The Sims(TM) 3

The Sims(TM) 3

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How To ; Warrior Cats ; Sims 3 RP Guide
By Kiramclome
Apart from teaching you how to do Warrior Cats, I'll show you my own tactics on making my roleplay even better.

Thank you all so much for getting this into the popular page!
The Goal
Raise the most successful clan as you can for as many generations as you please.
You should have MasterController, and a bunch of other mods, whatever you like.

At the menu type
"testingcheatsenabled true"

when you enter the game, type
"moveobjects on"
"constrainfloorelevation false"
"familyfunds (lastname) (amount)"
"AlwaysAllowBuildBuy On"
"hideHeadlineEffects off"
"Moviemakercheatsenabled true"
"unlockOutfits on"
Getting Started
1. Go into CAS and create your Forest Spirit. Either make a randomly generated twoleg, or to make it more fun, you can make a PlantSim or Fairy. It can be female or male, it should match the name of the clan. Like if it were OakClan, I would make a male with brown-leafy clothes. They are useful to the cat, Such as accesing inventories, picking plants and herbs, fishing (Which a cat can do), adopting or setting up for adoption(If that's how you do it), and more.

2. Create one-three cats. Their appearances, traits, and roles are up to you. Usually people would say you should use only natural colors, but you know what I say? Screw it; your game, your cats. You could even make Rainbowclan, or Neonclan, or heck, even Pixelclan. S'all up to you, it's not my place to tell you how to make your cats. I prefer to make it the leader, deputy, and medicine cat. Heck, I might even make more. Like a leader, deputy, medicine cat, leader's mate, and one apprentice. That's a great way to set it up.

3. After you have created your Forest Spirit and cats, buy them an empty home lot, preferably a small to medium lot. This is only a small part of your territory, and it will hold your Clan's camp and basic hunting territory. If you want to make it more fun, you can create "wild" lots in Edit Map mode which are available for you to buy as private property and therefore make part of your territory. However, if you want your territory to solely be one lot, be my guest.

5. Now that you've got your empty lot, you'll first have to create a small den for your Twoleg, inescapable from the inside and unaccessible from the outside unless you so choose to let them out. Give your Twoleg the basic necessities that they will need to survive. A computer would be nice as well, since it will be useful for adoption and social interaction.

6. After the Twoleg's den has been built, make your cats' territory and camp! Be creative, you can create anything you want for your cats to live in, as long as it's not too kittypet-ish. Swamps, deserts, heck, even extraterrestrial biomes are all possibilities! You could even create some sort of cave system or a complex array of rivers for the camp. Make sure you have all the dens:
- Leader
- Warriors
- Apprentices
- Nursery
- Elders
- Medicine Cat
One way to make dens is to make a staircase to a basement. Making a fancy cave for the nursury is really easy.
Helpful Tips
If you want certain prey items to spawn, hold down Ctrl + Shift + C and type in 'testingcheatsenabled true', press enter, and then do the same with the word 'buydebug.' Go to buy mode, then click the Categories menu. There will be a category with the symbol '?' on it. The debug menu contains spawners and a variety of other items.
7. After that, make sure the following items are placed in your territory/camp:
- Pet house
- Toy box (At least two, and only with the cat toys inside. You can also get the foil and paper ball toys from the buyDebug menu. They look like rocks :3. Also, yarn balls could be like little moss balls for the kits.)
- Scratching posts (This is optional, since the claw moodlet does nothing for your cat, but it could serve as a mood boost and prevent your cats from getting sick.)
Leader - Is appointed when former leader dies
Deputy - Is appointed when either former deputy is dead or when a new leader is appointed
Warrior - Is made when an apprentice gains one hunting skill point, hunts and defends the clan
Apprentice - Is made when a kit ages up to an adult
Queen - She-cats that bear kits or nurse them
Kit - Is simply born
Medicine Cat - Optional. Is appointed when former medicine cat dies and apprentice takes place, communicates with desired ancestor clan, and heals cats
Elder - Is made when a warrior gets too old to do any more work
Hunting Patrols - At least 3 cats are required. In hunting patrols, the group must stick to one area to hunt, and each cat must bring at least one piece of prey back to camp, with the exceptions of prey shortages and the like.
Dawn/Dusk Patrols - Only 4 cats are required. Two patrols must go out and around the territory at the times 5:00-7:00 AM for dawn and 4:00-7:00 PM for dusk, investigating for anything suspicious. Encounters with any creature not from the clan are to be dealt with as follows in the Events section below.
Border Patrols - At least 3 cats required. There must be at least one border patrol a day. Border patrols walk along the borders of their territory and mark their borders in whichever way you see fit. Encounters with any creature not from the clan are to be dealt with as follows in the Events section below.
So, how medicine is gonna work is pretty simple.
1. Use the debug cheats to plant certain plants and put down seed spawners.
2. Have your medicine cat walk up to it and make your Twoleg harvest the plant. You may choose to keep it in their inventory, in the cat's, or in a chest. I wouldn't suggest the Twoleg keeps it though. They might use it for cooking. =^=
3. That's pretty much it, I think.
Conditions & Deaths
Poisoned - If not cured within three days of becoming poisoned, the patient will die.
Mild Handicap - The cat is able to move on their own, but unable to do certain actions such as hunting, running, etc.
Severe Handicap - The cat cannot move without assistance, they must spend the majority of their time in their nest.
Blindness - Usually, the cat requires assistance to roam around, however, they are capable of moving as well as any other cat.
Deafness - The cat can roam around and move as they please, however it will be harder for them to socialize since they cannot hear.
Severe Wounds - If not treated within five days of becoming wounded, the patient will die.
Rules {Optional}
1. The only mods allowed are mods that increase the amount of Sims and Pets in your family, and the mod I linked down below.
2. Having your cats drink water is cheating since it fills up their hunger, so that's a big fat nnnnnnOPE!
3. You cannot change the results once an event is rolled. What happens is what happens, even if you don't like it.
4. Pregnant queens are not very active. Their fresh kill must be delivered to them by warriors and they must stay in or near the nursery. Otherwise, you'll have them giving birth right in the fresh-kill pile or something...e-e
5. If any cat, including warriors and such, wanders out of camp unauthorized and is caught, they must be punished as you see fit. If they go unnoticed, however, they will get away with it unharmed.
6. Apprentices may not go out without being accompanied by a warrior.
7. Warriors may not be made deputy unless they have had at least one apprentice.
8. (Most important rule ever) Have fun! :3
Losing Conditions
1. Your cats got taken away by the social workers.
2. All of your cats died.
3. Your Clan was disbanded.
Roll a number 3 times then find the average:

