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An aromantic neurodivergent dating sim npc installed in a trans mom game designer. [xoe.gay]

Vibing with me is an indicator of neurodivergence & queerness.

You can find out more about me, like my twitter, selfies, and my games on my site linked above!

I am not trading any digital items like TF2 hats at this time!
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The platform works fine for playing tabletop games online.

I would absolutely not recommend it for a couple of reasons though. Firstly, it has a global chat, but it's moderated by homophobic transphobic people. Berserk Games themselves have said you can chat about stuff as long as it isn't offensive or disruptive, but sharing you're gay or trans is inappropriate because it's "not a place to discuss sexuality, fetishes, politics." I would absolutely not use a platform that's operated in such an exclusive manner.

The second biggest reason, I used to use this mostly for prototyping board game designs. However, screentop.gg is a much superior platform for this purpose. The physics 95% of the time simply get in the way of the game, and is the only reason the rewind feature is so critically important. Most importantly, you don't need playtesters to sign up or have pre-existing software, it runs from your browser. So, even if it weren't for the homophobic nonsense I would use screentop.gg over it.

UPDATE: Global chat has since been removed, but Berserk Games has yet to take meaningful action to address the harm they've caused and foster a more inclusive environment. They're still an uncommunicative business that people frequently struggle to resolve issues with, from license payments, to platform integration, to addressing the social harm they perpetuate.

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