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Auto Engrams!
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Jul 1, 2018 @ 11:40am
Jul 5 @ 3:25pm
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Auto Engrams!


Automatically unlocks Engrams as you level up. Nothing to learn or do. Just Works!

- No screen spam
- Ignores points requirements
- Unlocks regardless of DLC restrictions
- Works with mods added before and after installing
- Does not unlock Engrams set to hidden by server configs
- Respects Engram level overrides

INI option to force unlock Engrams not normally unlocked by the player (TEK Engrams, Engrams unlocked by defating bosses in some mods etc).
Force unlock happens once the player reaches max level.
[AutoEngrams] ForceUnlock=True





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12 hours ago
July 5 UpDate @5:25
Jul 3 @ 2:17am
Servers Using This Mod
Jun 8 @ 11:51pm
does "ForceUnlock=1" give you tek without having to kill bosses?
< >
SwiftFox Jul 10 @ 5:08pm 
Im currently having problems on my server where S+ and even some other mods engrams aren't being auto unlocked when the lvl requirement is met and all other dependencies are already unlocked. Is there a way to fix this?
The Fluffy Player Jul 6 @ 12:02pm 
Does the DevKit API offer any info on whether the player character visited a certain DLC map or not, like some sort of boolean constant. As I think that would be an awesome potential feature to perma-unlock engrams only when that condition is met and ofc the level requirements are met,
just my two cents.

Either way thank you for this mod!
Eric Jul 6 @ 4:24am 
Ok no probs, with just the commands enabled for learning engrams and not your mod we were having an issue where every time someone levelled up it would fill their screen with the blue text notifications for engrams learned, and I read that this is a common issue that causes huge lag with this method because of the amount of data the server is sending. This is the reason I downloaded the mod, but we were still getting the message spam as well.

I knew this wasn't your mod causing it, but just not sure if you were aware of any other settings that need to be disabled to prevent this, I have tried a few things now and going to test so should hopefully fix it.
Donatello / Skara Jul 6 @ 2:46am 
Too bad, thanks for the quick answer.
Have a good day !
Chris  [author] Jul 6 @ 2:36am 
What do you mean by message spam? If you mean the text that normally displays when you unlock an engram, then something else is causing it because this mod doesn't display that text. It also doesn't "spam" anything, it waits for you to stop applying levels for a couple seconds before it does its work.

Sorry Donatello / Skara, nothing I can do. Tell your admin to have the server check for updates at least once a day.
Donatello / Skara Jul 6 @ 2:15am 
Hello Chris, you updated your mod tonight and we use it on our private server.
Problem is, the admin is away for the week and we can't connect to the server due to this.
Is there any possibilities to retrieve the files to the previous version ?
Eric Jul 6 @ 2:08am 
Is there anything that might override this or should be disabled before using it? I was using the commands to auto unlock for a small modded private server with friends but we are getting insane server hangs when people spam levelups due to the message spam.

I installed this hoping it would help but we still get the message spam, I tried disabling the auto unlock stuff in game.ini but no dice.
Cows123456789 Jul 5 @ 6:10pm 
Heeyy, It was actually a problem with another mod, got it sorted out now
just happened to pop out around the same time I added this so I assumed it was related when it was not
Carry on I guess xd
Chris  [author] Jul 3 @ 8:59pm 
My guess is you have corrupted game files. Engrams and items are separate files, so seeing one and not the other is possible.
Cows123456789 Jul 3 @ 8:16pm 
Small update: Tried to give myself a full set of chiting using the commands here But instead got Chitin Helmet - Gloves- Boots + HIDE Chespiece and Leggins
Interestingly the Smity has a crafting option for Hide Legs and Body that should not be there
Im guessing something is wrong in the file paths or something
Gonna stop commenting now to avoid spam but just though I'd leave this here Maybe Im not the only one with the issue