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Hardly's List of Lamentable Mistakes
By Hardly
Space is harsh. Here's a (growing) list of the many disasters I have brought upon myself in Stationeers, presented so that you might succeed where I have failed.
Space is Harsh
So is early access. Combine the two ..... and there are plenty of ways for everything to go horribly wrong. Most of these will have the potential to cause complete and utter doom unless you respond effectively, though sometimes the disasterous consequences will only become apparent in the long run. Be creative, never give up, and you might just have the ultimate satisfaction of surviving against all the odds.

That said, save often, and don't be afraid to reload or even start over if things go too pear-shaped. Don't make yourself unnecessarily miserable.

I should also disclaim that I've spent all of my time tinkering in singleplayer - I'm sure multiplayer has its own host of unique calamities, but I won't cover those here. This list is not exhaustive, not guaranteed to contain an accurate understanding of game mechanics, and is gluten free.
Singleplayer does not yet have a respawn system implemented, though it is in the works if I understand correctly.

So, without further ado .....
Spacesuits, Jetpacks, and poor choices.
  1. Press the "I" key while outside
    • it flips open your helmet, allowing all the benefits of your suit's breating air and temperature control to espace into the great outdoors, leaving you toasty and gasping.
    • if you want to live, tap I again to close it.
    • ideally, do this before you pass out
    • and then lock your helmet to stop it from happening again accidentally (tap 1 for the helmet controls menu)
  2. While indoors, remove the waste tank from your suit, and open it to see what's inside
    • sadness and atmospheric toxins, that's what
    • now you need to go work out how to use that portable air scrubber
    • you'll need a battery cell, and put filters into the back of the scrubber for what you want to remove
    • one of the cartridges has a handy-dandy gas analyser program for your tablet, so you can see exactly what you did
    • after the scrubber has scrubbed out all the nasty gasses, drag it back outside, otherwise it'll just gradually leak back into your habitat's atmosphere
    • or if you want to recycle the gasses, wrench the scrubber down onto a pipe connector, and attach pipes etc... to process the gasses however you like.
  3. Jetpack all the way up!
    • yes, well, depending on your fuel situation ....
    • that means no jetpack all the way down
    • however
    • be quick with the controls, and the waste tank (or the oxygen tank for that matter) from your spacesuit can work as emergency jetpack propellent.
    • probably better to use the waste tank so you don't waste oxygen, but in an emergency, the oxygen tank is faster to get
    • presuming you don't already have one of them open, the exact emergency keypress sequence is Q 2 F 3 F
      • Q to empty hand
      • 2 to open suit
      • F to grab oxygen tank (one click of scroll up will let you get the waste tank instead)
      • 3 to open jetpack
      • F to swap the propellant bottles
      • (if still plummeting, you may need to tap J to turn your jets back on)
  4. Leave your duct tape at base, you won't need it while mining
    • except there's great big holes everywhere
    • and a bad fall will tear your suit
    • a long run home while leaking out all your delicious oxgen is not ideal
    • it's not even good excercise, because the game doesn't model that
    • so always always always keep a roll of tape handy for emergency suit repairs
  5. Use a small battery cell while your big one recharges
    • how much juice can a spacesuit need anyway?
    • it's just a really fancy raincoat
    • what do you mean the small battery cell didn't last till morning?
    • oh, the suit really was spending a lot of power keeping me from melting/freezing
    • a small cell is an emergency backup, but you better have a plan for getting a better battery soon
    • a reserve of coal for powering the solid fuel generator is great for emergency midnight battery charging
Welder-propelled rockets
UPDATE: as of 0.1.1014.5083 (if I understand the patch notes correctly) the welder protects the tank from solar heating - the first-day welder explosions should be over! I'll still leave this bit here though, so we can remember those first hours of confused skyrocketing.
  1. I'll weld all day and get lots done
    • actually, no
    • because thermodynamics are a thing
    • the sun is toasty
    • the welder has a tank full of an oxy/hydrogen mix
    • it gets enthusiastically energetic when it gets too hot
    • and tosses you into the sky
    • also, it's really quite involved to make a replacement tank and fill it with the right gasses, requiring most of the available manufacturing equipment and a complex set of pipes and stuff to mix the gasses
    • weld at night, hide it in a cool place (a shaded cave works well) during the day
    • note: apparently there is a bug at this time causing ultra explosive welder syndrome. It is being fixed, so shouldn't be such a big issue, but I suspect will remain something to be aware of - heat management is important.
  1. Kit (Solar panel), point, click, done
    • aaarggh but it's empty?
    • oohhhhh that's why there's glass panels in the Construction Supplies 1 box
    • grab them, and use them to finish the panel
  2. Okay, sorted, now, just wire my panel to my machines ....
    • kinda maybe works a little bit
    • but your machines have short bursts of high demand
    • and your solar panel is more the slow-and-steady type
    • use a power controller! (pay attention to the arrows when placing, scroll to switch them)
    • with your spare starting battery cell in it
    • lever off the front panel with a crowbar
    • the dial switches can be ignored for now, they're not yet implemented
    • the power controller acts as a UPS (letting you do a little bit of night production)
    • but more importantly buffers the solar panels steady supply against your spiky demands
  3. To keep things simple, I'll just leave my solar panel pointed straight up
    • this does sorta work
    • but if you use the wrench to tilt it up/down and follow the sun
    • you'll get soooooo much more power to work wtih
    • protip: move your wrench out of your toolbelt and into your suit storage for faster access
    • (if you want a guide to atuomating this, check out {LEO} SuPeR GunshotXxX's Auto-Solar Guide here)
  4. I'll build one of everything and run it from my starting panel
    • yeah, no
    • for when you absolutely must do lots of stuff at once before you can manufacture more panels
    • or you have a high-power job that takes longer than the sun is up
    • put down that starting solid fuel generator
    • stuff it full of coal, turn it on, and feed the power into your power controller
    • (also great for emergency midnight battery recharges)
  5. Can I just link the in & out of a power controller so everythings just on one circuit?
    • but now everything is on fire?
    • oh, of course, that's a short circuit, ummm
    • <burning intensifies>
    • grab your wirecutters, quickly cut off the connections between the controller and the rest of your wires.
    • now, carefully go over all your wiring, and remove the sections that burned out
