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The Luciferium Addict
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Feb 3, 2018 @ 3:43pm
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The Luciferium Addict

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Luciferium is a rare, addictive and expensive drug, but daaaaamn ain't it powerful. After the first dose, there is no way to get the luciferium mechanites out, ever. On the urbworlds, they call Luciferium the 'Devil's Bargain'. Many have been forced to kill friends when no more of the seductive red pills could be found.

Background story

The Luciferium Addict Challenge sets out with a single pawn. This pawn was posthumously awarded the Medal of Valor after dying to save millions of lives during the Urbworld Wars, where sadly his entire squad was brutally murdered. However, his compatriots never learned that one pawn, our pawn, managed to escape the massacre. Badly injured, he crawled among the corpses of his friends, and passed out near an enemy outpost.

A nurse found him bleeding to death a few hours later. She was astonished to see him alive after counting over 8 deadly wounds. She thought it was a sign that he was meant to live, and decided to save his life. But there was only one way to save him, one, and unforgivable way. To stop the massive blood loss, she'd have to make him take luciferium, the Devil's Bargain.

When our pawn opened his eyes, he had spent two weeks in the nurse's care. It was not by chance that he woke up at that moment, but he hadn't completely healed yet. The enemy outpost was being attacked. In fact, all he could hear were screams, and all he could see were dead pawns. In the floor, next to him, lied a nurse with a needle in hand. She was dead, but the trail of blood indicated she had crawled into his tent and applied him a dose of wake-up with her last breath.

Still hurting from his injuries, our pawn got up from bed. He took his blanket and laid it over the nurse's still warm body. He never got to meet her, but he was sure she was the only reason he was still alive. Judging from the noise outside, the ongoing battle was fierce. He had been in hell for the past two weeks, and he had no intention of going back to it. He grabbed a bag of medical supplies he found in the tent, and set course in the opposite direction.

Scouting the camp, he laid eyes on a launching pod loaded and ready to dispatch. The motherboard was fried, so he had no means of setting specific coordinates for the pod. He sat inside, and he didn't mind where it would take him. Anywhere but here, he thought. But right after he set off, he was sure of one thing: he had a new, uncontrollable need.

Conditions of the challenge
  • The starting pawn is a luciferium addict.
  • The starting pawn has to survive the entire game.
  • Cryptosleep caskets cannot be used for more than 14 days (total) to keep the addict alive.

In order for the addict to survive, he has to take luciferium every 6.667 days, otherwise the mechanites in luciferium will lose cohesion, and a violent and possible fatal withdrawal will begin. In order to safely prevent this, create a luciferium drug policy which is set not to satisfy addiction, but instead to take it every 6 days, and pocket 1 extra so that it can be taken as soon as possible.

If you think the challenge is too hard, you are free to use mods that allow the crafting of luciferium, such as the Craftable Drugs Mod. But be warned, crafting luciferium is meant for the late game, so it can still be quite difficult.

Your faction will be a New Arrivals, starting with 1 people. You will arrive in a drop pod.
Your character will start with the health condition: luciferium need (100% chance) and High on Wake-up (100% chance).

You will start with:

-Luciferium x10
-Glitterworld medicine x30
-Wake-up x10
-Packaged survival meal x40
-Silver x500
-Steel x200
-Component x30
-Charge rifle
-Steel knife

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Oscarneo23 Nov 22, 2018 @ 10:42am 
lol i had a pirate merchant come and he gave me 37 luciferium XD (too easy)
SirPeanut Mar 22, 2018 @ 2:07pm 
With the advent of caravans, you could even create a hardcore version, where you start with nothing as an addict :) forcing the player to enter ancient dangers within 6 days, or move to the next tile.
ireth92  [author] Feb 7, 2018 @ 3:44pm 
@Chad After a lot of feedback, I decided to update this with only x10 luciferium (enough for 1 year).

@Deyon Thx :) He's actually not addiced to wake-up, but I just updated it with a "high on wake-up" buff, because it does makes sense for the story.
ur aunt a croissant Feb 5, 2018 @ 12:07pm 
-Luciferium x40
Thats 240 days worth of luciferium, a tad much tbh.
<TVB>Ian_Suffix Feb 4, 2018 @ 10:58pm 
Great narrative! I imagine this will force players to spend a lot of time on the road, searching for ancient dangers to plunder.
Deyon Feb 4, 2018 @ 1:35am 
daam!! cool picture, cool story and great challenge! i want to do this once, also, is he addicted to both wake-up AND luciferium?