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Final overhaul. This mod has excellent synergy with Lord's Blade: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1433161277

This mod will receive no further overhauling, although I will continue to bugfix and support it for a time.

Abysswalkers are knights who follow the precedent set by Wolf Knight Artorias: halt the spread of evil through any sacrifice. Unmatched with greatswords, these legendary knights confront monsters and provinces reminiscent of the Abyss. Their exposure to the Abyss corrupts their souls, affecting their demeanor and fighting style. Elegant swordsmen? Raging berserkers? The line blurs depending on the severity of their corruption...

You are highly encouraged to play inside the affliction, and dance between 100 and 200 stress with this character. He gains damage every 10 stress above 100, and gains 10% to most stats in total darkness during his affliction.


Abilities are inspired by Abysswalker Artorias' lore and boss fight in Dark Souls.

Knight Stance

1) Overhead Slam: The Abysswalker strikes with his enchanted sword, doing extra damage to Eldritch monsters.

2) Abyssal Thrust: The Abysswalker glides forward, thrusting his blade into enemies. Extra damage to Eldritch monsters.

3) Feint: The Abysswalker shifts backward, gaining dodge and a riposte with weak damage. The riposte minorly bleeds & blights enemies.

Wolf Stance

4) Somersault Slam: The Abysswalker strikes with intense force, stunning enemies. He may perform this action twice in a row. Gains extra damage against stunned targets. Less accuracy on the 2nd strike. Causes stress damage.

5) Savage Leap: The Abysswalker breaks an enemy's guard, marking it. Additional damage when afflicted.

6) Wolf Blood: The Abysswalker flushes his stress into another character, additionally granting them enhanced strength and accuracy. This ability works with trinkets for additional effects (guard, buffs, etc).

7) Embrace the Abyss: This ability changes his stance between Knight and Wolf.


1) Wolf Ring: Gain move resist, stun resist, and minor prot at the cost of stress sensitivity.
2) Covenant of Artorias: Gain crit & stress resist in the dark.
3) Silver Pendant (CC): Gain stress resist, stress damage reduction, and a stress healing reduction. Minor speed nerf.
4) Cleansing Greatshield (CC): Gain a bonus to health, prot, and a debuff to damage and speed. Wolf Blood gains a guard effect.
5) Greatsword of the Legend: Gain strength against mankind's enemies, but weaknesses against mankind.
6) Blood of a Companion: Gives allies above 100 stress significant crit & damage buffs.

Future Plans


Known Issues

None at the moment. Please send any errors to the bug forum.

Huge Thanks

Slightly Startled Seal gave life to AceroSteel's animations. Thank you forever, buddy.
Thank you to AceroSteel, the legendary artist.
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Bergelomeu Santos Oct 18 @ 6:10pm 
Hello, sometime ago while I was playing with this and a bunch of other mods my Artorias had a affliction, made a sound and crashed the game (it was the first time I used him on a mission, btw)
I'm saying this just to ask if it's something that happens with the mod or just my fault for using a bunch of mods without caution
シスコン使徒 Oct 10 @ 3:30am 
thanks your reply, it's true that I don't buy anything on comet shop for a long time and I still update some class mod.
I would try to buy something lated and check whether it would update.
Caedwyn  [author] Oct 10 @ 1:10am 
Wolf's Blood is an ability.

Blood of a Companion is an item.

You can use the Wolf's Blood ability to shed stress.

Blood of a Companion gives that ability benefits. It will grant your team crit chance for the remainder of combat. It has a debuff on the holder. It has a buff effect on the party.

Also, I've confirmed on my own save file that the item spawns. If you have many class mods, then you may not see that item for a while. A fixed number of items spawn per turn in the nomad wagon.
シスコン使徒 Oct 9 @ 8:14pm 
I have problem that I can't find Wolf Blood on comet shop.
I check the code about trinkets and find there is a item id"wolf_blood", but it have only a debuff effect. And I still find other trinkets images on panels folder.
so is it a abandoned item? or a incomlete item?
Caedwyn  [author] Sep 19 @ 5:24pm 
1) "Lacks stress cure." See Wolf's Blood.

2) "Overhead Slam and Abyssal Thrust are the same except one moves you." Yeah. That's fine for this game. Crusader has the same thing with Smite & Holy Lance.

3) "You should have an ability which benefits from mark since you have mark." No, that's not necessary. Since this character gains immense damage with stress, additionally giving him a mark damage bonus would be broken.

Having mark does not mean something should get mark bonuses. Besides, that ability breaks guard, marks, AND does damage. You have access to it 100% of the time. That is a very, very flexible utility skill.
シスコン使徒 Sep 18 @ 9:02pm 
Just complain something about this hero desgin. I think this hero is worse than dragonslyer and lord's blade, the design is undefined.

You said this hero mainly battle on high stress, but it lack of stress cure and some skill increase stress easily. It would be more death on stress full than battl on high stress honestly.
it would be better that increase stress on wolf stance and decrease stress on knight stance.

some skill lack of correlation.

Savage Leap could apply mark but no one skill would get buff from mark, how about Somersault Slam get extra damage against marked enemy?

Overhead Slam and Abyssal Thrust have same feature, only difference is position. maybe they need more feature, just like cure stress or get buff from marked enemy.
Zero Sep 17 @ 9:18am 
Liwet Sep 9 @ 6:20pm 
Nevermind. Shit, I gave up my Laudenum and then right clicked the shard.
Liwet Sep 9 @ 6:19pm 
What's the point of the shard? It's taking up inventory space.
Caedwyn  [author] Jun 12 @ 2:03pm 
If you have Abysswalker data on your file and want the 4.0 update, you can keep your character by shutting off the old file and enabling the new one before entering the Hamlet.