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LTs Compass (Minimap)
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Oct 29, 2017 @ 3:46pm
Jul 5, 2019 @ 11:27am
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LTs Compass (Minimap)

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This compass started as my first mod and i have imporved it adding a mini map to use it while you are playing to see the surrounding location without need to open the full screen map.

Discord Server and Mods:
Mod ID 1185321962

Please don't forget to rate it! Thanx!

Tips: To access the config button you can press Enter to enable the chat so it will make the mouse pointer available. Note that when you move the mouse pointer over the config icon it will highlight, if you have the Journal enabled you may need to move more on the right corner of the screen to can click the button.
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Mustakrakish May 23 @ 11:26am 
@Rashaka How difficult would it be to release a quick larger sized one? Its working well on our mod server as is, and it's by far the best minimap, it's just so small on the screen. Just a double sized one would be sooo helpful. I was hoping I could do it myself by editing a value, but I'm not finding how to extra the .pak file
jonnyafrica May 21 @ 6:07am 
Edit* So using the ` key made is possible for me to click the cogs. In the case of not being able to position the minimap, how do you move the journal over as shown in the pic? Thanks!
jonnyafrica May 21 @ 5:49am 
@Rashaka - thanks for your time. I like the look of the map and would be keen to use it. If I may be so bold as to ask when you are fixing it up, if it would be possible to a) make it movable (ie bottom of the screen) so I can have the journal open, and b) move the settings button (maybe a short cut key) as no matter how hard I try to click it in the corner, it doesn't work. Thanks again!
QuakeNAKED May 19 @ 10:53pm 
I saw this mini map on someone's building tutorial and thought it could be good. I understand Rashaka is going to start working on it so there might be some differences when it's done. As it is right now though - is there a setting for the map to be static instead of spinning around like a compass when you move?
Mustakrakish May 17 @ 9:42pm 
Really like this minimap, any chance you could add a slider setting to make for the whole minimap size?
[TKC]olT3lo May 14 @ 11:26pm 
@Rashaka Thank you. I've never used the mod because I saw it wasn't supported, but I sure wanted to. :)
Rashaka  [author] May 13 @ 11:57pm 
When it is all working properly it will.
TheDogHouseLIVE May 13 @ 2:34pm 
Does this mod still show clan members on the minimap?
Rashaka  [author] May 8 @ 9:39pm 
Hey guys. Just posting a little heads up. I'm going to be picking up the reigns on this mod to get it running in a basic form again. The mod itself is very complicated, and I did not write it so it's going to take me some time to sink my teeth into it. I am not going to give a window on an update, but just know that someone is working on it, and as soon as I have something to show I will let you guys know.
SkullAtlAxis May 8 @ 1:07am 
heyo! ¿someone can confirm me this add-on wont disable achievements unlock?
Thanks :DDD