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Anbennar: A Fantasy Total Conversion Mod
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May 13, 2018 @ 1:25pm
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Anbennar: A Fantasy Total Conversion Mod

If you're having issues updating the mod (like vanilla countries appearing), read the troubleshooting guide in the description below or visit the discord link:

art by @biegeltoren

EU4's #1 Fantasy Total Conversion Mod, as seen in the Paradox Dev Clash!

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What is Anbennar?
Anbennar is set in a fantasy world of my own making, evoking themes from D&D, but through the themes and time period of EU4. See how a fantasy world changes from an age of high-fantasy and good vs. evil to an age of political schemes, gunpowder, colonialism and magical decadence.

  • Explore a lore-rich fantasy setting set in the same timeframe as EU4 with new countries, religions and more!
  • Play as humans, orcs, elves, halflings and many more!
  • Learn from the 8 schools of magic and wield powers to destroy countries... and even attain lichdom
  • Wander around the map as adventurer and eventually settle and make your own country!
  • Experience unique underground gameplay and reclaim the lost dwarven homelands underneat the Serpentspine

Rise of the Forbidden Plains Highlights
  • War for control of the vast steppes of the Forbidden Plains as one of the many centaur hordes - will you unite your kind and become a Great Caehn and make the thundering hooves of your warriors feared across the world?

  • Survive the onslaught of the centaur hordes as one of the many city-states of the Triunic Lakes. Engage in politics and play through unique systems and a shared mission tree to unite the lakes under one Federation - for fans of the unique mechanics of the Dwarovar, this one is for you!

  • Quench your hunger as the ogre clans of the west. Play as Magharma and restore their glory as King of all Ogres and consume all those that wander in your domain.

Other Highlights
  • Owners of Paradox's Unit DLC will now see more diverse units across all of Cannor
  • Missions for three of Anbennar's electors: Pearlsedge, Istralore and Beepeck
  • Live your greek-inspired-ruinborn-elf fantasy as one of the many city-states of the Kheionai: now with mission trees and named provinces!
  • A new Demonsterization System: take control of your monstrous people's fate, and prove the people of the world wrong
  • Expanded Grombar mission tree: choose between the path of half-orc coexistence or one of orcish dominance
  • Rise from the ashes of the Phoenix Empire as Sareyand
  • The World of Anbennar is more vibrant than before, this is our largest update to date and countless nations have had new ideas, missions trees and more, so see the changelog for more details!

What DLC do I need?
  • Conquest of Paradise: enables adventurer gameplay, which is reliant of migration mechanics
  • Rights of Man: we use ruler personalities for long-lived rulers and mage rulers, so if you want to play as an elf or a mage-king you need this
  • Wealth of Nations: the Regent Court religion (the most common one in the game) relies on Hindu personal deities
  • Art of War: we have our own version of the reformation
  • Third Rome: orcish expansion relies on Siberian frontiers, so if you wanna play orcs you’ll need this
  • Dharma: we have a handful of new government types, and if you want to reform your country as an orc you’ll want this
  • Cradle of Civilization: the Raheni religion of High Philosophy uses islamic schools, army professionalism is used by some racial militaries

If you're already subscribed you may encounter issues with the mod not loading properly due to the new 1.29 launcher, if so try these steps out:
  1. Unsubscribe from Anbennar in Steam Workshop
  2. Go to your mod folder (eg. ...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\mod)
  3. look for "ugc_1385440355.mod" and delete that file
  4. Resubscribe to Anbennar and wait for it to download
  5. Activate Anbennar for EU4 and play

  6. if all else fails, go to your equivalent of C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\236850 and delete everything in that folder (this will delete all mods you've downloaded and force you to re-download them)

If you're interested in playing our latest development build, please go to our Mod Discord!
Mod Discord []
EU4 & IR Community Discord []
Patreon []
We also have a subreddit which is linked in the section to the right!

JayBean, Aeriic, Biegeltoren, Dreamer, Duke Jorgas, and Hehodas (the main dev for the Forbidden Plains!)

AMB, Bauxite, Connor Gorski, Dizzy, Maverick, Michael Blackrose, Zemas, Mono, Creekj, Undoified, Pushover, RubedoFox, Runehawk, troyunrau, Truill, UlfDerDritte, Vjmdhzgr, Zarathaya, Hoia, NebulaePrimo, raginrage, Stillchr, Wilyape, Cyberspacer, Maverick, Nopani, Mangulwort... honestly this is a massive update, so a huge thanks to the Anbennar Discord community for their contributions, feedback and ideas!

Calasandur, Nopani, Runehawk, Vjmdhzgr

Airujo, Amadoow, Wat, Anthony D, Lewa263, Cardamom, CleanupIL5, CMDR_Lucario, Great Skeletal Doot, Cmd86, Mokerak V, CormacMettbjoll, Desolated_Dodo, Dissimilar Perspectives, Ducaniel, RubedoFox, Goldseeker, Etienne, Henry O, Hubert10000, Moskow Mitch, ProfessorHenn, ToxicWasted, Kimmolito, Hystiklopp, Escanor, Nopls, MagnusMeg, Matthew C, Matthew L, Michael, Nathan C, Nopani, Redwave166, Ranata M, Robert W, Runehawk, Rexsw, Samantha B, TheKingAmal, Thomas1985, pl8t0
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Supertramp Apr 13 @ 10:41pm 
Is there a list somewhere, to see what countries have missions?
Psychotic_Wizard_626 Apr 11 @ 3:45pm 
Cant download even after doing all the troubleshoot ideas? help love this game
CrackHeadMcGee Apr 2 @ 1:03pm 
Was just watching Arumba's short series on Youtube, I was wondering if the war magic bug was fixed in any way
alex140508 Mar 26 @ 2:39pm 
Relanna1 yeah i cant wait for for the blood suckers
Rellana1 Mar 21 @ 3:52am 
Let's hope Paradox release Leviathan soon,so the new version of the mod can be uploaded to here,as the mod will probably need updating for that as well.
JayBean  [author] Mar 19 @ 5:23pm 
If you're having issues you need to try Resubscribing to the mod
If that doesn't work, have a look at the Troubleshooting section above
Athene and the Aegis Mar 19 @ 3:14pm 
Mod isn't working for me in 1.30.5 I rolled back
iamnotwithouttoads Mar 18 @ 10:41pm 
this mod is incredible. One of the best mods in any game I've ever plaied. Absolutely astounding.
Luaian Mar 18 @ 10:01pm 
beta 1.30.5 -> work good
Luaian Mar 18 @ 8:13pm 
click eatate tab -> crash