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Dec 23, 2017 @ 8:25pm
Aug 12 @ 3:56am
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Links to all my mods including non steam versions available at: https://github.com/jaxxa/JaxxaRimworldReleaseCollection/blob/master/README.md

This now requires the seperate Harmony Mod:

Please Check the Mod Settings by going into the Options, Selecting "Mod Options" and then "ED-EnhancedOptions".
You will most likely not wish to use all options. These options require a game restart to take effect.

This mod adds various additional options to change the way Rimworld works. These options are as follows:
- Stop Letters from being shown.
- Allow Plants to Grow 24H a day, also has an option for SunLamps.
- Prevents Traps from triggering on your Colonists and Friendly Factions.
- Allows force attack commands to be given to turrets.
- Hides the Small Power Connection Wires, Still show in Power overlay Mode.
- Suppress random Breakdowns.
- Allow Speed4 Without Dev Mode needing to be enabled, can be turned on by pressing '4'.
- Stop Forced Time Slowdown (Combat).
- Hide Marriage CaravanPacking and Party Spots.
- Suppress Rain caused by Fire.
- Suppressing Roof Collapse.
-Ability to Suppress writing to the Log File.
- Ability to modifying Learn Rate.
- Set Daily XP Cap.
- Stop Skill Degradation
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hobobot Nov 30 @ 7:35pm 
Safe traps not working 1.3
tried a fresh game with no other mods.
CondoR Nov 15 @ 6:47am 
Roof collapse suppression does not fully work. A dispatch landed at my base right in the mountain, collapse occurred all over the base.
Litcube Oct 8 @ 1:24pm 
Anyone get the letter supression to work? If so, how?
Codingale Sep 19 @ 3:37pm 
I can't seem to get the 24 HR plant light to work, with normal or modded sun lamps (wall light) did that break or am I doing something wrong?
SetArk <Nyanverick 07> Sep 16 @ 3:30pm 
Hey @Jaxxa !
Yeah, it's working with only the mod installed, BUUUT with Rocketman, it stops working.
It's a known problem that speed supressors or 4x speed old methods aren't working =\
And Rocketman is reaaaaaly good for performance =z
Vrishnak92™ Sep 6 @ 3:07am 
Hey incompatible is your mod with ZLJ's Static Quality Plus ?

It has far more options for how skills work and it has an option that only suppresses crafting letters that I would rather not go without.
Vrishnak92™ Sep 5 @ 3:41am 
Ability to Suppress writing to the log file??? say what!?
Jaxxa  [author] Aug 24 @ 2:44am 
@MrBlazzar™ It should do both although I don't think the game will let you build out too far. I don't get any warning about digging, so I suspect that is another mod doing that.
Jaxxa  [author] Aug 24 @ 2:34am 
@SetArk <Nyanverick 07> 4x speed looks to be working with just this mod installed.
MrBlazzar™ Aug 17 @ 5:13am 
Tested it on my own and it does but it doesn't suppress the constant warnings about "Stopped mining job as it would cause a collapse." Makes it kind of annoying to dig out big rooms in the mountains.