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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Aberration Items for other maps Test
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Feb 10 @ 11:54am
Aug 8 @ 3:23am
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Aberration Items for other maps Test

MOD ID 1297475326

This mod adds the following engrams to to normal engrams

-Climbing Pick
-Glider Skin
-Cliff Platforms
-Fish Basket

Some things sadly dont work at the moment:

-Zipline Anchor

The crafting reciepes are adjusted to the resources availabele on these maps
The Island, The Center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok

The items are not conventionally crafted in the smithy like on Aberration.
They can be crafted in the Player`s Inventory.

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Aug 7 @ 1:50pm
Apr 9 @ 7:54am
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pwnPecan Aug 12 @ 4:29pm 
Have not tested the zip line, but everything else is working fine and I love the mod so far. Makes the game fun being able to climb cliffs and glide...especially from a nomads stand-point.
Basically Jesus Aug 9 @ 2:41pm 
Thanks luki
meza Aug 9 @ 5:47am 
I understand the need for them and do know that it's Steam that handles mod updates in a very silly way. The problem is when you have a server full of streamers across the world, some people wouldn't be able to log in and stream due to mod mismatch. The solution is to restart the server, but that kicks the already active streamers out which is also a bad thing.
I know this is not something you can do much about in general, but maybe testing it locally first and publishing fewer but quality updates could get fewer people frustrated.
luki  [author] Aug 8 @ 2:43am 
The reason is the problem that the Zipline always works in the dev kit, but not in ark itself. Let me make one more Update ok?
meza Aug 7 @ 3:35pm 
for the love of server admins, please stop updating so much in a day!
luki  [author] Aug 7 @ 1:08pm 
Machaeon Jul 28 @ 10:57pm 
Any chance of bringing the cliff platforms in with a future update?
Basically Jesus Jul 22 @ 7:20am 
bro fix the stupid ziplines
mm_amare Jul 12 @ 10:25am 
Hi! just to make sure about something if I download this mod and use it in an already made world will I lsoe anything or is it 100% safe? also does it work the other way that if I get rid of all my items and uninstall the mod will my save be fine? thanks in advance :)
【Phil】 Jun 22 @ 1:28pm 
I painted my Glider Wings, but when I put them onto my flak chestpiece the metal/silver outlining does not change to the color I painted it to.
It stays silver.. Please Please fix this!