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A Clash of Kings 8.0
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May 28, 2018 @ 11:17am
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A Clash of Kings 8.0

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A Clash of Kings is a modification, set in the fictional "A Song of Ice and Fire" universe, for the popular Taleworlds game "Mount and Blade: Warband".

Take control of your own destiny in the world of "A Song of Ice and Fire".

Join one of more than twenty different factions, strike out on your own or rebel against your liege in the world of Game of Thrones – or wait for the Targaryen invasion.

Interact with hundreds of new NPC's, equip hundreds of new armor pieces – many of them based on the show.

Fight wights and explore places in both Westeros and Essos, all of it while you try to survive and fight your way to the Iron Throne.


More than a dozen new story driven quests.
Invading factions.
Lore-accurate factions, amongst them The North, The Stormlands, Dorne, the Night's Watch, Volantis and Braavos.
A new sellsword system.
Ocean travel and ship battles.
Hundreds of new scenes.
Hundreds of new, high-quality, armor pieces, shields and weapons.
All new companions.
Hundreds of tweaks and changes.
Completely overhauled terrain.
A massive new world map, spanning Westeros and Essos.
Re-done UI.
Overhauled music and sounds.
Hundreds of new events.
New weapon types.
Semi-locked diplomacy for a lorefull experience.
Thousands of NPC's.
Re-balanced combat.
An incredibly detailed world map with many explorable locations.
Custom dialogue for lords such as Tywin Lannister, Robb Stark and Stannis Baratheon.
Updated shaders and terrain.
Many unique quests, plus new generic quests.

Main thread on the Taleworlds website:

Moddb page:


Moddb Editor's Choice Awards 2017 – Best Adaptation


PCGAMER Mod of the week:

Kotaku article:

Wired article:

Many of the items in A Clash of Kings would not exist without the donations that have enabled me to commision new items. You can become a supporter by clicking this link:
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Whats the difference between aCoK and awoiaf?
[HELL] Emperorpphed
Jun 17, 2022 @ 3:27am
Whitewalkers ?
Pixel Dude
Nov 5, 2023 @ 2:34am
Sieges With Siege Towers are Broken.
King Of Kings
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Emperor Legion Nov 9, 2019 @ 8:49am 
Can't recommend! These wildly appearing error messages paired with a kickback to you desktop are slaying to much time because you have to replay stuff all the time. Sometimes it kicks you back for hours and ignores saves you did in between...
Terror_Inc Oct 27, 2019 @ 6:07am 
How do i launch this? because every time I try to it says a file is missing
Kumo Oct 26, 2019 @ 9:00pm 
does anyone knows how to prevent from keep losing money and morale while sailing? is this normal? Possible bug?
Archimedex Oct 18, 2019 @ 3:49am 
So you've added Shield Bash. And no button to disable this BUG. Cuz it just breaks attacking, which is like.. the most basic feature in game.

And are sieges still crashing on exit? Like.. when it tries to calculate loot, the game enters an infinite loop. That was an older build I think.. I haven't played much this time. I can't get past the "I can't attack cuz I'm blocking most of the time, and if I switch very fast from block to attack, it won't register things correctly, and I get a useless shield bash"....
ПΛПО Dragoon Oct 8, 2019 @ 6:08am 
Dragons when?
nige63 Oct 6, 2019 @ 7:15pm 
first i love this mod but it keeps crashing as soon as i take tumbletown and claim the sword usually at around 360 days making it unplayable plz fix
jacky boy Sep 27, 2019 @ 11:46am 
This is, in my opinion, one of the best mods for Mount & Blade: Warband - and it is easily my favorite. Just wondering; is there a way to begin your adventure in the Free Cities, or do you have to start in Westeros and then venture over there?
Determine8R Sep 27, 2019 @ 10:18am 
Just curious to see whats being worked on. I love this mod, and i saw that the mod authors for AWOIAF are already working on bringing the mod to Bannerlord, Are you also currently working on this goal?
Rastro Sep 25, 2019 @ 5:36pm 
First try I spawned with zero weapons. Zero.
Second time I spawned naked.....
The screen that tells you what your stats will be is nice and all, but if it's this bizarre with item selection, I'd like to know what items I will have on my person since I am going into combat right off the bat with no option to escape it.....
Rabbit Sep 24, 2019 @ 10:19pm 
ran into a bug(?) where it resets my stats every lvl