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Farmable Neutroamine
Mod, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
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Jan 27, 2018 @ 11:45am
Jul 19, 2021 @ 9:33am
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Farmable Neutroamine

Farmable Neutroamine supports versions 1.0 to 1.3!
G'day everyone!

Have you ever wondered how all these traders are getting their neutroamine? They grow it of course! This mod adds a new plant called neutroaleaf which can be grown both in soil and in hydroponics systems. Neutroleaf requires at least a level 12 grower, so don't expect your amateurs to be growing it anytime soon. Once researched, the neutroaleaves harvested from the neutroaleaf plant can be refined at a drug lab to make neutroamine, at a rate of 5 neutroaleaves for 1 neutroamine (There is also recipes for 5x and 10x crafting).

Dropbox: Out of date!
Ludeon Forums: Out of date!
Steam Workshop: You are here!

If you have any issues with the mod please ensure that your settlement has the prerequisites to use everything in the mod. You need a level 12 grower and to research neutroaleaf planting and refining. If you have any compatibility issues please confirm the exact mod(s) causing issues with this and I will look into it.
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neock Dec 12, 2021 @ 10:59pm 
glad to see a mod adding these in again. used to use a mod to grow the stuff, but it went out of date in like 1.1... keeping this stuff in stock is an annoyance and a half.
Brojo Oct 16, 2021 @ 2:32am 
@Cwithpy Wettuth: I did a translation of your mod for german. If you are interested i can give you it, so you can add it to your mod. Thanks for this nice mod!
Vocolsnake Aug 5, 2021 @ 2:23am 
Without my android chickens due to some new conflict with my mods I had to cut them lose and now I grow it thanks bunches!!
SMiThaYe Aug 2, 2021 @ 7:17pm 
@webbo100 Click on the farm plot then in the search box type Neutroleaf, you refine into Neutromine from that but requires level 12 planting skill.
webbo100 Jul 28, 2021 @ 11:13am 
I have completed the research for planting however it is not showing in the plant list, i have vanilla plants expanded. Any help?
Mondkalb Jul 23, 2021 @ 9:03am 
Thank you kind sir, this makes life easier.
nanonator102  [author] Jul 19, 2021 @ 9:34am 
Mod has been updated and now supports versions 1.0 to 1.3 :)
Makintosh! Jul 19, 2021 @ 8:40am 
Heya @nanonator102 - any plans to update mod to 1.3 🤔?
Misfit Mar 21, 2021 @ 2:08am 
Got it to working just had to re-download!
Misfit Mar 20, 2021 @ 2:48pm 
Fore some reason the mod is not working fore me I have the research done but I can not plant it.