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Dragonslayer Knight - Class Mod
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Nov 24, 2017 @ 12:12am
Aug 5 @ 4:17pm
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Dragonslayer Knight - Class Mod

Compatible with Color of Madness.

Crimson Court Trinkets here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1216426048

Chinese translation was made by: Nasus / 中文翻译 by Nasus.
Portuguese/Brazilian translation by: Imperator Dasmodeus / Tradução Português-BR feita por Imperator_Dasmodeus
Russian translation by: CLeAr_CRiMe / Русский перевод CLeAr_CRiMe
French translation by: Zetmerguez / Traduction en français par: Zetmerguez
Spanish translation by: ⍫ Tiziel / Traducción al español por: ⍫ Tiziel

The ancient order of the Dragonslayer Knights are well known for their skilled use of the cross spear which is a weapon of the gods imbued with the strength of lightning.They channel this lightning into powerful electric attacks designed to penetrate the armor of the order's ancient enemies.

This mod will add a new religious class to Darkest Dungeon, The Dragonslayer!
The Dragonslayer is an agile class which moves quickly around the battlefield waiting for the perfect moment to strike,
each attack the Dragonslayer makes will both increase his speed and dodge making him the perfect combatant for dealing with large threats, When his trusty cross spear fails the Dragonslayer can channel the power of the gods to summon powerful lightning which can penetrate even the most toughest of armor.
Using this power is tiring however as each time the Dragonslayer uses one of his electric abilities he will lose a small amount of speed and dodge.

The artwork for this class was made by AceroSteel whose other work can be found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/darkestdungeon/users/3564670/?tb=mods&pUp=1
He makes very high quality skins on the Nexus and you should definitely go check them out.

--Why are there 2 Dragonslayer Classes?--
I asked permission to AceroSteel for use of his skin but it turned out there was a communication error and now we have two different Dragonslayer Classes, I had finished this class a few days ago but I wanted to wait to make this mod public until AceroSteel gave me the go ahead.
Caedwyn's Dragonslayer Class is more support focused than mine and I made sure that you will be able to use both at the same time without there being any problem, You can find Caedwyn's Class here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1207974198

Lunge: Ranks 32, an melee attack that moves you forward and deals 10% more damage. +5 Dodge +2 Speed.
Swift Slash: Ranks 21, This melee attack moves you back and aplies a debuff that increases crit chance to the enemy. +5 Dodge +2 Speed.
Charging Stab: Ranks 43, moves you all the way to the front and deals 30% more damage. +5 Dodge +2 Speed.
Lightning Spear: Ranks 432, Throw a lightning bolt that ignores PROT and lowers the enemies PROT, deals more damage against marked enemies. -5 Dodge -2 Speed.
Nimble Defense: All Ranks, Moves you back and buffs Dodge, Also gives you Riposte. +5 Dodge +2 Speed.
Thundering Slam: Ranks 21, Deal armor piercing AOE damage to the front 2 enemies and lower their PROT. -5 Dodge -2 Speed.
Shocking Impale: Rank 1 only, Impale the enemy on your cross spear stunning them and dealing 20% extra armor piercing damage. You lose all your dodge and a lot of speed for 1 turn after using this move, also lowers your targets PROT. -5 Dodge -2 Speed.

--Camping Skills--
Legend of the Dragonslayer: Costs 4, +25% DMG and +15 ACC VS size 2)
Hold Position: Costs 2, increases your defenses but lowers your speed and dodge
Lightning Fast: Costs 2, Increase of your speed and dodge but lowers your move resist.
Divine Prayer: Costs 4, Heal a moderate amount of stress and health to yourself.

I have been working on this class for a couple of weeks now and I hope you all like it!
I look forward to comments on suggestions on how to improve the class and it's balance, I tried to balance this class around the base classes of the game but it's difficult to do that by yourself, please post any suggestions in the special thread for it as it makes lengthy posts much easier to read.

--Legal Stuff--

The Dragonslayer Class Mod is not an official Red Hook Studios product or product modification, and Red Hook Studios Inc. Is not responsible in any way for changes or damages that may result from using the mod. Furthermore, ''Darkest Dungeon'' and the Darkest Dungeon logo are trademarks of Red Hook Studios Inc. All content in the game is Copyright Red Hook Studios Inc. All rights reserved.

--My Other Mods!--

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*Crimson-Y Sep 3 @ 2:09am 
I like this class btw, really nice so far!
I also love the Druid, didn't try the others yet.
*Crimson-Y Sep 3 @ 2:06am 
Oh that's why, I was seeing -105 dodge for 7 rounds, but it drops to -5 for 6 rounds after, my bad xD
Daoron  [author] Sep 3 @ 1:55am 
It's the small debuff that should last for 7 rounds, same as the other DPS/DODGE buff/debuff on all the other skills.
The Large debuff should only last for 1 round.
Living Joker Jul 13 @ 4:14am 
Considering his low damage and necessity for building around the movement his skills require I'd say he's just right where he is, especially considering how damning taking any attacks in CoM has become, but I personally feel that the CoM enemies-crit-all-the-time balance patch was sort of a mistake so take from that what you will.
Daoron  [author] Jul 11 @ 5:44am 
He was balanced around the base game where most battles last at most 3 rounds, now with Color of Madness out I might have to look at his dodge buff again. putting a duration on it might be a good solution
sanyaskillpro Jul 11 @ 5:42am 
Just tried this class, so you can just ignore lightning skills and stack dodge endlessly? How is that balanced? His buffs should stack for 3 rouds, not for 1 battle. This is the most broken class i've ever tried.
Keiji Jul 8 @ 8:09pm 
Question.. is thundering slam supposed to be green?
Living Joker Jul 1 @ 2:13pm 
He's interesting, but considering he needs to dance to do anything aside from using attacks that debuff himself, I'd expect his accuracy or damage to be higher. Shines in long fights though, I'll give him that.
James the turky neko Jun 23 @ 9:15am 
appreciate it <3
Doom2299 Jun 23 @ 7:57am 
Thanks for the update man!!