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The Woodelves (ME)
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The Woodelves (ME)


This mod equires Crynsos Community Moding Framework (CMF) to run the script added with the latest update. If you don't have CMF installed, download and enable it, otherwise the script for my mod will no longer work. With CMF the mod will be much more compatible with other scripting mods.


This mod adds new lore inspired campaign mechanics and balance changes regarding amber to the ME campaign when playing with or against the Wood Elves. I had a lot of fun making it and playing it myself. I hope you will have fun too! Requires a new game if you play as woodelves and want all the features. Works with savegames if you only want the scripted AI changes.

There are now four seasons (6 turns each) that affect all forest spirits (like dryads and treekins), beasts and animal units as well as Orion and the treelords. In winter the spirits and animals of Athel Loren will be less powerful, take longer to recruit, and are harder to replenish, representing their dormant state in the cold season. In spring and summer they gain bonuses to replenishment and power.

According to the lore Orion is an avatar of the god Kurnous. His power is bound to the seasons of the forest. In summer he is at the height of his might, but his power will slowly fade away in autumn. He will sacrifice himself in a fire at Kings Glade when the first snow falls, only to be be reborn again in early spring. In this mod Orions power will change with each season. He will die in the first turn of winter and be available again in spring.

Each year in summer the living forest of Athel Loren demands a sacrifice in the form of two amber. In return you can choose between four bonuses that will be active until the next sacrifice. Which choices you get is somewhat random.

Besides gaining amber from conquering regions and forging alliances you now get amber as a reward for completing missions. It's therefore worthwhile to pursue and try to complete them, especially since amber gained from missions can't be lost. In addition to this there are four small and four large amber deposits at different places on the map. Controlling these regions will give you a large amount of extra amber. To balance the availability of more amber, the amber economy was slightly changed: You need more amber to unlock some techs and to build up the Oak of Ages.

You can upgrade each outpost once to gain one more building slot. Upgrading a outpost costs one amber though, but may still be useful to fortify strategic positions or build additional economic buildings.

The technology tree was revamped (for example by adding diplomacy bonuses for the new WH2 factions) and 7 new technologies were added.


Player only
- Added a new dilemma for buying or selling amber.
- One new incident

Player and AI
- Wood Elf armies ending their turn in any region of Athel Loren gain a 20% upkeep reduction for the next turn.
- Balance changes and additions to existing technologies (including diplomacy buffs for all WH2 factions).
- Changes to all garrisons.
- NEW: 4 new rare lord & hero items for woodelves only (Divination Orb; Oaken Armour; Sword of Thousend Winters; The Hunter's Talon)
- NEW: Researchable battle spell with 3 charges per woodelf army (see picture). Only available for battles in woodelf territory.

AI only
- The AI Wood Elves now switch between aggressive and passive behaviour in regular intervals. This personality change mechanic was already in the vanilla game but didn't work properly (CA's script didn't save a timer variable).
- All AI Wood Elves factions will declare war on anyone who dares to attack the Oak of Ages. They will also switch to a aggressive personality if this happens.

NEEDS A NEW CAMPAIGN TO WORK AS INTENDED! Will crash your savegame if you decide to uninstall the mod. Requires Crynsos Community Moding Framework (CMF) to work properly!

  • SFO: You don't need this standalone mod. It is already integrated into SFO.
  • Crynsos Faction Unlocker: Compatible. Main features (seasons, Orion's pyre, sacrifices) work only for Athel Loren based factions though.
  • Radious: No idea. Tell me if it works.

There is a vanilla bug with events that can make the UI unresponsive, so you can't end your turn for example. In this case try quicksaving and quickloading the game with the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + S and Ctrl + L).

Venris (conceptualisation & testing) and [HN] (new icons)

If you want to buy me a beer for all the effort, go ahead! Use the send money feature of PAYPAL[] with this email:

Check out my other mods with many well thought out and balanced changes to campaign mechanics. And don't forget to like if you like it.
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Jul 30 @ 9:11am
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Kami Aug 12 @ 6:04am 
@Btad the army gets to recruit a new general to replace him.
Btad Aug 10 @ 10:46pm 
what happens to orions army when he dies in the winter?
Kami Aug 2 @ 3:07am 
Oh also, the AI change for the Wood Elves does not seem to function, I have no other AI mod either, they just never go aggro, ever.
Kami Aug 2 @ 3:07am 
This is an amazing mod but is almost ruined by the death of Orion every winter - I am very much aware this reflects the lore but in gameplay terms it's the most annoying fucking thing possible. In the early game it's a nuisance that can at times slow down your expansion, but in the mid to late game it's a fucking nightmare at times when my key general suddenly dies off for four turns and I often have no nearby settlement to re-recruit him. I honestly think it's a cool idea but in practice sucks and should be removed, the rest of the mod is great.
m_ig_uelon Jul 31 @ 1:59pm 
what happens if you dont have 2 amber for THE MIDSUMMER SACRIFICE?
El Cubo Jul 21 @ 1:59am 
I'm not sure if this issue comes from this mod or if it's inherent in the game but I got a mission to assassinate an enemy general. This cannot be done in WH2, however. It could be just a case of bad wording but I didn't have time to test this by assaulting the army as the lord was soon replaced and the quest failed.
El Cubo Jul 16 @ 3:46am 
It seems that if you complete multiple quests with amber rewards you only get one stack of amber. I had two quests for torgovann: to defeat an enemy force and raze or sack a settlement. I razed a settlement, got two "mission succesful" messages that both had 2 amber as a reward but only got 2 amber.
Revan Tair Jul 9 @ 3:52am 
@Zarkis, the Hunter's Talon is also just equipable by heroes (i.e. waywatchers), like the Divination Orb is only equipable Branchwraiths and Spellweaver. Is this in fact, intentional?

Would be a real shame, since it would be nice on your Lords and early/mid game Orion in case of Hunter's Talon. And in the same case with Divination Orb coupled with Mixu's LL mods, which gives WE caster lord options and 1x additional caster LL to WE(Mixu's tabletop lords and Mixu's legendary lord pack 1, to be precise).
Axonum Jul 8 @ 4:15pm 
What faction are you planning on doing next? @Zarkis
Revan Tair Jul 8 @ 3:56pm 
@Zarkis the aforementioned item seems to be only equipable by heroes, only tried with Branchwraith; didn't show up at all for Treemen Lords.