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Just Name Lists
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Nov 25, 2017 @ 4:11am
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Just Name Lists

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Features: 44 Immersive Name Lists
This mod offers new original content name lists that are thematically consistent with the base game. This is not a compilation of other mods nor a copy-paste of names from other sci-fi or fantasy settings, although I've drawn inspiration from many of them. Even the smaller lists in this mod are significantly larger than the stock options offered in Stellaris. Some are truly gargantuan with millions of possible names that may appear.

Note that randomly generated empires will only use stock name lists in Stellaris. The game will not assign one of the lists from "Just Name Lists" to a randomly generated empire without further modification, but you can certainly use them with player empires and your custom AI empires!

Compatibility: Universal
This should be inherently compatible with all DLC and all other mods.

Confirmed to support NSC2 insofar as the new ship classes introduced in NSC2 can receive names from any of the lists in Just Name Lists.

To the best of my knowledge, like other name list mods, this will change the checksum since it adds files in the /common folder. Accordingly and unfortunately, it's not achievement compatible.

Contents: Dozens of Name Lists and Millions of Names
JNL Arthropoid 1 (suitable for authoritarian empires and hive minds)
JNL Arthropoid 2 (suitable for most empires)
JNL Arthropoid 3 (suitable for most empires)
JNL Arthropoid 4 (suitable for authoritarian and pacifist empires)
JNL Avian 1 (suitable for most empires)
JNL Avian 2 (suitable for militarist empires)
JNL Avian 3 (suitable for spiritualist empires)
JNL Avian 4 (suitable for most empires)
JNL Fungoid 1 (suitable for hive minds)
JNL Human (*extremely* large; real names from Earth's cultures with a UN theme)
JNL Human 2 (real names from Earth's cultures with a "Soviets won the Cold War" theme)
JNL Human 3 (suitable for a spiritualist human empire; inspired by Dune's Orange Catholics)
JNL Human 4 (suitable for an authoritarian human empire; inspired by the Roman Empire)
JNL Human 5 (suitable for most empires; multicultural society mixed with Greek mythology)
JNL Human 6 (suitable for most empires; inspired by "The Years of Rice and Salt")
JNL Human 7 (suitable for most empires; emphasis on the British and Russian Empires)
JNL Humanoid 2 (suitable for militarist empires; inspired by Star Trek's Klingons)
JNL Humanoid 3 (suitable for most empires; vaguely inspired by Star Trek's Andorians)
JNL Humanoid 4 (suitable for most empires; vaguely inspired by Star Trek's Betazoids)
JNL Humanoid 5 (suitable for materialist empires; inspired by Star Trek's Vulcans)
JNL Humanoid 6 (suitable for most empires; vaguely inspired by Star Trek's Tellarites)
JNL Humanoid 7 (suitable for most empires)
JNL Humanoid 8 (suitable for most empires)
JNL Humanoid 9 (suitable for egalitarian empires)
JNL Humanoid 10 (suitable for most empires)
JNL Humanoid 11 (suitable for authoritarian empires; vaguely inspired by Star Wars' Galactic Empire)
JNL Humanoid 12 (suitable for most empires)
JNL Machine 1 (suitable for machine empires; inspired by Star Trek's Borg)
JNL Machine 2 (suitable for machine empires; inspired by The Culture of Iain M. Banks)
JNL Machine 3 (suitable for machine empires)
JNL Machine 4 (suitable for machine empires; inspired by the Transformers)
JNL Mammalian 1 (suitable for militarist and spiritualist empires)
JNL Mammalian 2 (suitable for militarist empires)
JNL Mammalian 3 (suitable for most empires)
JNL Mammalian 4 (suitable for most empires)
JNL Molluscoid 1 (suitable for pacifist empires)
JNL Molluscoid 2 (suitable for fanatic purifiers... or some other kind of death cult)
JNL Molluscoid 3 (suitable for most empires)
JNL Molluscoid 4 (suitable for spiritualist empires)
JNL Plantoid 1 (suitable for most empires)
JNL Reptilian 1 (suitable for authoritarian empires, especially with the feudal civic)
JNL Reptilian 2 (suitable for spiritualist empires, especially with the imperial cult civic)
JNL Reptilian 3 (suitable for most empires)
JNL Reptilian 4 (suitable for militarist empires)

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EdFromEarth  [author] Jul 2 @ 5:54pm 
Thanks for that tip! I will make the change. :)
Hans | 小旋风-B Jul 2 @ 5:10pm 
Hey, that's a nice mod, i have been bored with standard name lists for a while now so it really helps. But there is something that bothers my inner perfectionist :) Don't know if anybody have already told you that but in fleet names in JNL Human 2 "Kosmoflot" should go before the actual name of the fleet and not after it. Hope you'll change this in the next update. Thanks. :3
EdFromEarth  [author] Jun 6 @ 3:45am 
Nice catch. Thanks! I'll incorporate the fix the next time I can push out updates for my mods.
cinereoux Jun 6 @ 3:27am 
Hey, great mod, adds a lot of flavour and variety to the game. I might have noticed a super minor typo, though? In JNL Humanoid 6, where all the fleet names are synonyms of bright/etc., "lambent" (I assume that's what you meant) is misspelled as "lambet". Thanks for the mod!
FF009A May 5 @ 5:32am 
All good. Thank you for the swift response. :deathking:
EdFromEarth  [author] May 5 @ 5:14am 
Sorry, but I don't have any older versions of this, unfortunately. Despite the warnings in the launcher, it should work, but I haven't tested it on legacy versions of Stellaris.
FF009A May 4 @ 11:47pm 
Curious if you happen to have old versions of the mod laying around somewhere? Can't fucking stand anything past 2.0 and obviously am having troubles due to the updates to the mod in place in a version without features present within the mod.
von Vogelstall Jan 17 @ 5:25am 
I looked at the names in some tests. I really like them and they also match the other names. Just a little nitpick to the JNL Human 3 names. I think it would fit better to swap the terms of Assault Warrior and Gene Warrior. So the Assault Warriors are called Legions and the Genes Warriors are called Knights or Paladins.
Energywelder Dec 31, 2018 @ 8:09am 
*weeping in joy* I'm playing on 5x planets, it's 2350, and i still haven't run out of original SPQR planet names, bless you.
Aisyx Dec 30, 2018 @ 6:45am 
@EdFromEarth Can you suggest any mods which allow random empires to pull from custom lists, or how to enable this ourselves?