Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars

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Better Zoom Distance (30K)
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Mar 21, 2018 @ 1:45am
Nov 18, 2018 @ 10:11pm
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Better Zoom Distance (30K)

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This allows the player to zoom out further when zoomed in on a sector.

If this zoom distance is too far for your liking, you can try this mod for half the zoom distance:

NOTE: Regarding Surviving Mars and Achievements:
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spacewolfcub Nov 19, 2018 @ 1:20pm 
2018-Nov-19: Is working.
And it is amazing. I basically wept with joy the first time I zoomed out AND I COULD ACTUALLY SEE what I had been trying to get a feel for the size of. :steamhappy:
Wolvyreen  [author] Aug 21, 2018 @ 3:44pm 
No it’s not that wide. And it’s pretty difficult to screw up a preview image so this has to be a bug in the game itself.
akarnokd Aug 21, 2018 @ 2:09pm 
I don't know; I'm assuming that preview.jpg is not actually 22864 pixels wide. I deleted this mod and everything worked properly after.
Wolvyreen  [author] Aug 21, 2018 @ 12:42pm 
Also. Please note that the error that you are posting is of the preview image that is displayed in the mod manager. Not in game.
Wolvyreen  [author] Aug 21, 2018 @ 12:37pm 
How can the mod cause you problems when it is not enabled?? If it’s not enabled then it is not loaded in to the game at all. If this mod was the problem then thousands of other people would have problems with their game as well.
akarnokd Aug 20, 2018 @ 4:57am 
Hi. Looks like this mod causes a lot of errors in the log for me and can't start a new game, even when the mod is not enabled (but others are):

[d3d11 error] c:\projects\sm-davinci\hr\rerenderdevice-d3d11.cpp(1465) : -1105128528 : An invalid parameter was passed to the returning function. (-2147024809)
[d3d11 error] width,height,mips,format = 22864,615,1,90
Failed to create texture for file PackedMods/C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\464920\1337490031/preview.jpg (22864x615 BGRA8, 1 mips)
time 0:00:13:422
Wolvyreen  [author] Aug 7, 2018 @ 12:20am 
Ok, this should be good to go again.
Wolvyreen  [author] Aug 7, 2018 @ 12:07am 
I'm looking in to the game version incompatibility issues.
Wolvyreen  [author] Jun 29, 2018 @ 10:46pm 
@RePo I tested the mod with a save game and a new game and it's working fine.
RePo Jun 25, 2018 @ 7:38pm 
wont work with new update??