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Mass Effect Civilisations - Mass Relays
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Feb 27, 2018 @ 1:10am
Jun 4 @ 4:49pm
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Mass Effect Civilisations - Mass Relays

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Team Nessassity
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This tiny and relatively non-invasive mod replaces the Gateways introduced in Stellaris 2.0 with very shiny, very glowy, very animated and very enhanced with custom VFX Mass Relays from the Mass Effect Universe!

  • Gateways, both the inactive ones found throughout the galaxy and those buildable by regular empires later in the game, replaced with fully featured Mass Relay models created by Nessa of Team Nessassity!
  • A matching wormhole replacer (for primary-type relays) available separately! (This mod is still required)
  • All related fluff text has been adjusted accordingly (this only applies to the English localisation by default) so when you run across a dormant relay and go through the process of reactivating it, the events will make sense (as much as anything makes sense in either universe).
  • Best of all, this mod makes only minimal changes to the game and all of them are cosmetic! It does not alter or interfere with the actual behaviour of Gateways and does not override any files in the common\ directory. In theory, it should be compatible with Ironman and Achievements.

  • This mod overrides two vanilla files in gfx\models\ships\megastructures\gateway\: gateway.asset and gateway_portal.asset
  • It should be compatible out of the box with any custom shipsets unless they provide their own Gateway entities (in which case the shipset will take precedence)

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  • Stellaris™
    Paradox Interactive
  • Mass Effect™
    EA and Bioware
  • Team Nessassity:
    Princess Stabbity, Nessa & Teneb Kel
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Gentleman-Velociraptors May 19 @ 7:01pm 
I'm fine with a "Pink" or "Green" L-Cluster Mass Relay. ;)
Bill Cipher Apr 21 @ 8:45am 
You know what, I'm gonna change my vote from white to green. At least that would make the trio of colors that Relays can have in the game complete. (I'm counting the ending of ME3 with this)
patrick2160 Mar 9 @ 2:27pm 
My vote for the L-Relay (L-Gate replacement) would be to apply the green color the L-Gates currently use as the energy color of the L-Relay.
micahr238 Mar 3 @ 8:24am 
Can't wait for --- REDACTED ---
Bill Cipher Mar 2 @ 6:55am 
What about white?
SlashingHorse7 Mar 2 @ 2:26am 
Pink or like a green maybe? I don't really mind
TheGrandN  [author] Feb 26 @ 12:46pm 
We would except the Omega-4 is already scheduled to be --- REDACTED ---


We could make L-Gates another color however. Any votes for pink? Please? :lunar2019grinningpig: :steamhappy:
SlashingHorse7 Feb 26 @ 4:44am 
Bill Cipher i completely agree, i think that would be a great quality of life addon. Hope they do it!
Bill Cipher Feb 19 @ 3:07am 
Small idea here, can you replace the L-Gates with Omega-4 Relays?
TheGrandN  [author] Feb 12 @ 7:12am 
As long as Zenith isn't messing with the vanilla system, there should be no issues. (I don't think they do, but I haven't checked in awhile.)