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Gedemo Arkaim City-State
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Gedemo Arkaim City-State

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City-State Trait: Each level of Walls provides +2 Science in the suzerain's cities.

City-State Type: Scientific

In Russia are the ancient ruins of one of the most mysterious cities in the world. At least 5,000 years old, the city of Arkaim is sometimes referred to as "Russian Stonehenge".

Its architectural layout including celestial maps and anomalous electromagnetic fields has been for decades considered a mystery, highlighting the advanced level of civilization of its builders.

The ancient ruins of Arkaim are located in the Russian Tchenliabinsk south of the Urals. Their central area forms a complex circular building, discovered in 1987 by construction workers working in the area.

Archaeologists have determined by ruin analysis that the ancient civilization of Arkaim would have had links with the Aryans from India. The city of Arkaim was built almost 5,000 years ago, at the same time as the civilizations of Babylon and ancient Egypt, well before the advent of the ancient Roman Empire.

Compatible with Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm.

Mod Support:
Ynaemp (Giant, Greatest, LargestEarthCustom, LargeEurope, PlayEuropeAgain, and Cordiform)
40sw4rm's "Old World"
English and french languages

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