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Anbennar: A Fantasy Total Conversion
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Anbennar: A Fantasy Total Conversion

Compatible with 1.36

EU4's #1 Fantasy Total Conversion Mod, as seen in the Paradox Dev Clash!

Anbennar is set in an fantasy world evoking themes from D&D, but through lens and time period of a strategy game like EU4. See how a fantasy world changes from an age of adventurers and good vs. evil to an age of gunpowder, colonialism and magical decadence.

  • Explore a lore-rich total conversion that completely revamps EU4, set in a setting made for the mod itself!
  • Play as humans, orcs, elves, dwarves and more!
  • Learn from the 8 schools of magic and wield powers to destroy countries... and even attain lichdom
  • Forge your own destiny as a wandering adventuring company, eventually settling to form your own country
  • Experience unique underground gameplay and reclaim the lost dwarven homelands

Sykar Riverclaw by @mike

For long years, the lands beyond the Salahad have been nothing more than a distant dream, closed to the world, their empires shrouded in mystery. But as a new day turns, the Scions of Sarhal’s distant cities stir, ready to vie for power once more, and in doing so connect east to west like never before.

The “Scions of Sarhal” update for Anbennar: A Total Fantasy Conversion Mod has been released!:

  • The southern continent of Sarhal is now playable! Our single largest geographic addition to the game in a single update, Sarhal is a diverse continent with a huge amount of content. With over a dozen fully realized religions, nations of six different races including gnolls, trolls, and the all-new lizardfolk, and regional mission trees (like those for the Vyzemby halflings), come experience an EU4 sandbox like you’ve never seen before. Hundreds of unique national ideas, new monuments, and a trove of flavor events bring the deserts and jungles of Sarhal alive, and ready it to contest the encroachments of Raheni, Bulwari, and Cannorian alike.


  • Kheterata has received an update worthy of its ancient glory. New MTs for the various claimants to the title of Steward of the Sorrow will guide you as you attempt to balance the needs of your fractured country and the godlike and capricious Khet who call it home. Unite the fractured Khetist religion and the Mother’s Sorrow river, navigate the intricacies of the Ahati brotherhoods and the powerful unique units their estate provides, and more! But any kheteratan must beware the power of their ancient gnollish foes, and their propensity for adopting the customs of those they conquer – if the gnolls grow in power, will they repeat their ancient history of calling a Great Xhaz, or will they find common grounds with the Kheteratans as Konollkhatep?


  • Further afield, the world has woken, and strains against the bonds of mortals – in the Rending of Realms, deal with the consequences of neglecting the High Temple Network as the Great Spirits of Haless reawaken, wreaking havoc on the continent and demanding a response from the many warlords who dot its cities; in the Effelai rainforest, cope with the demands and challenges posed by the sentient signing forest, finding peace or fighting against the great hive mind of the jungle.

The map of Anbennar continues to come ever more alive, with major improvements to the country selection screen, redraws in the Forbidden Plains and North Aelantir, reworks of the way that the Centaurs and Taychendi play, and the addition of many new islands and mountain passes to improve connectivity between regions. On this canvas, you will also note many new fine 3-D models, monument art, unit models (such as those for Moon Elves), and more.

Across the world, you will have to look hard to find something that has not been expanded, touched, or improved. 33 new mission trees await you, along with many tweaks and improvements to old trees. Some of the highlights include:
  • Countless new Mission Trees added across Halann provide gameplay and story that rivals Anbennar’s best. A limited sample: Chloromancers in Newshire will make Escann lush and verdant -- whatever the cost. The Wizards of Verkal Ozovar will not be out-done by their Serpentspine brethren. And Tluukt Cleaver-of-Realms would see gnolls reclaim their Ever-Greater Empires, even as the 12 families that rule the city-state of Bulwar build their city to new heights.

  • Brelar - Pick between two paths and either have your patrician republic seize the Ynnic Empire, or reject Ynnic traditions to follow the path of your ancestors as a mountain republic of builders, sheep herders and spies

  • Eduz-Vacyn - As the first Temple of Surael, save the New Sun Cult from downfall by uniting the clergy, and protecting the faithful from Darkness.

