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New Lore Friendly Climates (Total WAAAGH! updated)
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Oct 25, 2017 @ 1:14pm
May 28 @ 3:23pm
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New Lore Friendly Climates (Total WAAAGH! updated)

*Now updated for Total WAAAGH! patch and the new dlc/flc. Let me know if you find any issues. Should be safe to add or remove from an existing game.*

*I made a lot of changes on the back end (fixing the questing vow bug and responding to other new changes) let me know if you have any feedback or come across any issues. *

This mod creates several new climate categories for both the Mortal Empires and Vortex campaigns (24 in total) expanding upon the original ten found in the vanilla game.

Each faction has new climate suitabilities to match the new world, which have been selected to be as consistent lore friendly as possible. I created another mod shortly after the game launched which simply shifted suitabilities around. This mod takes that idea a large step forward. Gone are the strict suitable, unpleasant and uninhabitable climate classifications. Suitability penalties can now be tailored to specific situations.

The UI still only shows three colors in the overlay (i.e., green, orange and red), but the penalties are not all the same by color. For example, elves and dwarfs have a lot of more orange than green, but most orange areas are not as orange for humans. Orange is largely identifies a range between green and red. If I knew how to add more colors to the UI, I would. What we do have works pretty well.

I have largely kept to the penalties to the level of the original game, since too much tweaking is outside my capability for balance testing. I am open to suggestions and help from the community.

This mod is not compatible with other mods that change climate details including my previous mod. It should be compatible with the majority of other mods. I have built it to maximize compatibility. No tables are replaced or removed, only new tables are added to overwrite and add to data affected directly by the mod. It is save game compatible, and you should be able to add it or remove it from an existing campaign without breaking a save.

There are far too many changes to list them in the body of the mod page. I suggest firing up the mod (potentially with a no fog of war and a faction unlocker mod) and see the changes for yourself. I have outlined the new climates below.

Chaotic Wastes - Unchanged
Savannah - Unchanged
Desert - Now split between deserts and desert coasts. Fewer factions have an easy time in the landlocked deserts
Desert Coast - Desert port cities allow seafaring factions a foothold in otherwise less habitable desert regions
Jungles - Now split between jungles and jungle coasts. Jungles are now more difficult for most races to colonize
Jungle Coast - Jungle port cities allow seafaring factions a foothold in otherwise less habitable jungle regions
Temperate - Now split between temperate, borderlands and boreal.
Borderlands - This chaparral climate includes Tilea and the Border Princes.
Boreal - This taiga climate covers southern coastal Naggaroth and Kislev.
Frozen Tundra - This permafrost area covers the northern parts of Naggaroth and Kislev.
Temperate Island - Now replaced with Ulthuan and Tropical Island. Ulthuan is now properly its own climate. Elves and their magic protect the land from invaders (Non-elves on the island will anger the high elves and dark elves)
Tropical island - All of the islands in the south of the map have become tropical islands as are now more easy for most races to colonize.
Magic Forest - These are largely the same, but taking them angers the wood elves.
Wasteland - The wastelands of the world have been split up. The wasteland climate now refers to the wastes in the west of Naggaroth
Badlands - The badlands of the old world are now their own climate.
Shadowlands - Nagarythe is no longer an ordinary wasteland.
Vermin Wastes - Skavenblight and Hellpit are now only habitable to the skaven
Mountains - These are now split up based on their surrounding climates. Generic mountain climate applies to many of the mountains of the old world.
Snowy Mountains - These are the snow covered mountain passes of the northern world edge mountains
Desert Mountains - There are the mountains in the desert of the west side of the Southlands.
Jungle Mountains - These are the mountains of Lustria
Naggaroth Mountains - The mountains of Naggaroth are unique to the rest of the world.
Extensive Dwarf Hold - Most provincial capitals in the old world mountains are huge dwarf holds. Occupying these holds will put your name in the Great Book of Grudges.
Maelstrom - Replaces the ocean climate, which only suits undead pirates.
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modmodmod Nov 17 @ 8:39pm 
Lothern is at a disadvantage compared to all other elves(Dark elves, Loremasters etc..). Have no plans to improve? This is so absurd.
Grimwood. Sep 25 @ 12:11pm 
And ovn please.
Grimwood. Sep 25 @ 12:02pm 
Hee man would it be possible too have compatibility with this mod .
seblblanc Sep 19 @ 7:17am 
agree with Yung Whizzurd ...eltharion needs a bit of climate love
new0day Sep 3 @ 6:37am 
What happens with new Factions that are added? Say the Chaos Dwarves or the Amazons?
Yung Whizzurd Aug 23 @ 10:45pm 
I think the "Badlands" and "Wastelands" climates need to be switched with Eltharion. Orcs live in badlands, the wastelands are the area over by Snitch and Imrik. But Eltharion is suitable in wasteland and unsuitable in badlands.
I put my dick in a toaster Aug 14 @ 5:59pm 
Perhaps can you make Tylos/Skavenblight viable for human empires?
DustDevil Jul 19 @ 11:31am 
Please, accept this suggestion:

Make Bay of Blades, Longship Graveyard, Icedrake Fjord and Troll Fjord the same climate you made for Albion (Frozen Tundra), OR make for them a new climate called "Coastal Fjord" or something like it.

For those who play with Victory Conditions Mod (where many races need to actually conquer the Norsca), we kind of really need a safe base of operations into venturing in the wastes, much like you did with COastal Jungle and COastal Desert.

It would be awesome and lore-friendly, as these regions are not Chaos Wasted like the upper coast (serpent jetty, monolith of katam, etc.)
Mr.Grizzly Jul 16 @ 8:12pm 
Is there a list of who has what climates classified as good, ok and bad?
Imperator Jul 5 @ 5:27pm 
is this compatible with sfo? I know sfo touches up on a lot but idk if it messes with climates?