rate.
Improved stables: increases breeding rate of horses.
Mines: increases wealth of village and occasionally sends denars to the owner.
Prefecture: Creates a patrol that fights off bandits.
Apothecary: increases pop
Noble order: allows you to create a noble order custom troop.
Royal stable: increases horse breeding rate.
theater: increases relation with town.
There are several other buildings...

Crafting system. Upgrade your peasants to blacksmiths then you can talk to them and craft items from components that you have. You need to have invested in the crafting skill to be able to craft items. The higher your crafting skill and the more smiths you have, the faster the item will be completed and the better quality item you can potentially craft.
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empereurx 2 hours ago 
@chappelowaaron , nord thegns are in castle not in city. Castle give less soldiers than city too
chappelowaaron Oct 21 @ 5:25am 
Quick question, how do you recruit the nord thegns?
Icewood Frostmoore Oct 20 @ 7:23am 
@Vlad, u played around with Bannerlord mod tools yet?
MaruWeave Oct 20 @ 7:03am 
Guys, the modder Is not working on It anymore. Specially now that Bannerlord Is finally releasing mod tools. There's even a event for modders. @Vlad In case you make a mod In bannerlord, let me know please :D
chappelowaaron Oct 20 @ 5:13am 
GOAT mod
Midnight Linkle Oct 15 @ 7:10pm 
So, I can have 3 children with a wife. What if I'm playing as a female character, can I still have 3 children? How does the child system for player characters work anyway?
DUCATISLO Sep 24 @ 7:12am 
Green Sep 23 @ 11:35am 
release the source code if you are done with this mod please?
empereurx Sep 13 @ 4:59am 
hi , this mod is really good. In a future update , could you increase moral of soldiers when we have huge army or even only when we are king ? thanks in advance