    • replace with fresh cable
    • consider investing in fuses (from the electronics printer, scroll while placing to set fuse limit) - the small cables can only safely carry 5kW of power max
Tools & Deconstsruction
  1. Weld all the frames!
    • oh, but I want to run wiring through them
    • grab your wrench, and you can "de-weld" the frame, through both stages
    • to get rid of the initial framework too, use a grinder
    • they won't be airtight any more, so plan accordingly
  2. Okay, so, grind all the walls that are wrong?
    • ..... nope
    • use a crowbar
    • then a grinder on the initial frame
    • maybe think of it as levering up all those iron plates on the wall?
  3. Crow all the badly-placed machines too?
    • still no
    • most machines, airlocks, and things deconstruct with ....
    • the power drill, obviously
  4. Wires can't be that much different?
    • yes they can
    • use the big two-handed wirecutters
  5. Pipes are just wires for stuff bigger than electrons?
    • I suppose?
    • but anyway, use the wrench to remove them
  6. Okay, surely that's everything?
    • but now my tools have stopped working?
    • switch them to your active hand, tap R to inspect
    • the battery cell is probably flat
    • recharge it, and you should be good to go
  1. This'll be easy, place console, put in circuit, done!
    • but the power switch just blinks yellow?
    • and where is the screen?
    • use a glass panel to put the screen on
    • (I still can't believe it took me three days to realise it needed a glass front >.<)
    • .... but now there's a config problem?
    • so put in a data disk, which switches it into configuration mode
    • set things up how you want, and remove the disk
Unplanned production
  1. I'll just put 4- and 6-junction wires everywhere, that'll be handy later
    • well, true, maybe
    • but in the meantime those junctions use waaaay more wire
    • which means you'll have to rip up half of those junctions anyway just to finish powering up your new machinery
    • stick with laying down exactly what you need, and modify later
  2. I'll just slap down all my machines next to each other, as compact as I can
    • works for a bit
    • until you realise the stuff that's spit out into the air from one machine...
    • ...can land in the input chute of the next one
    • and I think there's a bug where stuff can get eaten
    • I'm still mad that my pipebender ate all my fancy floor covers from my manufactory, leaving just one retrievable
    • space things out, and check that you don't have unintended, err, "ballistic virtual conveyors"
  3. Oh sweet, I can make a Fabricator from my electroprinter!
    • yes you can and that's a thing you should do
    • but the fabricator is too fancy to have it's own computer
    • so you also need to build a Computer, and install a Motherboard (Manufacturing)
    • and wire them to the Fabrictor's data point
    • or else it's just a really expensive paperweight in a game with no paper.
  4. What're ice volatiles? What is even oxcite? Eh, I'll just smelt them in my arc furnace
    • no you won't
    • they'll evapourate on you
    • the swoosh will even provide enough atmo to carry your scream of frustration a few meters
    • hang on to those ices until you have a non-arc furnace setup
    • and lots of pipey stuff to handle the gas
    • (more notes later once I work out how to have a non-absurd gas-processing setup)
  1. Weld all the things
    • until you run out of welder gas halfway through your engineering masterpiece
    • the default welder tank has an oxygen/hydrogen mix (34% O2, 66% H2, 5700 kPa)
    • one way to refill it is the portable scrubber you start with
    • you'll need to make a volatiles filter and oxite filter, and install them in the back
    • You'll need to make two more items at least - a tank connector, and a gas tank storage.
    • (you could also use an active vent instead of the scrubber, which skips the need for the tank connector & filters, but will still require you to make a gas tank storage)
    • power the scrubber up, and melt Ice (Oxite) and Ice(Volatiles) in front of it, in the ratio you want your gas mix to have
    • Drag the full-of-gasses scrubber onto the tank connector, and use a wrench to connect it
    • Use pipes to attach the gas tank storage to to the output of the connector
    • put your empty tank in, wait a moment and pull it back out
    • and you should have a new tank of welder gas!
Oh No Furnaces
  1. Mash left-click to drop all your reagents in
    • especially while jumping to do so because you put the furnace to high off the ground
    • that was may ereader/powerdrill/other critical stuff
    • be careful with furnace input chutes, they are hungry
  2. I'll just make some steel, how hard can it be?
    • very easy or very tricksy, depending on how fancy you want to be
    • an ultra simple setup is described here
  3. I'm putting in 20x as much ore this run, so I'll put in 20x as much gas
    • A little hydrogen and oxygen goes a very long way
    • if you are worried your furnace might explode (and it can)
    • you can build an emergency vent
    • run pipes from the gas output, through a valve to a passive vent on a nearby frame
    • you really really do not want the vent inside, make sure you're venting to vacuum
    • check nothing important will get toasted by the exhaust gas
    • open the valve to purge the furnace.
How not to build an Airlock
  1. Oh neat, I can save resources by using walls instead of frames for the sides and top
    • how thrifty of you
    • but you can't build useful stuff like consoles and vents on walls, only frames
    • at the very least, you'll need the side you put your vent on to be a frame
  2. I'm going to use all the cool stuff in the Construction Supplies 2 box to make the most stylish automated airlock the world has every known
    • that is indeed a possibility
    • but to start with? Basic airlock function is much much faster to implement, and allows you to set up an oxygen-filled habitat much more quickly
    • You need two airlocks, two frames, two walls, an active vent, some pipes, and a crowbar
    • make your airlock chamber, one frame below, an airlock on each end, one more frame one of the sides to mount stuff on, and walls for the rest
    • use your crowbar when you lock yourself into an unpowered airlock
    • stick the active pump on the side-frame, run pipes back into the frame. (Without something connected to the other end, the pipes are sealed at the unconnected end, so they're just going to act as a simple gas storage for now)
    • run some power to the active pump, maybe a long run from your solar panels?
    • use crowbar to operate doors, and active pump (set to outward) to drain atmo from airlock when exiting through it
    • bonus feature: run power to the airlock doors (also gives light)
    • now you can sit in your fancy airlock-sealed habitat while you try to work out how the automation stuff works (or you can have a look at my new auto-cycling airlock guide over here)
  3. Hmm, the airlock is too high to jump, I'll just use my jets
    • this gets old really fast
    • and then you discover you've run out of fuel later on while falling down a giant pit
    • stairs are good
    • and come from the autolathe.
To be continued
It's early days yet, I'll keep adding more as I make new mistakes and discover new helpful tricks via accidental decompression.

