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Anbennar: A Fantasy Total Conversion Mod
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Anbennar: A Fantasy Total Conversion Mod

EU4's #1 Fantasy Total Conversion Mod, as seen in the Paradox Dev Clash!

Anbennar is set in an fantasy world evoking themes from D&D, but through lens and time period of a strategy game like EU4. See how a fantasy world changes from an age of adventurers and good vs. evil to an age of gunpowder, colonialism and magical decadence.

  • Explore a lore-rich total conversion that completely revamps EU4, set in a setting made for the mod itself!
  • Play as humans, orcs, elves, dwarves and more!
  • Learn from the 8 schools of magic and wield powers to destroy countries... and even attain lichdom
  • Forge your own destiny as a wandering adventuring company, eventually settling to form your own country
  • Experience unique underground gameplay and reclaim the lost dwarven homelands

Tianlou by @biegeltoren

In the east: Warlords rise. Spirits stir. And EU4's premier total conversion mod has a whole new content-packed continent to explore. --

The “Warlords of Haless” update for Anbennar: A Total Fantasy Conversion Mod has been released!:

  • 13 new regions have been added, with 93 new countries and 4 religions each with unique mechanics between them. They feature all the flavour and content you've come to expect of Anbennar, but as a taste…

    Yanshen, a land long-ruled by Eunuchs, sees new powers rise: a monarch in Bianfang will show them how to rule, Feiten takes to the skies, and Beikdugang reaches north to its Triunic brethren.
    In the misty hills of Xianjie, Jiangliusi leads dozens of Xiaken, from the harpies of Fengwuzhe to the Edge of the Void’s guardians in Jianxusi, but these martial artists must unite into the One Xia if they are to persevere and see the Righteous Path ascend.

    To the south, the ancient empire of Baihon Xinh is torn apart by civil war between the Ghost-Emperor of Hon Sai and his traitor-son. Meanwhile, nearby in Azkare, a Sun Elf dreams of a Sunrise Empire that would unite Haless in peace and prosperity.
    The Faceless Queen of Nuugdan Tsarai looks south on terrorbird-back. Goldscale kobolds in Balrijin search for their lost dragon. All this and so much more is coming in one of Anbennar’s most-anticipated updates ever.


  • The Spirit Realm is attuned to Haless, and any gameplay there will be affected by Spirit Events, good and bad. Use unique privileges to seek contact with your ancestors, who may teach your rulers great wisdom, or lead them astray.
    Spirit events’ frequency and nature are influenced by the precursor High Temples which dot the land. As technology progresses, you may delve into them in RPG-style Temple Quests, or even excavate them for the Precursor Relics within. The Lefthand Path, particularly Azjakuma, may have even more sinister designs for them…


  • Warlords of Haless also features a massive overhaul of Rahen. The Harimraj has been revamped to revolve around Raj Cohesion (with a custom UI!). It’s more engaging, with new Ministries interactions and a brand-new Vizier mechanic (which can allow a powerful vassal to bloodlessly usurp the Raja). You’ll need it -- the starting Corruption of the Lotus Court disaster has been reworked and re-added, and if Cohesion gets low, you’ll face the Dissolution of the Raj.
    Rahen also features a new Caste System, with normal estates replaced by castes that provide different benefits based on which races are eligible for them. You can reform your arrangement by increasing Caste Fluidity in dozens of flavour events, but beware -- even the strongest of rulers may be brought to their knees in a reworked Blood Lotus disaster. Check all this and more out in new mission trees for Dhenijanraj and the Ghavaanaj Elephant-Lords!


    And if Haless doesn't tickle your fancy, here's some highlights on other parts of the world:

  • Our art team has expanded and delivered for Warlords of Haless, bringing a level of immersion and quality unlike ever before. 5 new loading screens (and a new logo!) are just the beginning, between new event pictures, a plethora of religious art, and advisor portraits for 9 races (dwarves, harimari, ogres, kobolds and more!).
    And all that is to say nothing of an addition that will bend your mind as to what you thought possible in EU4 modding: New User Interfaces for the Racial and Magic systems. Featuring custom art and icons, Anbennar’s most essential systems have never looked so good.


  • The Ynn region and its faith have received a content-packed overhaul. The land’s feudal system abhors conquest, instead, make your rivals into Iosahar who will back your rule. Sufficiently strong, you can reform your religion, undergoing tumultuous debates as you decide the place of Corrupted Ruinborn, what caused the Ynnic Empire’s fall, and whether Cannorian guns or thought have a place in the land of the holy river.


  • Digging never stops in the Dwarovar! Remnant Awakening has been made a disaster, as you slowly win support to venture outside the Hold. New Black Orc mechanics let them set up plunder camps to loot Holds for all their riches, and conquer infested Holds by means of Ozarm’Chadash (best explored in a new Mission Tree for Shattered Crown). The dwarves are not to be out-done: their new mission trees are among Anbennar’s best, from Seghdihr’s unique cartel mechanics to the unparalleled narrative experience that is Ovdal Lodhum.

As always there's more than just the highlights, so check out the Change Notes for a full list of new content!

  • Emperor: recommended for the best Ravelian experience
  • Dharma: War Artificer regiments are Rajputs
  • Conquest of Paradise: enables adventurer gameplay, which is reliant of migration mechanics
  • Rights of Man: we use ruler personalities for long-lived rulers and mage rulers, so if you want to play as an elf or a mage-king you need this
  • Wealth of Nations: the Regent Court religion (the most common one in the game) relies on Hindu personal deities
  • Art of War: we have our own version of the reformation
  • Cradle of Civilization: the Raheni religion of High Philosophy uses islamic schools, army professionalism is used by some racial militaries

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  2. Go to your mod folder (eg. ...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\mod)
  3. look for "ugc_1385440355.mod" and delete that file
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