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Created by ..::GooBaLL60
Love it or hate it, 2Fort is one of TF2's most iconic maps. Since Winter is coming soon (sort of), I made a snowy version of 2Fort.

Known bugs:
-Snowy ambient sounds aren't working (they work fine in the TF2Maps download)
-VPhysics errors floo...
Stormy Lab
Created by Midlou
CTF - Stormy Lab

Event: Nightmare Before Smissmas - Winter 2017 []


Map by [url={LINK REMOVED}...
Plane War
Created by Snake-Chan
A symmetrical koth map on planes in the sky [WIP].
Created for the 2017 summer 72hour jam.

You and the enemy team are fighting over a plane armed of a powerful laser.
Cap the point to fire the laser on the enemy team's plane and destroy it.

!Screenshots ...
[KOTH] SnowValley Beta
Created by [G.E.W.P] Rissy
After 3 months of development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait..

Hey guys, Rissy here. Finally I finished my quite well map (without interior, still) and I can submit it to you! This map were made for Connect 5 contest, you can find some m...
Medical License | War Paint
Created by lyndon
Attract every 122-health Scout on the server with this War Paint!

I'm not making a red version because the medkits are the same on both sides....
The Outback Defender Mk II
Created by Rozzy
Never wonder into the bush without close combat protection. You never know what why sneak up on ya.

Weapon is based on the Sterling L2A3 Mk 4 submachine gun.

Uses unused SMG animations that were added but then removed from the game.

Mods (Repla...
Created by ᛁᛋᛅᚾᛏ
Based on a weapon of the same name and same style.

Name can be changed by valve at any time.

Optinal stats in case valve needs it for something new: Make the enemies bleed in case you fail to backstab.

Feedback is welcome.

Note: There is an Dr...
VALVe Heavy
Created by ✪ JuAniTY
Heavy says Make HL2 Episode 3...
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