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Real Time

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Welcome to Real Time!

Are you wondering why your Cims never sleep and keep working and studying all night long? Do you also think that the "days" flying by on the time bar are not so real? A fully-crowded bouncy castle park in the middle of the night is not that nice, right?

Well, then this mod is for you! Real Time makes the game more real and way more challenging! You have to prove you are a good city planner and builder!

Please read the FAQ! This helps you avoid common mistakes when using Real Time!
Please read the FAQ! Maybe your question is already answered.

Key Features

Time flow
  • The game time flows slowly. You can configure the speed for the daytime and for the night time.
  • The sunrise and the sunset times depend on the map location and on the day of year. For example, the days in summer are longer than in winter.
  • Citizens grow up slower. 1 in-game day equals to 1 citizen's year. Citizens live up to 85 years, so with Real Time - up to 85 in-game days.
  • Slower aging changes the education system: a child needs 5 in-game days to graduate from an elementary school and become a teen. A teen needs 10 in-game days to graduate from a high school and become a young adult. Finally, a student needs another 5 in-game days to get the highest education level.
  • The Academic Year of the Campus DLC lasts for 7 in-game days

  • The adult citizens go to work in the morning. The children go to school.
  • The adults may also work second shift and even night shift! And even on weekends! See the work shifts overview for details.
  • Expect a lot of traffic! Prepare your roads and plan wisely. Don't underrate the pedestrian paths and pavements! Citizens like to walk and do that often!
  • Citizens need some food for breakfast, so they try to find shops that are closely located to their homes. Make them happy, place some commercial buildings in your residential districts!
  • Like in real life, the citizens will be working hard and will need a break. They will go out for lunch, if you place some commercial buildings near the citizens' workplaces.
  • Citizen now can go on vacation for some days! Families prefer to go on vacation all together (parents and children).

...and relax
  • The school ends earlier, so the children can have spare time!
  • After work or school, the citizens go shopping or relaxing. They also might find somewhere a freaky bar or a cozy restaurant (a leisure commercial building) and go party!
  • Of course, children stay at home in the late evening.
  • Maybe, the citizens will attend some events like a football match. In addition to the game events, there are some other events for various unique buildings in your city.
  • Tourists can stay in your city for longer, and if you have some hotels, they'll go there for sleepover.
  • In the night time, no one will visit parks; a single exception: you activate the 'Night tours' policy in your park (Park Life DLC). Otherwise, only real badass citizens will go out and party at night (in leisure buildings, if there are any).
  • Some citizens will take night shopping tours though. But not the children or the seniors - they sleep at night.

More real
  • Citizens might go shopping even when they don't need any goods - just for fun!
  • Tourists are not so dumb as usual and also prefer to sleep at night.
  • The buildings will be constructed slowly! And there are restrictions how many construction sites are allowed at the same time in the city.
  • The building construction sites pause at night. The workers there need to sleep too!
  • Citizens switch the lights off when they are going to sleep! And many parks too.
  • When the weather becomes bad, citizens try to shelter from the weather in the buildings.
  • Citizens remember how long they need to get to work and use this in their schedules - they try to be on-time.
  • When waiting for public transport for too long or stuck in a traffic jam, citizens get angry and cancel their journeys.

Important note
Real Time works best with medium-sized cities (population up to 65.500). With large cities, there are some game limitations that make it difficult for Real Time to keep the citizens behavior realistic. Furthermore, the CPU usage and the graphic adapter load might increase drastically. You can still use Real Time with large cities if you don't mind those inconveniences.

There is a planned feature[] how to solve those limitations.

Further information
For incompatible mods, see this topic.

Future Ideas

For the mod development roadmap and its new features, go to the GitHub page[]. You can also post your ideas there!


The mod is translated into all languages the game supports. However, some of the translations are incomplete.
If you would like to help translating the mod into your language, download an XML file[] and translate it! You can also submit a pull request on GitHub.

Source code

For those who like to dig into code, here is a direct link to GitHub[].
Also, you can collaborate and help developing this mod further. Pull requests are accepted!


Please report them on GitHub as issues[].
Please don't forget to provide the game log file if something is not working. Otherwise, it's impossible to say what is going wrong. For details how to do that, read this guide.

Special thanks

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指定文言經典精編 May 24 @ 3:38pm 
My university can't level up when this mod is activated
TheLetter_h May 23 @ 4:28pm 
Unfortunately this removed almost all traffic coming into my city so had to unsubscribe
;D May 11 @ 10:32am 
@dymanoid hey, what are the default speed settings? I experimented around speed with 1 day and night and now I can't remember what the default is lol
PissWaser12 May 10 @ 2:54pm 
Is there any reason that I have less traffics when people get out of work in the afternoon than when the time reach 22PM? My traffic flow pass from 80-90 % to 40-70% when it get to 22PM
Dom_the_Great Apr 30 @ 5:10pm 
This mod is causing my public transport vehicles to get stuck at stations. Is there a fix, or some reason this happens? I love this mod, but if I want my public transport to behave normally, I have to disable it. Thanks.
Cizzu Apr 30 @ 3:47am 
I think there are some issues.
The development of the city is too slow: low educational levels, low demand for Commercial and Industry and lack of progression in buildings leveling up.
Now I have to do a whole city all over again..
NightmareOhm Apr 22 @ 11:51pm 
I'm having an issue with the "buildings turn lights off at night" feature. The parks don't just turn their lights off, they stop working entirely and this causes buildings to complain about low land value.
Otherwise, this is a great mod for more realism.
ras Apr 21 @ 3:51am 
I tried this mod and I like the idea.
I think it messes with some game mechanics tho.
I had issues with low educational levels, low demand for Commercial and Industry and lack of progression in buildings leveling up. D
isabling the mod instantly increased university students from 3-400 to more than 5000, and high school students from around 1000 to over 9000, while Commercial demand skyrocketed.
jamaize Apr 2 @ 1:47pm 
I'm really appreciative to come back to the game after a very long time to find this working. Thanks for the effort.

I know Rush Hour use to have the issue that caused people to leave stadiums before games start. Is it this mod that's doing the same? not a problem if so, the good outweighs it by a lot.
easte Mar 31 @ 6:01am 
@algernon I started a game and got normal C and R demand, but no I. I thought it would come in time. I built C slowly and it would fluctuate. Then suddenly C crashed and R was minimal. Houses would start the foundations but never finish and R demand maxed out. I have had night construction on since this mod came out so it's not that. I was building at night with no problem and then it all went wonky.