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Legendary Worlds 2.2
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Legendary Worlds 2.2

Legendary Worlds

This mods adds special planets (legendary worlds) by giving them a planet modifier. Most of them will have a huge buff on certain areas. Planets on vanilla are mostly the same and this feels boring. So this mod adds a planet variety and diversity in a special way, not completely overhauling everything. It can change a lot of balance, but it still does not feel game-breaking. If you find two extra good vanilla worlds of your type in early that can be quite unbalanced too. The chances are very small, but if you are lucky and find a legendary world next to your homeworld it makes you a lucky one. Since 2.2 update, all major bonus legendary modifiers are balanced in a way you will enjoy them if you find them early or near your homeworld, but it will take a lot of efforts to fully unlock their capabilities. This is the mostly big Change within the 2.2. update.

Also there are three "different" world classes:

Common and Uncommon Legendaries

There is a set of three rather common legendary planets and a lot more that occur more often (about 1 of 20 planets). One for each climate: Ocean, Continental and Tropical worlds can get a food bonus, cold weather planets can get a mineral bonus and hot climate planets can get a energy bonus. So every empire will get a unique bonus once colonized enough worlds of their type. These are rather minor buffs, compared to other legendaries.

Rare Legendaries

There are lot of very powerful modifiers, that most planets can get on random. They are really rare, and in a small galaxy you might have only 1 or 2 of this kind in the whole game. So if you play several games, you will find a new legendary from time to time. Here legendary buffs are quite decent and very unique, but most of it will only shine from the mid-game on. So if you find one these in the early game, you will find it very hard to use them unless you got more advanced technology or generally more income to make a expense for getting a colony up here.

True Legendaries

True legendary Worlds are the rarest of all Worlds. It could happen that there will be not even a single planet within the whole Galaxy. This can happen even on 1000 stars Maps, but its more unlikely. Their bonuses are mighty ones, for which Empires will fight to death. Find them and ensure them for your empire!

Ancients and Buildings

This mod adds a fallen precursor race, called ancients (very creative, i know). You can find buildings from them randomly on any world (doesn't have to a legendary world). If you are more lucky you can even find a whole ancient colony with more special ancients buildings. Rumors say that there can also spawn an ancient homeworld from time to time.
All other new buildings added within this mod belong to a special legendary, so they can only be built on those worlds. That's because i dont want to add more "everywhere buildable" buildings to the game, as they are more than plenty on the workshop.

  • 30 new legendary modifier
  • 19 new special Buildings
  • 8 new specialst jobs
  • 5 new survey events
  • 3 new technologies
  • 3 new mini Events
  • a lot of unique planet tiles


Compatible with all DLC.
DLCs not required.
Language files for every language included. (all texts english only)

No vanilla files were harmed during the modding process. Should be fully compatible with almost any mod.
However there can only be ONE file in the game for borders of planet modifiers. Any mod which alters this file, will consult in small graphic bug (you wont see the legendary borders around a planetary modifier).
  • Guillis Planet Modifier:

    I made my file for border_frames to be fully compatible with both mods and Guilliman has replaced his file with mine. So this both mods have 100% compability despite using the same ressources. Thanks to him for adapting his mod!

  • Full compatibility with Planetary Diversity
Have Fun finding all legendaries :)

I have tested every legendary ingame, they all did their job working. But i am no modding expert, so please feel free to report any bugs/strange behaviors as they occur, and i will see what i can do.

Spawn frequency has really a lot of random modifiers and are also dependend on spawned planet classes. Different games may have different spawn rates of legendaries.

  • V2.2:
    Adpoted the new Planets and Jobs Systems to be fully compatible with 2.2.* patches
    Overhauled balance within all legendaries.
    Added built-in support for Hive and Machine Empires: They mostly have their unique versions of legendaries or jobs. There are some modifiers left to be only helpful for regular empires (intented).
    Reworked spawning engine: Modifiers for planets wont spawn on asteroids etc.
    Reworked spawning engine: Rate of rares will be rare, compared to others.
    Reworked planet colors: They will first occour on planet surveyed (affects AI too)
    Reworked timeshifting planets.
    Terraformed planets can become a random legendary now.
    Most legendary planets offer options and feel more interactive now.

    Completly optimized all code.
    Fixed events not to be able to fail (function was removed in 2.2.2).
    Fixed events showing anomaly twice or pinging all the time.
    Corrected most localization entrys to affect to new effects (some descriptions could still be missleading).

    New Stuff:
    Added modifiers to show if the planet has a gateway or an ancient building.
    Added 2 new legendaries.
    Added 3 new special buildings.
    Added (built-in) support for Star Trek New Worlds mod. Legendaries are now able to spawn on those planets too.

Be aware that legendary modifiers will only spawn at game start (some days afterwards). You can safley add this mod to a savegame, but you can get only legedaries from terraforming or megastructures. Not going to change that!
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dany.toss  [author] 3 hours ago 
After a really long time, i have finally updated this mod once again. I do understand now why some people have a patron button or something for support here, it took a f****** lot of hours only to update this mod to the new game version. Dont worry, i wont ask for everything, because i mainly made this for fun and playing for my own. Just wanted to Point out that updating this was really a major job, sorry for the long waiting time!
I'm glad to hear this will be updated. I've enjoyed this mod.
dany.toss  [author] Jan 14 @ 1:01pm 
i have done most of the recoding, but testing takes most of its time. it really sux to implement the new Job System and planet system at once, because i mostly Need to rewrite everything. beside some anomolies and Events wont work either.
also i am gonna Need some new graphics, but i think i will release without planetary graphics at first.
Septillion Jan 11 @ 11:41am 
I can't wait until an update comes out for this; This was one of my favourite mods.
Olafr_the_Viking Jan 8 @ 1:34pm 
Oh, that is awesome news! Thank you for your efforts! This mod is most essential to the ultimate Stellaris experience, in my opinion.
dany.toss  [author] Jan 8 @ 12:05pm 
it will still take some more time, but an update is on the way.
Olafr_the_Viking Jan 3 @ 2:15pm 
I miss this mod!
Do'tasarr the Khajiit Dec 10, 2018 @ 4:30pm 
This mod died some time ago guys
lupe.sp.131 Dec 10, 2018 @ 2:25pm 
update please:steamhappy:
Galaxar7 Dec 8, 2018 @ 4:53am 
update please to 2.2.1 ver