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New Dark Elven Unit Pack - with The Chosen
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Jun 12, 2018 @ 3:38pm
Jul 24, 2018 @ 12:53am
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New Dark Elven Unit Pack - with The Chosen

* This mod is out of date. Any modder can update the mod freely.
(I don't have time to do those works)

Witch Elven Female Unit Pack

- The mod contains heavy amounts of content, and is likely to be regarded as an overhaul mod. Pay attention to the confliction between mods!

Chaos Swarm for Unit Packs


7/24 Updates
New Unit Mod Launched for HIgh Elves!
You can check the mod HERE


1. New Lords and female Witch Elven units added

1) Legendary Lords
  Faction: Naggarond, Malekith (only)
  - Astarielle The Chosen [Unique Lord]

2) New Units
 All dark elven factions
  - Pleasure Rangers [infantry]
  - Pleasure Warriors [infantry]
  - Dark Pegasus Knights [flying cavalry]
  - Witch Riders [cavalry(light)]
  - Witch Destructors [cavarly(heavy)]
  - Witch Raiders [ranged cavalry]
  - Pleasure Guards [infantry]
  - Handmaidens [infantry]
  - Royal Handmaidens [infantry, heroic units, cap: 10]
  - Khaine's Royal Sisters [infantry, heroic units, cap: 6]
  - Veiled Assassins [infantry, heroic units, cap: 2]

 Cult of Pleasure (only)
  - Slaanesh's Vanguard [cavarly, heroic units, cap: 2]
   - Slaanesh's Palace Guards (summoned by Slannesh's Vanguard) [infantry]

Every new-recruited-unit needs specific buildings, most of them on the advanced slot.
You can find them by searching in-game "building browser" at the bottom of UI.

2. Additional Buildings and Technologies

You can find new buildings and technologies in their own tabs.
 - New Units can be recruited by construction of new buildings
 - Witch Elven Units can be upgraded by technologies on the lower side of skill table.(right below the
  original lines.)

3. Specific Skills for All DEF Lords to buff Witch Elves

Witch Elven Units can be buffed by Additional skills of Lords.
Those skills could be found at the next to Character-buff skills for warrior-type lord (or spell skills for Wizard-type)

4. New Abilities for Witch Elven units
  • Call of Khaine
  • Feast of Blood for Khaine
  • Doom on the Ground!
  • Indraugnir's Breath
  • Blessing from the Chosen Daughters
  • Khaine's Blessing
  • Charge to Glory
  • Smash!
  • Blade Master
  • Siege Mode

  • + @ (skipped)

  • + Unique abilities for Legendary Lords

Enjoy and try new powerful abilities for new recruited units and legendary lords.


Compatible with Following Mods:
 - SFO II (main mod)

* Please report or give me a comment if you find some conflictions with the mods listed above or crashes when running the DEF pack alone.

Not Compatible with:
 - Some of DARK ELVEN Unit Packs
 (especially with the mods related to "Pleasure Guard" unit)
 - Some mods that give additional skills for DEF Lords
 (If additional skills from other mods affect 3rd or 4th row of the skill table, it could be conflictions or


- Black Rabbit for Permission to use Textures
- MINOS for permission to use Scripts of Mods
- Whysofurious for permission to use Scripts of Mods
- Emperor Trump for permission to use Textures

- the original source from here (but is outdated)

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Vegeta Nov 7 @ 3:29am 
Thanks mate! Is Astarielle recruitable?
™ZuL Nov 1 @ 7:23am 
Mod was updated. I need more time to do some tests and tomorrow I will upload it to workshop.
BeefMaster64 Jul 16 @ 4:56am 
did anyone find out how to get Astarielle? I dont know how to put in the code so any help will be appreciated. This is apparently the correct code:

events = get_events();

cm.first_tick_callbacks[#cm.first_tick_callbacks+1] =
return true;

function spwan_defpack_chs_lord()
if cm:is_new_game() then
if not cm:get_saved_value("defpack_chs_lord_unlocked") then
cm:spawn_character_to_pool("wh2_main_def_dark_elves", "names_name_2147370908", "", "", "", 1, true, "general", "defpack_chs_lord", true, "");
cm:spawn_character_to_pool("wh2_main_def_naggarond", "names_name_2147370908", "", "", "", 1, true, "general", "defpack_chs_lord", true, "");
cm:set_saved_value("defpack_chs_lord_unlocked", true);
May 25 @ 4:32am 
Anyone wanna pick up the work? This is truly a nice mod.
nelsonoteroaz.2014 Apr 2 @ 5:44am 
nice mods
༺Constable♂Creampie༻ Jan 27 @ 12:44am 
bro this is gay as shit
Rack Jan 8 @ 2:59pm 
@HALIBEL hello, can you help with changing the code ? I want Astarielle but i cant get it to work
Rack Jan 3 @ 6:04am 
How to get Astarielle The Chosen as Malekith ??
Ms.Cuddles Dec 10, 2019 @ 11:07pm 
Are you people stupid or dont bother to read? This is a dead mod.
bogercel Dec 10, 2019 @ 12:45pm 
Increased capacity unit, please.