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FIREWILL Aviation Pack (Complete)
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May 8, 2018 @ 9:43pm
Feb 8 @ 4:14pm
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FIREWILL Aviation Pack (Complete)

First and foremost: I DID NOT create any of this. All of this awesome content was created by FIREWILL. Here is a link to his mods page:

*NEWS FOR Helicopter Enthusiasts My sandbox mission for Stratis is up where Stratis has been completely reimagined with over 5,000 hand placed items. Pretty much every location has been changed with lots to explore. Link to the workshop page is here: It is an excellent renovation to Stratis that is zeus enabled and has a multitude of "cheats" to use if you want. The scenario is SP or MP COOP. I would much appreciate it if you subscribe, leave comments, and rate!

**A VARIANT OF THIS MOD ADDS IN FIREWILL'S HELICOPTERS. You all asked for it, here it is! Link:

This is a simple solution to FIREWILL's many amazing mods being great... but splintered in many mods. There seem to be a couple of other attempts at this here on the Steam Workshop, but they fall short in my opinion, lacking documentation mainly in what their packs exactly entail. Now there is a one click solution with this mega modpack of all of FIREWILL's aviation assets. All of FIREWILL's aviation related mod packs that are in this combo-pack are featured in the image: but in text format here include:

01) @A-10 Warthog
02) @AV-8b Harrier 2
03) @EA-18G Growler
04) @F-2 Viper ZERO
05) @F-14 Tomcat
06) @F-15 Eagle
07) @F-16 Fighting Falcon
08) @F-22 Raptor
09) @FIR AWS(AirWeaponSystem)
10) @F-23 Grey Ghost
11) @F/A-181E Black Wasp II
12) @ SU-25SM3 Grach
13) @Ace combat 7 Reskin pack
14) @MQ-81 Harpy
15) @Project Rhino Demo
16) @Project Lightning - F-35B Armaverse Version
17) @F-A-18 Hornet
18) @FIR Veterans request skin pack
19) @Project Tornado
20) @EA-6B Prowler
21) @C-130 Hercules Series(Hercules Upgrade Project)

Note: Mod is fully multiplayer signed!

*Mod is current as of 08FEB'24 .

**The workshop is incorrectly displaying many mods file sizes. This does not effect the mod. It works as advertised and can be seen in both your subscribed mods folder and your mods tab in the Arma 3 launcher that the file is the full correct file size of 13.7 GB.

*** Be it known that: I do not edit control over the specific functions and abilities of this mod. It is merely a combination pack of Firewill's existing aviation mods as they come from Firewill. I do not change any values, add functions, delete functions, or add non Firewill mods to this mod pack. The only advantage this mod gives the user is a lower number of mods to click and load. If the user were to load each of Firewill's mods individually as compared to this modpack there would be no difference in functionality.

mwpowelllde Feb 8 @ 11:21pm 
FINALLY YES! included @Project Lightning - F-35B Armaverse Version! also @C-130 Hercules Series(Hercules Upgrade Project)! super pumped to slim my mod set a bit. thank you!
RotarRooter  [author] Feb 8 @ 4:17pm 
Mod is now updated to include the new Firewill C-130
RotarRooter  [author] Feb 8 @ 4:16pm 
@Disco I have no plans to add the mods that require non Firewill mods
Disco Feb 7 @ 3:17am 
can you please add the C130
Disco Feb 7 @ 3:16am 
T-45C Goshawk and A-6E Intruder are missing because they require additional mods (the models arent made by firewill) T45 requires Military Aviation and A6E requires Unsung
RotarRooter  [author] Jan 26 @ 3:17pm 
@mwpowelllde - Oh snap! I just saw this message a month later. I will try to get that done By Feb. 4th
@Machiavelli It should!
Machiavelli Jan 26 @ 4:12am 
does the pbo/server keys for the mod pack work/up to date?
mwpowelllde Dec 26, 2023 @ 4:51pm 
add the C-130 to the pack, please... thanks!
LAND0_NORRIS Dec 20, 2023 @ 2:41am 
i mean the T-45 Goshawk my bad
LAND0_NORRIS Dec 20, 2023 @ 2:41am 
yooo wheres the A-6E? and the T-26? i think they are missing could you add them?