Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

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The Trench Dent
Created by JPRAS
The Trench Dent : Melee weapon for the Soldier.

Comes with LOD 0 + LOD 1 + LOD 2 and blood style....
The Warbreaker
Created by JPRAS
The Warbreaker: Misc for the Soldier....
The Trench Sweeper
Created by JPRAS
The Trench Sweeper: Shotgun for the Soldier.

Comes with LOD 0 + LOD 1 + LOD 2.

Suggested stats:

[+] 15% faster move speed while crouching
[+] 10% damage bonus
[-] -33% clip size...
The D.I.Y.
Created by Statyk
Based on a PVC Potato Launcher. The "Do-it-Yourself" Rocket Launcher.

Comes in team colors, 3 LODs, a custom shoot sound, backpack icons, and awesomeness. :D

~~~~~ RESKIN ~~~~~

* Direct Hit: {LINK REMOVED}
* Liberty Lau...
Battle Bowl
Created by Hideous
Listen up, jarhead....
Eyelander Sheath
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
For too long did the demoman carry around his sword without giving it a proper container. Now, he finally has a place to put it when he isn't using it.

Yes, it IS to scale

mod download:
The War-Colander
Created by Constructor
Good for:
- Head protection
- Neck muscle training
- Cooking
- League of Legends references
- Gladiator battles

Not good for:
- Vision
- Diving
- Drinking

Not paintable.

Organized Killer
Created by gaspacz
-Buttons are paintable

And here it is, spy backback.
I made those 3 buttons paintable because whole backpack painted looks wierd....