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Additional Aberrant Dinos
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Jan 14, 2018 @ 11:02pm
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Additional Aberrant Dinos

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Bonjour! Welcome to Additional Aberrant Dinos, the mod that adds additional dinos, that are aberrant.

All additional dinos have the Aberrant health reduction and damage increase, as well as the snazzy glowy light effects that we all love, all are breedable, lay eggs and all that jazz.

As the new Aberrant versions are unique to this mod (with the exceptions of the Megalania, Spider and Dimorph which were added to the game files but unused) removing the mod will also remove any of these new creatures.

Not all new additional creatures are immune to radiation, those that aren't will be noted.

Other than the above mentioned I will not be giving any additional creatures any new or unique abilites, they will be identical to their vanilla counterparts other than being Aberrant.

All additional creatures are added to the existing Aberration spawn containers. If there is a creature included in the mod that you do not wish to be in your game for whatever reason feel free to remove it in the usual way using your Game.Ini

Please do not spam the comments asking for this creature or that creature, eventually I will get around to creating and adding Aberrant versions of all vanilla creatures, yes including fliers, with my priority being given to those that I feel best fit the map.

Additional Aberrant Creatures Currently in the mod;

Creatures immune to Radiation are marked with a (R)

Aberrant Thylacoleo (R) - Rare spawn in the Fertile Areas

Aberrant Archaeopterx - Semi common in the Fertile Areas

Aberrant Mantis (R) - Semi common in the Elemental Areas

Aberrant Megalania (R) - Semi common in the Biolum, quite common in the Elemental areas, Rare in the Elemental Cave (note, I may tweak their damage type so that wild Megalanias can actually deal damage to other wilds)

Aberrant Dimorphodon (R) - Semi Common in the Biolum

Aberrant Araneo (Spider) - Semi common in the Fertile Cave and Biolum Cave

Aberrant Yutyrannus (R) - Random chance of spawning in place of any Carno (3%)

Aberrant Therizinosaurus (R) - Random chance of spawning in place of any Paraceratherium (4%)

Aberrant Megaloceros - Semi common in the easy Fertile areas

Aberrant Eurypterid - Spawn in the Biolum swamp waters

Aberrant Troodon (R) - Uncommon spawn in the Biolum, semi common spawn in the Elemental area

Aberrant Terrorbird (R) - Uncommon spawn in the Fertile area

Aberrant Lymantria - Uncommon spawn in the Fertile area

Aberrant Dilo - Semi common in the Fertile areas

Aberrant Oviraptor - Uncommon spawn in the Biolum

Aberrant Kaprosuchus - Uncommon spawn in the Biolum swamps

Aberrant Castoroides - Semi common spawn in the Fertile River

Aberrant Tapejara - Rare spawn in the Biolum

Aberrant Kentrosaurus (R) - Uncommon spawn in the Biolum

Aberrant Gallimimus - Uncommon spawn in the easy Fertile areas

Aberrant Phiomia - Uncommon spawn in the easy Fertile areas

Aberrant Procoptodon (R) - Rare spawn in the Fertile Areas

Aberrant Sabertooth (R) - Random chance of spawning in place of any Ravager (2%)

Aberrant Pteranodon - Rare spawn in the Fertile area

Aberrant Pachyrhinosaurus (R) - Uncommon Spawn in the Biolum

Aberrant Allosaurus (R) - Rare Spawn in the the Elemental areas

Aberrant Rock Golem (R) - Rare spawn in Elemental and Surface areas (Added Element Ore to foods, can be used to tame with the same effectiveness as Sulfur. Added Red Gems to harvest component)

Aberrant Rex (R) - Rare spawn in Biolum and Elemental Areas

Aberrant Megatherium (R) - Very rare spawn in the Fertile Areas

Aberrant Jerboa - Uncommon spawn in the Fertile Areas (Added Plant Species Z and X seeds to preferred taming food with the same effectiveness as PS Y)

Aberrant Quetzal - Very rare spawn in the Fertile Areas, will only ever be one wild on the map if any at all

Aberrant Direwolf - Random chance of spawning in place of any Purlovia (15%)

Night Wyvern (R) - Spawns on the Surface, drops eggs, raised with milk the same as other Wyverns

Aberrant Ammonite (R) - Spawns in the waters of the Biolum Areas

Element Dust Jugbug - Spawn all around the map, can be harvested for Element Dust

Aberrant Ammonite and Element Jugbug courtesy of Myrmecoleon

For full spawn codes of these creatures please see here: Spawn Codes

Next Aberrant Creatures to be added to the mod

Aberrant Squid (Whaaaaaaat!!!!)
Aberrant Mesopithicus

'But Kraaaaaken' I hear you cry right now, 'you've added a Mantis and Mantis eat Deathworm Horns and there's no Deathworms on Aberration so we can't tame them. You suck!'

