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Wallpaper from me, levelKro :)
I play to make good wallpaper for me, and offer this to you.
I'm happy to make different and unique wallpaper and most often, try to use audio response.
Thank to leave (good) feedback!
Items (23)
(λ) Black Mesa TV
Created by levelKro
Black Mesa Television channel
Please stand by, Be back soon....
AMD Ryzen
Created by levelKro
Screen Saver converted to Wallpaper...
AMD Ryzen Fire
Created by levelKro
AMD Ryzen Logo with sparks...
Asus RoG - Orange
Created by levelKro
ASUS Republic Of Gamers (RoG) Orange logo...
Back To The Future - Delorean Smoke (BTTF)
Created by levelKro
Delorean DMC from Back To The Future II with rear smoke...
Breaking Bad : Walter White Meth Labs
Created by levelKro
Walter White Meth Labs, parody of Walt Disney logo.
Picture is not made by me....
Cosmic tear activities
Created by levelKro
A cosmic tear with many stars and few pulsars....
Flying Toaster
Created by levelKro
The After Dark Screen Saver now live on Wallpaper Engine!

Now with Toasts!

Please leave feedback or any problem to use this wallpaper.
And if you want help, please add to request;
* Total of CPU Cores and the speed (like; x4 3ghz)
* Your graphic adap...
Flying Toaster : Now with Nutella!
Created by levelKro
Same as previous Flying Toaster wallpaper, but with Nutella....
Created by levelKro
Nebula style, with audio response....
Please Stand By (90 Style)
Created by levelKro
"Please Stand By"
Like TV in 1990...
Created by levelKro
Green colored wallpaper with rain effect....
Rally Car - Slow motion effect
Created by levelKro
Rally inspired wallpaper with slow motion effect of dust and particles.

For fans of SEGA Rally, Colin McRae Rally, Dirt and etc......
Ryzen Power
Created by levelKro
Ryzen processor with lights effects, music respond and power animation.
Steam Store Planet
Created by levelKro
Steam logo in the middle of many games images. Energy and some spark glow over or around the Steam logo. Background is audio respond....
Steam Universe
Created by levelKro
Steam Logo with stars and fog. Audio response active...
Moon in 4K
Created by levelKro
Pictures en 4K animated. Colored and masterised. Enjoy this travel around the Moon....
The Space
Created by levelKro
Just the Space...
Wolfenstein 3D: source
Created by levelKro
The menu animation of Wolfenstein 3D: source mod's of Half-Life 2.

The guard watch your computer room.

WARNIG: This background has images referring to Nazism. This is purely used for the purpose of game ambience, such as the original version. We do not e...
Breathedge - 'NO NAME' Ship
Created by levelKro
Breathedge, final screen animated with the 'NO NAME' ship, firs, clouds, water and background sound....
Daft Punk - 1993-2021
Created by levelKro
- Mashup background music (removed)
- Sound responsive
- Others cool effects (surprise)

Thank Daft Punk for all !

Copyrights notices;
This Wallpaper picture is not made by me....
DirectX 12 - Old School Bouncing logo
Created by levelKro
Story: In the oldest versions of Direct X, under Windows 95,98,ME,2000 and firsts versions of WIndows XP, is possible to run a test about Direct Draw and Direct 3D support. This feature is not more needed (all graphics are DirectDraw & Direct3D capable). B...
Created by levelKro
Asus ROG Logo with RTX flag.
Water effect on the floor.
Audio responsive....