Good luck, all you splendid and intrepid stationeers - and may your moonbase survive longer than mine.

- Hardly.
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SolarFlare1234 Feb 10 @ 8:30pm 
I have lots of respect for people who deal with this in Stationeers now.

And by extension Engineers in SS13
Patch Sep 16, 2018 @ 12:44pm 
Awesome insights into the many trials and tribulations Stationeers cand send us. Just when you think you have something worked out, the game forces you to think again, usually in spectacular fashion.:steamhappy:

matjam Feb 14, 2018 @ 1:07pm 
A suggestion for another subject?


* Ooh I think I should pressurize my base!
* Don't, save the O2 until you have a gas processing facility.
* At a minimum you need at least an O2 tank and an N2 tank, and an "everything else" tank.
* Consider a Hydrogen tank also for refilling your welder. There's a nice guide here for setting that up.
* Don't evaporate water ice in your base unless you like wading around in water in your base.
* Pay attention to the maximum pressure you can put in a pipe. Too high pressure, boom.
KK419 Feb 1, 2018 @ 7:00am 
First time I tried making invar, I thought it would be sensible to get the furnace pressure over 6mpa before ignition. What better way to achieve this than to add more fuel? I mean, that tank was already plumbed in. Pressure regulator just asking to be dialed north of 6k. There was only a stack each of iron and nickel, so as you can imagine, I did need to add a fair bit of fuel before I could jab that button.

My only regret is I dropped the tablet before I took a screenshot, so I don't know exactly what conditions were like inside.
zacchaeus_x Jan 27, 2018 @ 6:42am 
Woohoo. Gluten free. Is it bad that the thing I remember most about this guide is that it's gluten free?
zOmbIE Dec 22, 2017 @ 7:27pm 
This was an amazing help, thanks for sharing
Vitriks UA Dec 17, 2017 @ 10:23pm 
Hey, does anybody know what pressure limits for canister, portatable tank, furnace and tank kit?
Mr.Gemütlich Dec 17, 2017 @ 5:33am 
Nice Guide! Thank you.
Bob Hope Dec 16, 2017 @ 10:35pm 
Hardly  [author] Dec 16, 2017 @ 12:56am 
I've just finished a new guide on how to do a much nicer auto-cycling airlock with the starting supplies here