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Lemurian Architect
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Jun 14, 2018 @ 2:49pm
Oct 5 @ 2:17pm
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Lemurian Architect

Mod ID 1411872074
ID range 98586000
(If you have great screenshots to share of your Lemurian builds, post them in the media section of my discord and I will feature them in the gallery on this mod page!)

A mod that incorporates new, upgradeable Tier 4 Lemurian building assets.

Includes building pieces, materials, feats, recipes and crafting stations. Lemurian T4 structures have slightly more health than T3 counterparts (to prevent power creep while also providing enjoyment for min/maxers) but are the ultimate display of wealth and prestige. These buildings also provide the best temperature mitigation for hot biomes, with better heat management than Reinforced Stone structures.

Now supports Isle of Siptah!
-Can dismantle Composite Obsidian into raw Obsidian at the Lemurian Master Crafting Station workbench

This mod is now compatible with Immersive RP & Decor, Glass Construction & more and Age of Calamitous! Place Lemurian Architect below these mods in your mod list.

If your running stack size mods along side this one, make sure to place Lemurian Architect below them on your mod list. This mod comes with it's own increased stack sizes for Brimstone and Limestone to help with compatibility. Failure to do so will cause Brimstone to burn away instantly and waste it's resource.

It's important to remember this is a player-made mod. You most certainly will run into bugs during your time using this content. Everything contained in this mod is tested on live servers before implementation. Given the sheer amount of mods available on the workshop, it's not possible to test compatibility with every single mod. If you lose structures between updates, please know that I wouldn't of updated the mod with building pieces vanishing before my eyes. Try to identify mod conflicts on your servers so you can recommend a course of action for me. If you can identify a conflict, I will do my best to fix or accommodate the issue in the next update. Thanks!

General Info

Limestone is a new rare resource added to stone gathering points.
Quartzite is a new rare resource added to brimstone gathering points.

Using Brimstone as a fuel source, combine Limestone with Obsidian or Quartzite in the new Stone Kiln to produce Dark or White Marble. (Uses Smelter thralls)

Take the processed Dark or White Marble and place it in the new Stone Mason Workstation to create Shaped Dark or White Marble. (Uses Carpenter thralls)

Combine Shaped Dark or White Marble[/b] with Gold Dust or Gold Bars to create Lemurian Ornate building pieces.

Fine Metal Crafts feat now grants Bar Mould. 60 Gold/Silver dust and 1 Bar Mould creates 1 Gold/Silver Bar in furnace. (Helps with gold smelting/grinding loop)

Lemurian Artisan Table added for custom Lemurian placeables. (Uses Carpenter thralls)

Stats Info

T1 Sandstone Foundations have 10,000 HP -15 Heat
T2 Stonebrick Foundations have 50,000 HP -15 Heat
T3 Reinforced Stone Foundations have 100,000 HP -15 Heat
T4 Lemurian Ornate Foundations have 115,000 HP -25 Heat

Missing pieces include:
Inverted Ramps & Corners

Some assets contained in the mod are unlisted and WIP. If you're an admin and happen to see items with white icons or unfinished textures, please do not use them as they are buggy! Refer to the Buildings & Items list in discussion for everything that is available for proper use!

All assets are property of Funcom and its license holders. Everything included is free of charge.

If you enjoy this content and want to support the creator, considering donating:

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Church of Bob Oct 12 @ 7:18am 
Love your mod... but I dont seem to be able to find quartzite after the last patch now.
Mryyden Oct 6 @ 9:30pm 
Ty Warrior J , just pulled the mod as it was x'ed out of the new update. Thanks for updating it is one of my favorite apps, although i may have to rebuild as i logged in without it lol !
Warrior J  [author] Oct 5 @ 2:10pm 
Mod update going live shortly with some fixes and more support for Isle of Siptah
Sir Henry Vale Oct 2 @ 7:43pm 
Hello Warrior J:

We love your mod.

Minor issue, the inverted slope wedge roof piece does not have the point spot click to objects so you can not do a rounded roof. Thank you.
Pico5tirets Sep 28 @ 4:37am 
Hello !

First : great mod ! I love it ! thank you for your work !

Then : I have a bug... (it happens xD )
I can't build anything on top of "Left Sloping Inverted" pieces (black & white), I really think it's a bug because I don't have any issues with the "Right Sloping Inverted" pieces.
I hope someone can help me with that.

Again : amazing job with this mod !
freedom_97 Sep 25 @ 2:00pm 
ShadowDragon_79 Sep 20 @ 7:48pm 
Eh, with an increased droprate that will wear out over time, so nevermind and thanks. :winter2019happyyul:

Would love to have more pieces for this set though - what about a slanted door for pyramids&co ?
( and other harvesting-locations - are the two I found so far all, or did I miss some? )

Sooner or later I'd like to REBUILD that bridge with this set... :steamsunny:
Started off with sandstone earlier ( 2 of 3 sections; only with basegame-content ), but that looks no good at all ( sandstone-pillars everywhere :cfacepalm: ) . :winter2019neutralbulb:

@Warrior J:
In that context, what about slightly increasing stability for your set, if possible? :winter2019happybulb:
So far, every material seems to have the same stability for me, which is kind of dull... :winter2019neutralbulb:
Warrior J  [author] Sep 17 @ 11:46am 
@shadowdragon_79 I think it'd be easiest to just discard the excess
Psycho Sep 17 @ 10:38am 
Thank you for the quick update and especially for the increased drop rate of quartzite. I may now be able to get back to building my Lemurian stronghold over the Lake near the bridge.
ShadowDragon_79 Sep 17 @ 10:11am 
Hm, regarding the quartzite-issue Psycho mentioned :
Because of that I have more brimstone then I have use for (had been gahering quite a bit of quartzite now and then) and it's taking a lot of storage-space - which is why I asked for an increase in the brimstone-stacklimit a while ago...

Also, one or two more drop-places for quartzite (I found two so far, of which one doesn't give that much...) would help to make collecting it less repetitive.