Failed To Catch A Snake ~
Not bitten - 0-45
Non-poisonous bite - 46-70
Poisonous bite - 71-85
Immediate fatality - 86-100

Twoleg Encounter ~
Escaped unharmed - 0-65
Taken away - 66-100

Foreign Cat Encounter ~
Chased them off - 0-40
Sustained minor injuries - 41-60
Sustained severe injuries - 61-75
Killed by the stranger - 76-85
Killed the stranger -86-90
Took them into the clan - 90-100

Dog Encounter ~
Escaped unharmed - 0-25
Sustained minor injuries - 26-40
Sustained severe injuries - 41-70
Killed by the dog - 71-95
Killed the dog - 96-100

Wildlife Encounter (Horses, Deer, Raccoons, etc.) ~
Unharmed - 0-70
Injured - 71-85
Killed - 86-100

Kits Born ~
Full litter alive - 0-70
One stillborn - 71-85
Two stillborns - 86-95
All stillborns - 96-100

Birth Conditions (roll once for each kit) ~
Normal and Healthy - 0-65
Frail and Sickly - 66-80
Blind - 81-90
Deaf - 91-100

Yellow Mood Portrait ~
Healthy - 0-60
Minor illness - 61-80
Mild illness - 81-90
Severe illness - 91-98
Fatal illness - 99-100

Orange Mood Portrait ~
Healthy - 0-50
Minor illness - 51-60
Mild illness - 61-85
Severe illness - 86-95
Fatal illness - 96-100

Red Mood Portrait ~
Healthy - 0-45
Minor illness - 46-50
Mild illness - 51-65
Severe illness - 66-85
Fatal illness -86-100

Run Over By Car ~
Crippled - 0-75
Killed - 76-100

Lost A Fight With Another Cat ~
Unharmed - 0-15
Minor Injury - 16-46
Mild Injury - 47-65
Severe Injury - 66-80
Fatality - 81-100

Won A Fight With Another Cat ~
Unharmed - 0-45
Minor Injury - 46-70
Mild Injury - 71-85
Severe Injury - 86-95
Fatality - 96-100
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Ima make like bloodclan bc in the darkest hour it was really small XD
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this is amazing, i cant reinstall or install anything though, but i will still try, alos, do you think if i use smaller #'s a dice will work?
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Just saying "So many mods!" i can't get all of them but i do all i can do
And hope my clan ( Plain clan) has about 33 generations because i made a dieing will omost dieing seen when a car hit my cat! ( Hazlenut) See has a limp on her leg but all better
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