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Savage Steel
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Savage Steel

This mod has a wide variety of realistic placeable or RP items. Some of the features that we have are inventories in sacks, crates, barrels and many other items. We also have extra storage space in our Strongbox chest. We now have "Pick Up" on the Savage Steel placeables. We have designed our placeables to be placed closely together or stacked, if desired. We will continue to add to this mod on an ongoing basis. This mod is designed for the Savage Steel server, but anyone is welcome to use it. If you like our mod please be sure to give us a "Thumbs Up"!!

List of Placeables


Firewood (1 standing up & 1 laying down)
2 different logs


Tall Bucket
3 different Cloth Bales
3 different Bags
Wooden Tub
Tall Basket
3 Barrels
4 different Crates
2 different Strongbox Chests


Large Cask
3 bar pieces (Large, Small & Corner)
Fully assembled bar
3 different Cloth Bar covers
Bar Keg

Rustic Decor

2 different Shelves
Cabinet with shelf
5 different herb bins
Wall Shelf
Stygian Bath
Rustic Bath (wooden)
3 different sets of Curtains
Craft Table
2 Weapon Drops (Northern & Southern)
3 different Rugs
3 different single Books
4 different sets of Books
Slightly larger Throne
Canopy Bed
Lords Bath
Buck Trophy
Bunk Beds

Chef's Place

2 different empty bowls
6 different full bowls
Chicken Legs on a Plate
White Bread on a plate
Cakes on a plate
Cheese wheel on a plate
Bowl of Eggs
Fried eggs on a plate
Ham on a plate
Bread on a plate
Soup Ladle
4 separate Canisters (Salt, Pepper, Cinnamon & Paprika)
Canister Set
Coffee Maker
Milk Pitcher
Copper Pot
Tea Pot
Wooden Stirrer
Cutting board
Boiler Pot
Meat Fork
Honey Pot
Oven Tray
Roasting Jack
Utensil Shelf


Alchemy Desk & Chair
Ink Well open
Ink Well Closed
Ink well cap
4 different Potions
3 different Apothecary Notes
3 different Feathers
Mortar & Pestle
2 different Hanging Herb racks (one wood and one metal)
3 different Alchemy sets
Scroll Stamp, wax and Sealed Scroll
5 different placeable Herbs


Water Can
Wagon Wheel
2different pieces of firewood (1 standing up, 1 laying down)
2 Logs
2 different Planks and a Pile of Planks
Laundry Bucket
Boat & Oar
Grinding Wheel
Pile of Planks
2 Ropes
2 different Fences
3 different Logpiles
Tanned Hide


Executioner's Block & Axe
Hanging Cage
Animal Cage
Big Cage (for humans)

Feel free to help us to be able to continue adding to this mod by contributing to our pool:

~~ Mod ID 1367404881

We now have a Discord server:

To get the GUI box on both baths, hover over the ladder area. This should give you the option to pickup or destroy.

Thanks to ShadowCMD and Dr. Nash for all your help and patience and to Red March for helping with the icons and the artwork for the mod cover!!
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Sep 1 @ 6:55pm
Suggestions.....Your thoughts on future placeables!!
Jul 21 @ 7:58pm
Bug Reports
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Deus Sep 12 @ 12:23pm 
@Jia, Thanks.
If you find time, please look at the throne and the chair also, the camera when sitting happens to be inside the head, which is a bit distracting :-)
BoMarley Sep 12 @ 10:23am 
@Jia is it possible to localize your mod? I can help with translations into Russian
Jia  [author] Sep 10 @ 5:23pm 
@Deus, We just realized the problem with the canopy bed and are working on it. Thank you for letting us know about the double bed, we will look at that one and the bookshelves again too!! Sorry, we will correct them. Thank you for the compliments and helping us to keep things the way we intend them to be!
Deus Sep 10 @ 4:42pm 
The items look great, sadly the canopy bed and the double bed cannot be lied on. The canopy bed is blocked completly, the double bed lets you hover a meter above ground.
Also the bookshelves where the right height shortly a few patches ago, now the boo sets do not fit inside the shelves again. Would be nice if they would fit in.

But great mod, please keep going.
Jia  [author] Sep 10 @ 1:23pm 
Update is complete!

Changed the Hanging Cage to accomodate a thrall or thespian (and possibly even BiJay's bird) :-D
Changed the Feats for most item to require the prerequisite feat of Furniture Maker, to clean up the feats window.

Items added:
Canopy Bed, Mirror, Throne, Chair, Lords Bath, Buck Trophy, Bunk Beds
Jia  [author] Sep 9 @ 5:50pm 
We are getting ready to do what we hope is our final testing. If everything goes well, we plan to update tomorrow afternoon around 4 pm EDT
Draigoes  [author] Sep 1 @ 6:53pm 
@The.Tylko we will look at the barrels again, thank you.
Draigoes  [author] Sep 1 @ 6:52pm 
@Virgil you may have to raise the cage up a notch to get it level with the floor, we had issues with the alignment because of the blueprint we had to use.
Virgil Sep 1 @ 5:22pm 
I've been struggling to figure out how to place or where to place the cages. Always says something is blocking it.
The.Tylko Sep 1 @ 4:31pm 
Absolutely awesome mod but there is one slight issue I have seen. Barrel 1, at least, seems to have a LoD issue where it transitions levels of detail 3 or so times in 4 feet rather harshly xD Keep up the great work and thank you for all you do!