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Tabletop Simulator

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Root + All Expansions
Number of Players: 1, 2, 3, 4
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Feb 10, 2018 @ 2:46pm
Feb 3 @ 12:17pm
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Root + All Expansions

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Mod Includes the following:
The Riverfolk Expansion
The Underworld Expansion
Vagabond Pack
The Clockwork Expansion
Exiles and Partisans Deck
Fan made bot factions
Fan made factions
Leder Games scenario

1st: Choose your factions.
2nd: Once all player have chosen their factions, choose a map.
3rd: Choose a deck.
4th: Deal 3 cards to each player.
5th: Setup your faction by following the setup instruction on the back of your faction board (Alt-shift to see back of faction board).

Or you can try the faction draft (coded by mangofeet).

The Law of Root (searchable/online)[]
The Law of Root[]
Learning to Play (Base Game)[]
Learning to Play: Riverfolk Expansion[]
Learning to Play: Underworld Expansion[]
The Law of Rootbotics[]
Better Bot Project Rules[]


Leder Games, Cole Wehrle, Patrick Leder, and Kyle Ferrin - for making the game and the beautiful artwork
Scripting by Eldin.
Better Bots Project by Benjamin (Inconmon)
Fangus Khan[] fan faction by Brooklyn Game Lab.[]
Arachnids Association[] fan faction by Chemical.
The Weekly Croak[] fan faction by Quaz and Wally.
Boarish Horads[] fan faction by Creslin.
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May 31, 2020 @ 8:26pm
Making the meeples more visible while on the map?
Jan 20 @ 7:24am
Where are the Ruin Items
Frater Ambrosius
Sep 19, 2020 @ 5:44pm
How to manipulate the ruins tokens!
Desert Punk
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Chess cake Apr 9 @ 7:25am 
Please fix the Electric Eyrie because they had and errata to them and it isn't in the mod.
fabioplayergames Mar 31 @ 1:50pm 
please translated spanish
Raikohex Mar 28 @ 12:00am 
When players join the game, then select their faction, then change their player color to match chosen faction, I've experienced two issues:
1. Their hand location is often not in front of their board
2. Everyone who is not the host can see each other's hands.
Our workaround is to leave and rejoin the host every single time after picking factions. Is this a known issue? Do we have to pick the right color before picking the faction?
I've experienced this with multiple separate groups of players.
Darwin Mar 19 @ 2:19pm 
hi i need the player board pdf can i have it?
Savvij Mar 12 @ 10:44am 
The mod seems to be broken, I keep getting script errors every time i load it, and it won't spawn in faction mats/pieces when i click on them, getting error messages each time
Maur00_00 Mar 2 @ 7:26am 
Algum br pra joga esse game?
aman.s.parekh Feb 26 @ 3:30am 
the marauders expansion is not going to be in the mod until its finalised. That link can be used to load saved objects into it so you can play with them. Also is there any plan to add the BPP duchy bot?
wilby31 Feb 25 @ 8:59am 
Not sure if this helps, but Cole shared this link in the kickstarter activity update today:
Rock Feb 25 @ 8:36am 
same. Please let me know if there is a method adding the new Marauder Expansion TTS objects. I haven ssen such Expansion in workshop yet
wilby31 Feb 25 @ 8:07am 
Does anyone know if someone will be adding the new Marauder Expansion TTS objects to this workshop? Not trying to punt work - I genuinely don't know how to do what I just asked :) (in fact, not even confident I used the correct terms)