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Numeric UI
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May 28, 2018 @ 2:18pm
Feb 5, 2021 @ 7:14am
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Numeric UI

This mod aims to make default HUD more informative, descriptive and customizable.

Features include:
  • Numeric health values
  • Detailed ammo counters
  • Career skill cooldown timers
  • Icons indicating "last life" and "Natural Bond" presence


Most of the features are customizable and every single one can be disabled. So, if you find anything that's not useful for you, feel like HUD is a bit cluttered or just want to find out how different numeric health representations look like - make sure to check out "Mod Options" and make everything look just like you see fit.


Vermintide Mod Framework is required to use this mod. Make sure to subscribe and place it above this mod in launcher's load order menu.

Source code on GitHub: https://github.com/Necrossin/NumericUI

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O_T Nov 5 @ 10:12am 
You can use it without problems but I would disable the detailed UI from the game and use only the mod. In the mod y don't have many options to change what you want to see but at least you have options and I think they are enough. Additionally the mod is visually much better. Maybe it's just personal preference but I think your own ult timer looks much better with the mod. The health numbers for your team are much better from the mod, too. I don't know for sure what the mod exactly changes to show the health numbers without comparing details on screenshots but I think the mod changes the height of the health bars and uses bigger numbers that fit into the health bars while the default numbers use the smallest font size in the game and still touch the upper and lower borders from the health bar, which both makes them very hard to read.
Rubz Nov 5 @ 1:35am 
Can it be used with the game's built in detailed UI? I just want to use the last life and NB indicators.
dvogl Nov 1 @ 6:00am 
Yes it still works for me... You might need to update the mod in the launcher
Lauch the game on steam. And in the Launcher underneath the Play button that says mods.
Click it and you should be able to update the mod then. hope this helps
Coekie Oct 14 @ 12:32pm 
Does this still work. It seems I cant get it to work anymore :steamsad:
芝华士12年威士忌 Sep 1 @ 1:55am 
kamael Apr 17 @ 4:27am 
Necrossin  [author] Apr 13 @ 10:48am 
Still working fine on my end, try switching on legacy/old UI somewhere in gameplay -> interface options and see if that helps
Robot ^ Apr 13 @ 6:02am 
This randomly stopped working for me today. I have it checked in the mod list on the launcher, loaded AFTER the framework dependency. Anyone have any ideas? (I double checked the settings in game, the settings for the mod are there as if the mod was functioning, but I'm not seeing any of it's actual functionality on my bars / ui anywhere)
HitFromTheBong Mar 24 @ 5:44am 
absolutely "must have MOD" which does work on official Realm. Truly recommending
Xeonzs Mar 15 @ 9:15am 
The text from this mod is more readable than the game's detailed UI function.
The game's function also doesn't display last life.

Tried to give the game option a chance, but after a day without it I'm going to go with this mod again.