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Locks (DoorsExpanded)
Mod, 1.0
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Mar 30, 2018 @ 6:01am
Oct 20, 2018 @ 4:17pm
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Locks (DoorsExpanded)

Version 2.2.1 (for DoorsExpanded v1.20.0.0)

Older versions
Rimworld b19 version (0.19)[github.com]
Rimworld b18 version (0.18)[github.com]

Locks mod
This is copy of Locks mod for doors included in DoorsExpanded mod. For more information about this mod follow this link.

This mod need to be loaded AFTER original Locks mod (if Locks mod is loaded). It can run without original Locks mod.

Affected doors
This mod only affects doors included in DoorsExpanded mod. If you want to affect also vanilla doors, please install original mod.

Github project[github.com]
Report bug[aviuz.wufoo.com]

Send private message to author via forms[aviuz.wufoo.com]
Discord server[discord.gg]
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Feb 16 @ 9:17pm
Pathing errors on new start
Apr 4, 2018 @ 5:11am
Bug report:
< >
g0jira Aug 28 @ 10:03am 
hi, any chance to make such patch for clutter mod doors?
SILVER_BUL Aug 13 @ 5:08pm 
The problem is not here its at doors expanded for vannila i dont know. Great mod I hope its working for doors expanded JR and for vannila. Thanks.
SheiFoxy Jul 17 @ 8:06pm 
Any news on this? Fixing the error with real ruins I mean? I would love to be able to use this with my current game but I started it with RR without remembering the issue so adding this might break things. (Gonna try it anyway, godmode breaking all the doors out there to see if that works) But just wondering if any news. Cheers mate.
1stReaper. Jul 16 @ 2:07pm 
oddly enough, the remote doors work perfectly :>
1stReaper. Jul 16 @ 1:59pm 
part 1.
just been testing out the "Jurassic Rimworld 1.0 Mod"
and trying to set up a "bird cage"...

attempted to lock the doors (on the JR mod) however my pet dog keeps walking thought them,,,
so i tested using on of the base game doors instead... same thing happens
i've tried the following (on both default doors, expanded doors and geodisic doors from JR)

1. straight up left clicking the lock icon and leaving it be (door appears with lock icon on it) - still passible

2.clicked lock and did the followings
locked ticked, vistors and pet crossed - passable
locked ticked, visitors clicked, pet crossed) - passable
locked ticked visitors crossed, pet ticked - passble
locked, visitors, pet crossed - still passible
1stReaper. Jul 16 @ 1:59pm 
part 2.
uninstall jurassic rimworld and tried again,, but still doing same

after watching the pawn it seems he keeps unlocking the door that i "lock"

doors "unlocked"
i clicked the lock, black icon appears, infor box says door is unlocked (changing...)
pawn would interact with it, infor box says door is locked, pawn still passes thought

doors "locked"
i clicked the lock, black icon appears, infor box says door locked (Changing...)
pawn would deal with it, door would unlock, pawn would be able to pass thought

(so appears that it doesn't really matter if the doors "locked" or not, pawns will still go thought them)
Eryxienne Apr 20 @ 7:41am 
Is there any specific load-order? (This mod then original, this mod then the extended-doors mod)
Therapy Snek Apr 7 @ 10:26pm 
Appears to be broken in version 1.0.
Oreshi Apr 6 @ 1:37pm 
Would love to see support for Linkable Doors too.
Slye_Fox Feb 20 @ 1:09pm 
Fair enough.