Well, suck I may, but that doesn't mean I didn't think of this! The mod also adds Edible Crab Claws to the death inventory drops of Karkinos. Not only do Mantis' of all types find them delicious, but you can also use them as a replacement for all types of horns in the recipe for Broth of Enlightenment.

Please report any bugs or problems here: Bug Reports

The subject of fliers on Aberration has been a hot topic, and therefore I have made my statement on this mod and fliers here: This Mods Policy On Fliers and how to remove them if desired

If your server is awesome to be running this mod and you'd like to advertise it, please do so here: Server Advertising

As always, I raise a glass to my homies over at the Ark Modding Discord, whose wit and wisdom occasionally sinks in.

Thanks for taking a look and I hope you enjoy your new Aberrant creatures, give it a big ol' thumbs up if you do, and go check out some of my other mods why donchya

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Animals of Atlas
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Additional Desert Dinos 2.0
Kraken Stacks


For up to date info on my modding endeavours, including update announcements, sneak peeks, and other stuff, join the Krakens Lair Discord server here:

Krakens Lair Discord[]


Massive love to my Patrons and donators, Pip, Eyaexiu Oli, Bolehlav, Koista, Nettle, Humera, Lye, Brian and Ravensfang, and my good buds and fellow content creators UpFromTheDepths and Myrmecoleon, you all rock!



I am moving house and countries again come the end of November, and therefore will be on a modding hiatus for certainly the whole of December and January. As the man said though, I'll be back, and I still have a whole heap of new ideas and new things to be added to this and my other mods too. Thanks for sticking with me and remember to stay frosty. Peace!
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Sep 2, 2019 @ 8:12pm
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mxforlife Feb 10 @ 6:12am 
@Jackleg: I have also noticed I don't get any Reaper Queens with this mod installed. I know it work earlier.

I also get around 12,200 Abberant Rock Elementals on the surface. Don't know it this is intentional. But it makes it impossible to even walk on the surface because there is not place to walk. All the ground is covered with Rock Elementals.

@Eddy: In your Game.ini you put one line with the dino class name you wan't to prevent from spawning like:
The class names for the dinos in this mod is in one of the Discurssions threads. But some of them are wrong like Ammonite_Character_AADAberrant_C is listed as Ammonite_Character_BP_AADAberrant_C. Correct is without the "_BP".
Eddy ┌П┐(ಠ_ಠ) Feb 7 @ 6:52am 
How can I disable the spawning of specific dinos from the mod? Like Disable every dinospawn except aberrant rex, yuty and the night wyvern.
Jackleg Feb 1 @ 6:13pm 
The reaper queen spawns seem to be blocked somehow...has anyone else run into this issue?
Flockerkill Jan 25 @ 7:24am 
what map?
Dmetal2001 Jan 25 @ 7:21am 
some reason using the Cryopod on the Archaeopteryx will not allow it to be deployed, even with the allow flyers in caves enabled on a server
Flockerkill Jan 24 @ 12:34am 
simply post the line you thought is right...
Jackleg Jan 23 @ 5:20pm 
Does anyone happen to have the specific ini to disable the ammonite? i've tried several things that i THOUGHT was the correct line. However none of them seem to work. The place we are building a base is far too dangerous to have these things here as they aggro everything without us even attacking them. If anyone knows that would amazing! Sorry to post this in general comments. :P
kevin_of_pellucidar Jan 21 @ 4:01pm 
im going to be a map creator most of my maps will require this mod to be inabled
Flockerkill Jan 11 @ 12:02am 
the same as in vanilla : using the .ini with npcreplacement to an empty string
Zoe, the Bad Wolf Jan 10 @ 6:50pm 
Is there a way to turn off some of the spawns?