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Winter 2035
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Nov 8, 2017 @ 11:44am
Nov 9, 2017 @ 9:20pm
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Winter 2035

An icon will be made to represent the mod soon.


What is this?
Simply put, this modification is a re-texture mod, taking anything green, and making it white, as in snow! I decided to create something for the wintertime in Arma, thus here we are now with a new WIP mod, Winter 2035. This is the initial release, mainly completed yet will be tweaked in the future and new features added.

Integrated snow mechanic based off overcast (Modified Rain)
Winter Versions of the main Arma terrains, Altis & Stratis (Malden planned but not garunteed)
Modified lighting, clouds, and ambient sounds

Depending on the popularity of the mod, vehicles, units, and weapons will ALSO be retextured giving a more "total conversion" type feel to the mod, however at present you will need to look to other mods for winter textured equipment and vehicles.

BI Topic:

Why there is not a "summer" and "winter" version of maps side by side

because unless i rip the wrp and rebuild the island with the source data it is not possible to have duplicate versions of the terrain, which wont be happening until arma 4 when sample files are released from arma 3 data like when arma 3 was released arma 2 sample files were released from arma 2 data

NOT to mention, i would have to debinarize and steal dozens of p3ds aswell ;)
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SirBassi Nov 4 @ 3:41pm 
I was just speechless as I see "my" lovely Altis in snowwhite with this lightweight Mod. Thanks for your work and sharing to us. But small question to you: May it be possible to convert your Mod to SOG CDLC Map Cam Lao Nam? I am starting this days for preparing a Christmas Event for our Mike Force Community and your work is quite awesome and would match perfect. Thanks for your reply and best for you.
0x00 Oct 15 @ 10:57pm 
Love it ofc, Malden next please, hopefully it's not too much work.
Crazy Mike  [author] Apr 27 @ 11:26am 
youd need to add new landscape layers which are *somewhat* baked deeper into the map / .wrp file so you couldnt really do that without the map source, when arma 4 comes out and altis is released as sample files like the arma 2 files maybe?
Rickoshay Apr 27 @ 3:17am 
@crazy Mike - this is really clever work - thank you! I saw some of your early transitions on BI forum - it would great if you could have snow in only parts of a map with gradual transition if that's possible.Also is there a way to kill the rain sf on Dedi?
Rickoshay Apr 27 @ 3:11am 
Works 100% on Dedicated server - we're using it for Liberation - winter.
Bruce Mar 5 @ 1:19pm 
News abaout this map on a dedicated server? Does it work?
brezerk Feb 10 @ 3:21am 
Great mod, but does not seems to be working on dedicated server, unable to load mission with this mod installed:

>12:27:36 No entry 'bin/config.bin/CfgPatches.a3_plants_f_bush' .

Maybe realted to Exocet and r0dx's comment's
Thanks anyway.
Crazy Mike  [author] Jan 9 @ 7:21am 
yea i highly doubt i could have fixed it myself, this mod is extremely simple in that all it does is load my texture pbos instead of the vanilla ones, no idea what could have been deleting foliage across the map xD
Exocet Jan 8 @ 6:42pm 
Update: Issue have been reported to A3 devs on the discord, and it was related to a certain feature present only in the performance branch, they say it will be fixed in 2 weeks :)
Exocet Jan 7 @ 6:07am 
Hi mike, i want to add to r0dx's comment, that it also doesnt work on performance branch and reports the same error: addon 'a3_data_f_loadorder' requires addon a3_plants_F_bush. In-game all bushes and trees disappear, if possible please do a fix, this map is so awesome but couldnt play it because of the error :(