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Guide To Building Callouts In Chernarus
By Christopher
A guide to the most common names given to the buildings in Chernarus.
The idea of creating this guide originated in our squad where everyone had different names for the same buildings and sometimes those names would overlap with other buildings. This could end up being confusing, therefore we've tried to give a proper name to each building while taking into account what people originally called these buildings, what they actually are and what makes sense. We hope this guide helps our new squad members and DayZ players in general. I recommend using the top entries, but for the sake of completeness other names have been added too. The buildings are sorted according to their principal loot spawn types.

Of course you might call any of these buildings differently, however this guide is simply a collection of the most common names given to these buildings, save for the ones that could cause confusion.

If anything is missing it's either because I've forgot to add it or because we, or DayZ players in general, didn't have a specific callout for that particular structure, probably because it simply wasn't necessary.
Civilian Buildings
  • Small Apartment Building

  • Big Apartment Building
Note: Only found north of Chernogorsk in Chapaevsk, Novoselky and Dubky.

  • Green Mansion
  • Double Green House
  • Two-Storey Green House

  • Red Mansion
  • Double Red House
  • Two-Storey Red House

  • Fortress House
  • Two-Storey Beige House
  • Beige Inn

  • Red Elevated House
  • Stilted Red House
  • Split Level Red House

  • Green Elevated House
  • Stilted Green House
  • Split Level Green House

  • Rasta House
  • Jamaican House
  • Can Of Peaches

  • Peach House
  • Pink-Roof House

  • Attic House
  • Two-Tone Brown House

  • Green Mustache House
  • Skinny Green House

  • Restaurant
  • Café
  • Diner

  • Barn House
  • Scope House

  • Piano House

  • Tavern
  • Lodge
  • Saloon

  • Watermelon House

  • Orange Brick House

  • Arched Brick House
  • Red Brick House

  • Granny House
  • Food House
  • Big Yellow House

  • Small Yellow House

  • Christmas House
  • Small Green House

  • Log Cabin
  • Dark House

  • Gun House
  • Blue Trim House

  • Fire Station

  • Police Station
  • PD (=Police Department)

Since 0.63

See previous names.

  • (Small) Church
  • Yellow Church
  • Chapel

  • (Big) Church

  • Shrine

  • Supermarket

  • Village Store

  • School

  • TEC Building
  • Big Office Building
Note: There's also an industrial building with TEC written on it.

  • Small Office Building
  • Post Office
Note: Sometimes called a school, but could cause a mix-up with an actual school building, so not recommended.

  • Medical
  • Field Hospital
  • Clinic

  • Hospital

  • Camp House

  • Petrol Station

  • (Green) Guard Shack

  • Guard House

  • Civilian Barrack

  • Red Tin
  • Big Red Metal Barn

  • Red-Roof Barn

  • Single-Entrance Barn
    Note: This is the only barn with one entrance.
    As of 0.63 this barn now has two entrances.
  • Gray Barn

  • Brown Barn

  • White Barn
  • Cattle Barn
  • Cow Shed

  • Construction Site
  • Layer Cake

  1. Yellow Crane

  • Kiosk

  • International Hotel
Note: There's also a version without the crashed plane.

  • Train Station

  • Corner Bar/Pub

  • Corner Blue

  • Orange Door Shop

  • Deer/Hunting Stand

  • Feedshack
  • Chicken House/Stand

  • Caravan

  • Radio Tower

  • Lighthouse

  • Altar
Note: West of Gorka, visible from afar.
Military Buildings

  1. Old Barrack
  2. Single Barrack
  3. Long Barrack

  1. New Barrack
  2. Double Barrack
  3. Fake Barrack

Since 0.63
  1. Two-Storey Barrack

  1. L-Shaped Barrack

  1. Quonset Hut
  2. Officer's Barrack
Note: Be aware that the walls aren't bulletproof.

  1. Single-Entrance Tent

  1. Double-Entrance Tent

  1. Medical Tent

  1. Camo/Ghillie Bunker
  2. Hesco Bunker

  1. Sandbag Bunker
  2. Pillbox

  1. Lemonade Stand

  1. Container

  1. Sniper Tower
  2. Ghost Tower

  1. Suicide Tower
  2. Metal Tower

  1. Watchtower

  1. (Green) Guard Tower

  1. Tisy Building
  2. HQ Building
  3. Military Office Building

  1. Kitchen Building

  1. Radar Station

  1. Bunker

  1. Helicopter Platform
Note: Obviously not actually a helicopter platform.

  1. ATC (=Air Traffic Control)
  2. Control Tower

  1. Hangar

  1. Camo Building
  2. Prison

  1. Entrance Building
  2. Gate Building

Since 0.63
  1. Yellow Barracks

Since 0.63
  1. Crashed Plane

  1. Green Mountain
Note: Northeast of Zelenogorsk, can be seen from afar and used as a point of reference.
Industrial Buildings

  1. Blue Tin

  1. Civilian Hangar
  2. Warehouse

  1. Wooden Shed

  1. Metal Shed
Note: There are also a bunch of smaller metal sheds, in which case we would call this a "Big Metal Shed". There's no need to further differentiate between the small sheds because no one would remember their names anyway, and if there's any confusion it usually just suffices to call out the house the shed is next to.

  1. Garage

  1. Yellow Garage

  1. Sewing Factory
  2. Workshop
  3. Sweatshop

  1. Kamensk Mine
Note: Between Kamensk city and Kamensk military base. The adjacent cave has been removed as of 0.52.

  1. Quarry
Note: Northeast of Severograd.

  1. Elektro Power Plant

  1. Lumber Mill
  2. Wood Factory

  1. Glass Building
  2. Cube Building

  1. Triple Yellow

  1. Three Silo Building

  1. Plug Building

  1. Cement Factory

  1. Solnichniy Factory
Note: On the coast between Solnichniy town and Nizhnoye.

  1. Rify Shipwreck
Note: Northeast between Berezino and Svetlojarsk, also spawns military loot nowadays.

  1. Bus Stop

  1. Lavatory
  2. Outhouse

  1. Greenhouse

  1. Crane

  1. Water Tower

  1. Transformers

  1. Boat House

  1. Blue Shed

  1. Hesco Barrier

  1. Wrecked Ural

  1. Wrecked UAZ
C'est tout !
Feel free to leave a comment if you have any additions/suggestions!

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Both are in the Tisy Military Base.
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Where are the radar station and helicopter platform?
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