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Upgrading to Premium
By Jimo
I will give you information about the benefits of upgrading from Free-to-Play and instructions on how to do so.
This guide will give you information about the benefits of upgrading from Free to Play and instructions on how to do so. It will also go over gifting premium to a friend.

Already Premium?
If you purchased or were gifted a retail copy of Team Fortress 2 in the past, or you bought the Orange Box you will already have premium. You will also have a premium account if you've purchased something from the Mann Co store before.

If you're unsure and you'd like to make certain that your account is premium you can find out by looking at your DLC list. To do this locate Team Fortress 2 on your Game List by clicking on View at the top of the Steam Client and then selecting Game List.

Locate and left click on Team Fortress 2. From the drop-down menu select Properties.

Along the top bar you should see a tab which is labelled DLC. Select it.

On the list of items look for 'Team Fortress 2 - Premium DLC'. If it's present on the list it means your account is already premium enabled.

If it's not on the list you are using a Free-to-Play account.

If for some reason the DLC tab does not show for you look in your Steam Inventory for a hat called Proof of Purchase, or Mann Co. Online Cap. Owning either one of these hats means you're premium.
Benefits of Upgrading
Upgrading to Premium provides many benefits and it can enhance the way you play. Check the list below to what becomes available to you and some guides you may find useful once you enter the world of Premium.

  • Full Trading

    Upgrading to Premium will allow you to fully participate in Trading. Free-to-Play accounts can only trade tools, items given by a premium player and items received through a Steam Promotion. Upgrading to premium removes this restriction.

    If you'd like to learn how to trade using Steam you can check out my Beginner's Guide to TF2 Trading by clicking the button below.

  • Crafting

    Once you've upgraded to premium you will have access to the entire Crafting Menu. Free-to-Play accounts are restricted from the Rare category which is where you can craft hats.

    You can learn more about crafting by visiting my Beginner's Guide to Crafting by clicking the button below.

  • Upgraded Backpack

    Upgrading to Premium increases your backpack storage from 50 to 300 slots. If you've been on Free-to-Play for a while this means you'll no longer need to discard things for new items.

  • Rare Item Drops

    Free-to-Play accounts are unable to receive rare item drops such as Hats or Miscellaneous slot items. Upgrading to Premium will give you a chance at receiving one of these. Free-to-Play accounts can still obtain achievement related hats such as the Ghastly Gibus.

  • Gifting

    If you're using a Free-to-Play account you're unable to use Gift Wrap. People who gift wrap items will be able to send them to you, but you cannot return the favor if somebody trades you a gift wrap tool.

Upgrading to Premium
Upgrading to Premium is easy. All you need to do is purchase a single item from the Mann Co Store.

From the main menu of Team Fortress 2 click on Shop.

The Mann Co store has a wide variety of items for sale such as Hats, Weapons, Cosmetic Items, Tools and more. At the top of the store you'll see several different categories where you can choose item bundles or you can click on Maps to donate to community map makers.

Find the item you would like to purchase and select it. The screen that comes up will give you some information about the item and it will allow you to preview it depending on what type it is. You'll also find a link to the Item's Wiki Page where you can view additional information it.

If you're still sure this is the item you want to purchase click on Add to Cart.

Once you click Add to Cart you'll be taken back to the main page of the store. Click on the shopping trolley icon located at the bottom of the screen to begin the checkout process.

The next page will itemize your purchase. If you'd like to remove anything from your purchase you can click on the Remove button.

When you're ready click Checkout.

You will now be walked through the Steam payment process. If you haven't already verified your e-mail address with Steam you will need to do so before you can complete the purchase. Keep in mind the minimum amount you can put on your Steam wallet is $5.

Once you're done with the purchase your account will now be premium enabled! The item you purchased will be placed in your backpack for you to use and you'll receive a free Mann Co. cap.

If you'd like you can also use the Mann Co online store which will give you a different free hat on your first purchase. To visit the online store click here.

If you've just verified your e-mail and enabled Steam Guard you'll need to wait 15 days before you can trade your items. Additionally some purchased items require you to wait a few days before they become tradable.
Gifting Somebody Premium
If you're feeling generous you can gift a premium upgrade to another player. From the Mann Co Store look for the item called 'Upgrade to Premium Gift' listed under tools. You can also find a direct link to it by clicking here.

Once you've purchased the item you can then trade it to your Free-to-Play friend. If you'd like to learn how to trade you can follow my trading guide.

Once the item is in their possession they can locate the upgrade item from their Inventory by clicking on Items from the main menu of Team Fortress 2 and then choosing Backpack.

Have them navigate through their backpack pages until they find the Upgrade to Premium Gift item. Once they select the thumbnail of the item they then need to click on the button titled Use located along the bottom of the Inventory.

Once they confirm that they want to use the item they will instantly be upgraded to premium.

Please Note: If the person you gifted premium to still hasn't purchased anything on Steam, they will be unable to add anybody to their friends list or participate in certain Steam Community features until something is purchased from Steam on that account.
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