  • Luciande - Rule openly as the vampire lord Lucian síl na Toars and discover the true origins of your kind...

  • Allclan - Remade from scratch, attempt to guide the goblins in ruling a very stable country. Random explosions and deaths included!

You can try out these impressive MTs while looking to complete the new Achievements that we have added to the mod. Along the way, you’ll note new unique units, age objectives/ rewards, imperial incidents, government reforms, custom ui elements, custom musical tracks, and far, far more.

This is Anbennar’s single largest update ever, and we could not be more proud of the work our contributors have put in over the course of the past year. Thousands of pages of writing, countless hours of coding, drawing, design, composing, and modelling have gone into this update, which we are very happy to share with you.

As always there's more than just the highlights, so check out the Change Notes for a full list of new content!

  • Emperor: recommended for the best Ravelian experience
  • Dharma: War Artificer regiments are Rajputs
  • Conquest of Paradise: enables adventurer gameplay, which is reliant of migration mechanics
  • Rights of Man: we use ruler personalities for long-lived rulers and mage rulers, so if you want to play as an elf or a mage-king you need this
  • Wealth of Nations: the Regent Court religion (the most common one in the game) relies on Hindu personal deities
  • Art of War: we have our own version of the reformation
  • Cradle of Civilization: the Raheni religion of High Philosophy uses islamic schools, army professionalism is used by some racial militaries

If you're already subscribed you may encounter issues with the mod not loading properly due to the new launcher, if so try these steps out:
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  2. Go to your mod folder (eg. ...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\mod)
  3. look for "ugc_1385440355.mod" and delete that file
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The Big Man May 19 @ 11:44pm 
Yeah, Anbennar has so many nations competing for colonisation and then they add the new world nations that worsen it further, and some nations get insane buffs to colonisation speed. I was hoping when I heard they were working on the 'Africa' region that it would have alot of uncolonised land to make this issue better so there would be more for everyone but that didn't happen. Super good mod, but the bigger picture of colonisation was overlooked, making that aspect of the game happen extremely quicker and basically making colonisation completely pointless if you don't take exploration as your very first idea, because if you come to the new world 20-30 years late half of it is already gone.
💖⎛⎝Silver Knight⎠⎞ May 19 @ 12:06am 
More so they should re-balance colonists to be smaller so it's a slower process overall
Lasagna May 11 @ 9:25am 

I do really wish Anbennar pushed back the first wave of New world adventurer spawns by about 25years, just so there is more time for the cannorians to actually colonise instead of just having the whole area filled with spawnables.

Then again I'm also of the opinion that the Vanilla game's colonisation should be pushed by (by rearranging the exploration idea group, and nerfing the base colonisation speed until higher tech levels) so 25 years might not even be enough.

of course with that change you'd also need to nerf the efficiency of conquest so people don't just skip exploration all together.
MK Black May 8 @ 1:36pm 
Agreed with Mr. Jose Vitor #6886
Dan May 8 @ 9:10am 
Carolus Rex May 4 @ 10:04am 
quem é esse tal de Ademar?
DisabledKittens May 1 @ 6:32pm 
jose get better you loser
josevitor6886 Apr 23 @ 3:30am 
colonization at base game is very fast, but in anbennar is beyond any limit, by 1550 there's nothing left. The infinite amount of spawnables are the most annoying thing in this mod.
Mr. FatShekel$$$$ Apr 20 @ 5:17pm 
Negus Apr 17 @ 1:54pm 
would be a better mod if there were fewer colonisers, on top of the fact that almost every coastal nation in the empire picks exploration ideas the events for spawning nations in the new world are pretty whack. I was playing venail and was the first nation in the new world by a long stretch, I was the only nation who had even discovered the Aelnar (1465) and yet as soon as I discover the Troll's bay a bunch of countries who should have no idea of the continent even existing just spawn in. Makes for some bizarre colonisation, I think the events/number of nations colonising as there is no need for so many nations colonising despite there being little benefit for most of the nations doing so because of their poor finances/lateness. I would suggest that the triggers for the events being tweaked as well as some nations (specifically those in anbennar) to colonise as it makes those countries feel less unique when most nations in the empire (outside of the borders) pretty much play the same