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Vermintide Mod Framework
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Apr 24, 2018 @ 12:32pm
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Vermintide Mod Framework

The Vermintide Mod Framework (VMF) is an open-source, community-run framework of modules that provides enhanced modding capabilities and support. The framework is designed to be both independent and lightweight; making no changes to gameplay on its own.

Mods created for the project may utilize:
  • Mod options (opened from the main menu or by pressing F4)
  • Shared function hooks
  • Chat commands
  • Keybinds
  • Mutator support (only available in Vermintide 1 at this time)
  • Network calls
  • Rewritten, lightweight mod functions
  • An on-event call system

The Vermintide Mod Framework originally started in Warhammer End Times: Vermintide as an unofficial modding platform. In the time since, VMF has been rewritten and redesigned with contributions from many unique members of the community; culminating in this unified project made for the arrival of official mod support.

If you're interested in creating mods with VMF, please check out the project's wiki[vmf-docs.verminti.de].

If you'd like to contribute to the code behind VMF, visit the project's GitHub repository[github.com].
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CkRiX Mar 6 @ 11:28pm 
@bIbIbI(rus) Well, I guess its fine now, at least on my end. I'd already made sure about VMF being at the top of the launcher list beforehand along with checking that no configs files were set to read-only. But that hadn't fixed anything. Restarted Steam and went back to check again and for whatever reason now everything works fine. Ridiculous since I didn't do anything new that I already hadn't done. ¯\_(:\)_/¯ Appreciate you responding anyway though.
bIbIbI(rus)  [author] Mar 6 @ 6:01am 
@The Lebowski Factor

Make sure VMF is on the very top of the mod list in your launcher. I don't even know what else I can suggest... I've never encountered this bug, and I cannot reproduce it.

VMF cannot disable itself, so it's some launcher/game shenanigans.

Unfortunately, right now, I have neither time nor capacity to help you with troubleshooting the issue, but you can join Vermintide Modders discord sever and seek for help there. There are a lot of helpful people there. The invitation link is at the bottom of this page: https://vmf-docs.verminti.de/#/user-guide
CkRiX Mar 4 @ 3:00am 
I'm having the same problem as ninjaneer below. I've checked the same settings as he has and this mod isn't functioning. Nothing else will work without this mod.
Emperor Blank Mar 3 @ 7:45pm 
Thanks for your work on this mod!
Ninjaneer Feb 23 @ 5:15pm 
For some reason I enable the framework in the MOD manager in the launcher, but it disables itself upon launching the game. My user_settings.config is not set to read-only. What else could cause this framework to disable itself? None of my other mods disable themselves, but they require this to work so currently all my mods are broken because of the framework disabling itself..
Raiden Feb 12 @ 8:03am 
Why do i see this mod as "Sanctionned" in the launcher ????????????????????????
pmsagr Feb 2 @ 3:20pm 
When i subscribe to this mod (Vermintide Framework) i do not see any mod menu. It seems the mod is not loaded. Can someone explain me why?
Augmenti Jan 16 @ 8:01am 
Thanks for the reply. :whiskeybottle:
I see, thought Framework and AI were package, my bad. I do seem to have Bot Improvements,
so I posted on the wrong page. :cfacepalm:
bIbIbI(rus)  [author] Jan 16 @ 7:54am 
This mod doesn't alter any aspect of the game. It only adds tools for modders to easily modify game's code and communicate with players (mod options menu / chat commands).

This doesn't sound like a mod problem, unless you have some kind of bot improvements mod installed.

I'd advice you to post about this issue on Vermintide 2 steam discussions, /r/vermintide subreddit, or Fatshark Forums, to gather feedback from other players. Could be a level design flaw that should be reported to Fatshark.
Augmenti Jan 16 @ 7:16am 
Thanks for your work on this mod! :TZ3Tequila:

I'm having a problem, on the first map Righteous Stand the bots cause me to die at the 2nd Grimoire. They pick it up ok but get stuck on the ladder, without exception, at least with me.
There seems to be a hord after picking it up and they ALL get stuck on the ladder. I can't fight a Veteran horde by myself, so I get beat to death. They get beat to death on the ladder one by one.

It could be a setting I've got off or on or not set correctly?

Please help, thanks.