Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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Only Raw Material Industries 1.5
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Oct 10, 2017 @ 3:28pm
Dec 16, 2017 @ 4:26pm
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Only Raw Material Industries 1.5

This mod only allows industry buildings that produce products without any input products. It has also has support for setting the areaPerIndustry setting when using TPFMM ( ), the default setting of 0 in this mod means the original value from base_config.lua is used.

It is possible to leave this mod active as the new skipOnInit option is used instead of completely disabling certain industries.

Supporting the New Industries 2.4.2 & 2.54, Post Mod von nown and Christmas Industry mods.
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Dirkels  [author] Apr 15 @ 2:11pm 
@AOD_War_2g Sorry, only thing this mods offers in that direction is enabling the industry button so you can place extra producing industries by hand.
AOD_War_2g Apr 15 @ 7:05am 
@Dirkels Darn. I was hoping to use this to have one of my indurstries work without needing resources as I can't seem to get enough resources to it (3 lines of each resource running to it currently).
Dirkels  [author] Apr 15 @ 4:05am 
@AOD_War_2g It is save to add and remove at any moment, but it only really does anything (supressing random placement of production industries) during the generation of a new map. After that the only use is that it turns on the industrie placement menu button if not already set manually or by an other industrie mod.
AOD_War_2g Apr 14 @ 9:52pm 
Could this be used on an existion save game? And if so, would it break existing industry chains I have setup?
jhughes Mar 10 @ 5:18am 
@Baldu (or anyone else using New Industry 2.54), if you use TpF Mod Manager (See the link in the Description of this Mod for TpFMM) , you can set the cost of placing industries to zero (well .. it still costs a small amount, but in the 10K range, not millions).

You can also just edit the config manually. It lives at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\<your steam id>\1165791968

The file you want to edit is settings.lua .. and set Extractive_industry_cost, Manufacturing_cost, Producing_industry_cost all to zero and Fab_cost to false. Then the normal game pricing for resources and industries still apply ($8K to $15K to build most industries or resources.)
jhughes Mar 10 @ 4:51am 
Right.. it seems Farm and Dairy Farm are both still seeded on new maps. But, it is easy enough to edit the mod.lua file and add farm.con and Dairy_farm.con as skips myself, so I get what I want and so do you :) (it's your mod, so surely you get to pick what is seeded by default :D)

Great mod BTW. I absolutely wanted the ability to only seed resources and to build the industries that I wanted. This mod combined with New Industries 2.54 makes Transport Fever much more enjoyable.
Dirkels  [author] Mar 4 @ 3:39pm 
@jhughes: Just noticed your remarks and you are right, I left the Grain Silo in because the fertilizer only enhances the output. But I seem to have overlooked the fact that farm must get grain before they can produce. However I'm still in two minds about removing farms as livestock is just a resource in the vanilla game....
jhughes Mar 3 @ 8:12am 
Ok. In the New Industry 2.5 Mod .. the grain silo has 2 options ..One is no fertilizer and it produces one grain. So that one is OK as a resource. Don't have access right now to check the farms.
jhughes Mar 3 @ 6:33am 
Love the idea of this mod.. however it does not really work with 'New Industries 2.54', in that it allows lots of items that require things. (Ie, a Grain Silo requires fertilizer, Farms require grain, etc and they show up on the map.
Dirkels  [author] Nov 22, 2017 @ 11:46am 
@Baldu: glad you found the problem.