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Ancient Empires Models & Assets - Part 2 of 2
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May 8, 2018 @ 9:41pm
Mar 4, 2021 @ 12:19am
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Ancient Empires Models & Assets - Part 2 of 2


We are proud to present the Ancient Empires overhaul for Attila. This campaign is set in 202 B.C., just prior to the climax of the Second Punic War at Zama.
After more than a decade of intense fighting in Iberia and Italy, the great commander Hannibal has been forced to retreat back to Africa. In spite of many victories over its rival, Rome, Carthage is severely weakened, its bold gamble in Italy turned into dust. Massinissa, the first King of Numidia, has united his lands into a powerful entity, further undermining the the power of Carthage in Africa. Rome finds itself as the dominant power in the Western Mediterranean, but still has not tested itself against the Successors of Alexander. In spite of its powerful position, peace in the Republic may still be far off; determined to settle its score with Macedon for their recent transgressions and the support provided to Hannibal, Rome first has to deal with a threat closer to home, in the form of the rebellious Cisalpine Gauls who have been in revolt since the year 218 B.C. With new territory in Hispania, more wealth is filling its coffers than ever, but caution is paramount as the Celtiberians are getting restless.
Antiochus the Third has returned from subduing the East, and for at least the time being he has unified the vast Seleucid Empire. The Eastern satrapies have been put back in their place and are now compliant client states, while Armenia has been divided in two. The Ptolemaic Kingdom stands proud to the south, challenging Seleucid rule in the area. Up in the North, the Scythian hordes are having their territory encroached upon by the Sarmatians. The mounting pressure has to reach a conclusion, and the loser will need to find a new home. Macedon, a shadow of its former glory, must rally to once again assert its dominance over Greece. The stakes are tremendous, for the survival of many ancient kingdoms now rest on a knife's edge; who shall rule for the next thousand years?

Featuring over 148+ factions and 27 planned playable factions, the Ancient Empires campaign will offer the most in-depth experience possible on the TW engine. It will feature a host of new peoples never before seen in any TW or conversion mod to date. The goal is to create the most immersive and dynamic campaign experience ever seen in a TW game, while also placing an emphasis on historical accuracy and strategic choice.
For bug reporting, please visit here[]
Note to the community: We are proud to present our first release of Ancient empires. Please note that we consider this a Beta. There are still so many features we plan to add to the game. Also, due to the size of the team, this is a very time consuming task.
We have extensively tested the last five months with internal testers. We believe we have ironed out most of the critical issues. However, we expect bugs. Some are fully in our control, and some are beyond it with hardcoding. Please have this understanding. We reach out to you to professionally work with us on improving this.
In essence, this is considered a beta similar to Europa Barbarorum was prior to 1.0. Fully playable and rewarded, with some items not fully ironed out. But please enjoy as you can the depth we tried to create, and we will promise to be as prompt as possible to resolve any issues that may arise. (edited)

Below you will find instructions on how to install the first release of Ancient Empires. This is our first version of the mod, so we consider this a public BETA. There will be bugs, so please be patient and contribute to bug reporting in a professional manner.

Please follow the steps below a simple list of the steps:
  • Subscribe to Part 1 on Steam - Master Pack
  • Subscribe to Part 2 on Steam - Models Pack
  • Once subscribed, you may not see these in the data folder, but open up the mod manager and make sure you enable them there
  • These packs should be named when loading the game: @e_001_ancient_empires_master_Pack1;

  • The mod will NOT work on illegal or cracked versions of Attila
  • If unit names and descriptions aren't displayed, change your game language to English
  • If the mod crashes at the custom battle screen…javascript:ValidateForm()
    Go to your AppData folder (search for %appdata% with Windows). Mine is located at C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Attila. Delete the folder "battle_preferences".

Do not run any other mods along with this. Please ensure this mod is working properly before running against other mods. This mod is so huge, there is no guarantee this will be compatible with most items.

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Ghost6839 May 14 @ 4:09pm 
Siege walls weapons are not in campaign battle. there is no place to place Ballista on walls in many cities such as Carthage and many others.
Money Feb 4 @ 6:55pm 
lastly, not at war? Cut your armies in half. Pay attention to diplomacy. Relations deteriorating with another faction? Start recruiting again. Pay off factions. Thank you AE team for what you have put together!
Money Feb 4 @ 6:53pm 
The majority of your armies SHOULD consist of cheap weak units. You shouldn't win every battle. I would assume that the majority of players that think Ancient Empires mod is any of the negatives I listed below are players that don't have the skills for this in depth of mod;For those of you that find this mod too hard or unbalanced here are some general tips: u wont have everything you want, all top tier stacks, zero squalor, no PO issues;Provinces should everchange;Put strong garrisons in your border towns. Tuck your economic provinces behind;Diplomatically gonna do things you don't want to;Micromange battles;Every move you make in any regard must have purpose and support another move you have yet to do;Have a plan. Get a notepad and calculator
Money Feb 4 @ 6:52pm 
I've never posted a comment to any mod/game on here before but negativity that strikes this mod really bothers me;see a lot of complaints:Too much squalor Not making any money Disloyal armies;Armies being too expensive Too hard and unbalanced My armies route too easily. Public Order is too unstable
Stix_09 Nov 3, 2021 @ 7:10pm 
tip , also try searching their discord, many questions like these are asked a lot.
Stix_09 Nov 3, 2021 @ 7:02pm 
read the user guide on their discord is a link pinned in the general topic
fyi, discord link is in part 1
Exodus Oct 15, 2021 @ 6:14pm 
Any ideas how to deal with public order? It's insanely low even in core provinces like Rome...
Caesar Oct 3, 2021 @ 3:10pm 
I have researched all technologies and built the highest tier of Legionary barracks and I still can't recruit Cohors(heavy imperial Legionaries) and Armoured Legionaries
Ixanos Sep 29, 2021 @ 4:22am 
part 2 wont download for me
Стервятник Sep 14, 2021 @ 9:02am 
For those who have troubles with DOWNLOADING the part 2 of this mod. I also had the same blue greyed download icon issue, as lots of people commented here.

SOLUTION: Just have ~30 GB of free storage in the drive where Steam library is located. That's it. The mod seems to be extremely heavy. It didn't download when I had 18 gb. When I freed 57 gb it worked just fine. After mod installation I have 34 gb.