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WolFen FLCN-11 Gunship
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WolFen FLCN-11 Gunship

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A solo/duo operated gunship with set of weapons and projectiles switching. It can be a mobile platform that can carry 6 passengers and other features.

You can get the gunship from Penguin Pete from the Outpost for 150,000 pixels.


Pilot Seat: Controls the movement, utilities & weapon by default.
Gunner Seat: Can control the weapons when toggled to.
Passenger Seats: Can hold up to 6 passengers.
Landing Rails: It acts as a platform which you can stand on.
Dynamic-Wings: The wings will always stay horizontal, you can grapple/rope into it to get up. TIP: Attach your hook in the middle of the wing. If you're grappling down, hit the top of the wing then swing down. (Sadly hook won't stick when gunship is moving.)
Sealed Hull: Protects the people inside the gunship from hazards. The gunship can operate in zero-g and will float on liquid.
Auto-Hove/Land System: The Pilot and Gunner can leave, the gunship it will hover by itself. If there’s no crew present inside for 120 seconds, the system will hover-down the gunship vertically, if it detects solid ground(Ignores platforms), zero-g or liquid the engines will shutdown and drones are deployed for defence.
Zero-G/Liquid Sensor: The gunship has a built-in sensor that detects if the ship is in zero-g or liquid, it will automatically turns off the thrusters accordingly to the movement or when it comes in contact with liquid. If the gunship is submerged in liquid it will automatically shut down its engines.
Alarm: Trigger when the gunship is damage or critical, flares are auto-deployed when gunship gets damaged.

[HMG] Heavy-Chain Machine Gun: Rotate 360°: AP/HE/IN Rounds.
[LCH] Launcher Cannon Hybrid: Rotate 330° Front: Homing Missile/Flak AP/Barrage Missiles.
[RLG] Railgun: Rotate 330° Front: Heavy Rod/Molten Plasma
[CLB] Cluster-Bombs: HE Bombs/IN Bombs/Gravity Sphere. Only works in ‘Flight Mode’ (Warning: IN flames can kill friendlies and damage vehicles.)

[SPL] Spotlight: A light mounted in the [HMG].
[SRN] Siren: Gunship will emit a siren sound.
[DRH] Door Hatch: Let’s NPCs to ride the gunship’s railing platform. (Makeshift solution for getting NPCs to ride with you in the. I’m still figuring out how to get NPCs inside the gunship.)
[GVF] Gravity Field: Can carry some mech and some vehicles but the gunship will go half as fast.
[LDG] Landing Gear: Deploys on an even ground surface and will multiply [RLG] shooting speed twice.

[ALR] Alert: Damage alert and critical damage notification.
[FLR] Flares: Deploy 8 flares that will chase and distract enemies.
[DRN] Drones: Deploy 4 attack drones that will shoot enemies.

[MSC1] Music: Plays “House Cleaning” Music.
[MSC2] Music: Plays “I was the Sun” Music.
[MSC3] Music: Plays “Club Deck 2” Music.

Controls shown below are the default Starbound keybinds, Please be sure to assign Special2 & Special3 to your keybind controls in the game options. (I use G & H key for this)
A) Engine Controls:
[Space] = Start Engines
[Space]+[W]/[A]/[D] = Flight Mode
[Special3]+[S] = Shutdown Engines (Shutdown engines above platform to land on it)

B) Flight Controls:
[W] = Up
[S] = Down
[A] = Left
[D] = Right
**Hold** [Space]+[A]/[D] = Flip Facing Direction
[Space] = 50% Speed / If Zero-G = Breaks

C) Weapon Controls:
[Left Mouse] = [HMG]
[Right Mouse] = [LCH]
[F]+[Left Mouse] = [RLG]
[F]+[Right Mouse] = [CLB]
[F] = Rotate [LCH]+[RLG]

You’ll hear clicking sound when cycling, accordingly on the ammo table you’re in.
[F]+[Special2]+[Left Mouse] = Cycle [HMG] Ammo
[F]+[Special2]+[Right Mouse] = Cycle [LCH] Ammo
[F]+[Special3]+[Left Mouse] = Cycle [RLG] Ammo
[F]+[Special3]+[Right Mouse] = Cycle [CLB] Ammo

D) Defence Switch:
[Special2]+[Special3] = [FLR] | [Special3] for Gunner
[Special3]+[Left Mouse] = Toggle [ALR]+Auto-[FLR] on damage / Auto-[DRN] on Auto-Land (On by default)
[Special3]+[Right Mouse] = Toggle [DRN]

E) Utility Switch:
[Special2]+[S] = Toggle [LDG]
[Special2]+[Left Mouse] = [SPL] | Same for Gunner
[Special2]+[Right Mouse] = [SRN] | Same for Gunner
[Space]+[Special2]+[Left Mouse] = [DOR]
[Space]+[Special2]+[Right Mouse] = [GVF] (Flight Mode Only)

F) Pilot - Gunner Control Switch:
[SPACE]+[Special3]+[Left Mouse] = [HMG]+[LCH]+[SPL]
[SPACE]+[Special3]+[Right Mouse] = [RLG]+[CLB]+[SRN]
One Beep: Toggled to Pilot
Two Beep: Toggled to Gunner
Pilot controls every weapon by default and can be toggled to the gunner.

G) Music Switch:
[F]+[Special2]+[Special3]+[W] = [MSC1]
[F]+[Special2]+[Special3]+[A] = [MSC2]
[F]+[Special2]+[Special3]+[D] = [MSC3]

Don't like the headset?
Use Any Headgear

Known Bugs:
-Sounds vanishes and auto-land timer won't start if the gunship is off screen.
-Dynamic-Wings can derail stuff and can push movable objects. Projectiles can't pass through the wing. (Not necessarily a bug since this is needed for hooks to grab on it.)
-When [DRH] is active the Penguins or small NPCs will float when pulled. Sometimes it can also flung NPCs around.

-Thanks to ZimaZang for letting me use the handtheta railgun from his ZZ Mech Modifications mod.
Also for the modding community for inspirations ♥

Current Version: 1.3 - GUN CYCLE UPDATE
-3X More Projectiles, Reloading & Projectile Ammo Cycling!
-Gravity Field can carry NPCs and Vehicles with you.
-Landing Gear that is functional and doubles the Railgun firerate.
-Added some animations, sounds and reworked the sprites.
-Decorative parked version of the gunships from WolFen FLCN Station.
-A lot more! Posted in Changed Notes above.

If you already purchased the 1.2 version which I renamed "Prototype", you can upgrade it for free via the WolFen FLCN Station from Penguin Pete.

Changelogs & Chucklefish Forum Version:

Game will crash first time after uninstall but you can run save again and it will run normally.

NOTE: Must be installed on server AND client/s for multiplayer use.
-It's a standalone mod, it should be compatible with any other mods.
-The prototype version is the older version of the gunship, its unobtainable and only exist to be safely upgraded to the latest version.
-Please be sure to read the controls stated above before commenting a problem.

I mainly made this mod for fun and for myself. THIS MOD IS NOT FOR EVERYONE due to the complexity of the controls.
Also for anyone asking, the character/s in the pictures I use are custom made. I don't plan finishing or publishing them.

I am busy with life. If you're willing to improve and upload a different version of this mod feel free, just credit me & link this mod back.

Don't forget to rate and most of all have fun! :)
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