A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time

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Playable Mustache Girl
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Mar 13, 2018 @ 11:16am
Apr 1 @ 1:34am
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Playable Mustache Girl

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Teach those Bad Guys a lesson as the red hooded girl! Bounce off walls throwing explosives! Kick and slap your foes into oblivion! She can't use hats, climb walls, or do homing attacks, but who needs all that junk anyway? It's basic.

You can switch to Mustache Girl in your ship after defeating the Mafia Boss. If you want, can also play as Mustache Girl with standard Hat Kid abilities via the Mod Config menu!
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Few Bugs
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william201119 Apr 7 @ 8:08am 
Nice. ...also, does she has some sort of costume that removes her mustaches? No shame in shawing, you know.
DeadlysonPL Apr 7 @ 5:45am 
Technically all bounce platforms are kind of broken with ice bombs and you need a specific way of using those in order to not be stuck in an infinite loop or end up with a smaller distance than intended (in case of the finale the 2nd case can end up with an instant death due to being stuck as an ice statue on lava).
As someone who beat the entire game as jumpless mu i know most (if not all) of the struggles.
Moon Moon Apr 7 @ 5:33am 
Ice bomb is broken when you bounce on platform like the ones on the finale room.
DeadlysonPL Apr 1 @ 2:34am 
wow, i had no idea you are still reading this thread, tho the date is questionable (april fools?)
Argle Bargle  [author] Apr 1 @ 2:10am 
I just fixed a crash that was happening when switching characters (hopefully). player select should no longer feel like russian roulette.

(also the time pieces are still there, you just gotta know where to find them...)
HIGH_SC0RE Mar 27 @ 5:26am 
Can you put add the time pieces back but keep the ice bombs
SamusTheHedgehog Mar 10 @ 8:12pm 
dear Gears for Breakfast... You incorperated other mods into the main game itself, why hasnt this one been fully implemented in the standered game!? seriously this dude did a good job...
signed a fan
MLGLuigi Gamer Mar 4 @ 9:30pm 
I get crashes from this mod and don't know why
so far it only happens when im going through the char list and hover over hers either in the select machine or the actual menu
Orio Feb 26 @ 4:24pm 
we got a mustache girl that can yeet bombs and im still hoping for playable sans to have an actual blaster ability that isnt a weapon
Henar Feb 2 @ 8:46am