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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Spawnable Floating Islands
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Spawnable Floating Islands

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Mod ID:1297900955

This island is spawnable anywhere you choose, Build what you can imagin. Lot of Options on the island for colors and effects. more to come in near future.
Can turn off effects as well turn them on.

All Islands Small and tiny are crafted in the SIB unlocks at level 100
Crafting the islands requires coins 1k stone, crystal and cementing paste per coin. Small island is 500 coins and tiny is 250 coins.

Small islands have 250k hp and half dmg reduction. Only able to be damaged by explosive.

Ini Settings
[SpawnableIslands] IslandHealth=250000 DamageMultiplier=0.5 StructureBuildRadius=20000

Spawn Codes:
AdminIsland cheat GiveItem "/Game/Mods/ExperianServer/SkyFoundation/PrimalItemStructure_Admin_Island.PrimalItemStructure_Admin_Island'" 1 1 0 SmallIsland cheat GiveItem "/Game/Mods/ExperianServer/SkyFoundationSmall/PrimalItemStructure_Spawnable_Island.PrimalItemStructure_Spawnable_Island'" 1 1 0 TinyIsland cheat GiveItem "/Game/Mods/ExperianServer/SkyFoundationTiny/PrimalItemStructure_SpawnableTinyIsland.PrimalItemStructure_SpawnableTinyIsland'" 1 1 0 SIB cheat GiveItem "/Game/Mods/ExperianServer/IslandBench/PrimalItemStructure_SIB.PrimalItemStructure_SIB'" 1 1 0 Holy-Coin cheat GiveItem "/Game/Mods/ExperianServer/Currency/PrimalItemResource_CoinOfTheGoddess.PrimalItemResource_CoinOfTheGoddess'" 1 1 0

Future Updates:
MODULAR Island Building.

Modding Discord for this mod:

Donation if you want:

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CaptTrips Aug 13 @ 3:08am 
mod author is a noob and dosnt know how to change auto decay or much else as u can see from past bugs
CaptTrips Aug 13 @ 3:08am 
no but its garbage, 3 day auto decay
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Does this mod lag the server?
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Questions 1) can this mod be used on any map 2) is it clean and stackable 3)What is the height so that it does not intefere with the land(ground areas) Thank you in advance
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@EONMASTER98 have an admin use "cheat destroymytarget" on it. Or if you have S+ see if you can use demo gun assuming you own it or in the same tribe as the owner.
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Does anybody know how to despawn the island, i kinda put it in the wrong place
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my server
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I like the underwater world very much. I hope I can do the diving mirror MOD, filter out the blue light in the water, and restore the true color. Thank you.
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Question / Suggestion... regarding the S+ demogun delimma. It appears there is a setting for S+ Demogun to prevent pickup of items that are not able to be picked up normally. Can we disable being able to pickup islands on this mod through server configuration so it can be less dangerous with the use of demogun?
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